14 Best Things to do in Kansas City

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Kansas City is the biggest city in Missouri, United States, both by area and population. It is very vibrant and fast-growing. Kansas City has everything ranging from beautiful clubs and libraries to an amazing city market. The presence of the Missouri river makes the city all the more beautiful and livelier.

Kansas City is majorly famous for art, history and food. There are various good, informative and world-class museums in Kansas City. This city also has several amazing eateries offering various tastes and mouth-watering foods and drinks. Learning and admiring the astonishing forms of art is one of the best things to do in Kansas City. Apart from this, the Kansas City ballet is unique and mesmerizing.

The locals of Kansas City are very hospitable and helpful. This fact makes the stay in Kansas City all the easier. It is also very easy to find a hotel or an inn to stay in. The prices are also very good and affordable. There are some of the best performing arts theatres in Kansas City. Visiting the money museum is another fun thing to do here.

There are tons of fun things to do in Kansas City. There are various amazing places to visit. Some of the most loved and popular ones include the country club plaza, American jazz museum, Nelson Atkins Museum, the Union Station, National airline history museum, Arrowhead Museum, Negro leagues baseball museum, Arabia steamboat museum, National WWI Museum and various other such fun places. Most of these places are located in downtown Kansas City.

Best things to Do in Kansas City: –

1. Have Fun at the American Jazz Museum: –

things to do in Kansas city
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Visiting this museum is one of the absolute must-do in Kansas City. It is a very dynamic place with various opportunities for enjoyment and learning. This place is closed on Mondays and is open from 10 am to 5 pm from Tuesday to Saturday. On Sundays, it opens a little late, that is, noon in the noon and closes at 5 pm.

The entry fee for the members of the Museum is free, but the non-members need to buy a ticket. The ticket rates differ and depend on the age of the visitor. The entry fee for an adult is ten dollars.

There is a Blue Room in this Museum which organizes various types of fun events. Apart from that, a Gem Theatre is also restricted to theatre uses and activities. This theatre is also available for rental purposes.

Most people visit this place for the best-ever live jazz experience. This museum has more than twenty shows every month. There are also certain special shows and exhibits. They also have a virtual google tour, and one of the best things about this museum is that it also has a Spotify playlist. This playlist is updated from time to time.

2. Go for Silent Reading Session at the Kansas City Public Library: –

This library is one of the best libraries in the United States. It has a very huge and dynamic collection. Various people come to this library and take the help of the books for various purposes like research and others.

One can also get a library card very easily by visiting this library’s website of this library. Like all libraries, one can also issue or borrow some reading material for their use. It organizes various events and functions also. All the details can be found on the website of library. Sometimes exhibitions are also organized at this library.

The library also organizes various training programs for its employees and staff members. Visiting this library is one of the best things to do in Kansas City. It is a must-visit place for all the bibliophiles out there.

3. Have Fun at the Kansas City Zoo: –

This zoo is an amazing place to have a day out. It has various species of animals and plants, which are very beautiful. The ticket prices are very reasonable and worth it. The prices for the members of the zoo are lesser as compared to the normal visitors. You can easily check out the prices on their official website.

The Kansas City Zoo is open every day, except on certain holidays, from ten in the morning to four in the evening. The zoo shelters more than sixteen hundred animals and around two hundred species. These animals include reptiles, mammals, birds, fishes, and amphibians. This is a must-visit place for all animal lovers.

Apart from this, the Kansas City Zoo also organizes various events and exhibitions. Some of the daily events include the polar bear chat, cold penguin feeding, and others. The zoo also allows day as well as night camps. The people or the students who come here to camp are charged accordingly. Some seasonal camps are also organized here. They include summer break camp, spring break camp and winter break camp.

When visiting Kansas City Zoo, you must also try out the African sky safari here.

It is one of the most fun places to visit in Kansas City. There are also some provisions for renting the zoo on birthdays or marriages and others. Come here and get to know about a lot of species of flora as well as fauna.

4. Enjoy the Country Club Plaza: –

Exploring and shopping at the country club plaza is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Kansas City. It is the most vibrant and colourful place in Kansas City, and most people love to come here. This place has Spanish-inspired architecture.

It has fifteen blocks, including several shops owned by renowned designers. There are various beautiful lights and fountains scattered around the blocks. If you come to Kansas City, it is almost mandatory to shop from this plaza. From fine t-shirts to aesthetic decorative materials, the country club plaza has everything for you.

Some of the best shops to visit include Hallmark Gold Crown, Charlie Hustle three dog bakery and others. Apart from this, there are also very good eateries which offer mouth-watering and tempting food and beverages at a reasonable price.

Some events make this plaza all the more special. One of the most important events is the Caroling on the plaza. One can easily find a job at the plaza as one, or the other job is constantly available there.

5. Have an Enlightening Experience in the Nelson Atkins Museum: –

The Atkins Museum of art is one of the best art museums in the United States. It is very close to the country club plaza and is amazing. It also organizes various exciting events and exhibitions from time to time. The schedule of these events is very well organized. It has a very impressive collection of various types of art materials.

This museum is open from Thursday to Monday from ten in the morning to five in the evening. The collection of the museum is huge and diverse. The collection includes art from places like America, Africa, China, Japan, Europe and others. It also includes ancient as well as contemporary forms of art.

Apart from the amazing collection, the museum also provides various ways to learn a lot of things. It organizes adult studio classes and low sensory mornings during which people come early to the museum to practice various forms of arts and learn many creative things. Visiting this museum is one of the best things to do in Kansas City.

One can also take home a souvenir from the museum. Shop from the museum for the most exclusive collections of items. People can also shop online from the museum store. And if you have the zest to learn something new, you must attend one of the interactive exhibits organized by the museum.

One can also become a member of this museum and avail of many benefits unavailable to the normal public.

6. Visit the National World War 1 Museum and Memorial: –

things to do in Kansas city
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This is the most exclusive type of museum. It has the most unique and huge collection of world war I. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday from ten to five in the evening. The admission fee is also very reasonable.

If you want to learn a lot of fun and cool stuff about the first world war, then this is the place for you. This learning will be very creative and unique. Children love to come here.

The entry of the veterans and the active serving officers of the army is free. It allows for various research opportunities and has a research centre. It has various military records stored. The museum also accepts donations of objects from the world war.

Visiting this place is one of the most productive things to do in Kansas City. The museum also organizes events and exhibitions that teach people many new things. Some of the most famous events are the Modernist Happy Hour and others. All history lovers must visit this amazing museum.

7. Have Fun at the Union Station: –

things to do in Kansas city
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Union Station is a very diverse as well as a vibrant place. People enjoy themselves a lot here. With different colored lights and amazing vibes, this is a must-visit place for everyone visiting Kansas City. Locals also have nothing but a five-star rating for this place.

The union station is open from six to midnight. There is always one or the other event going on here. There is a proper schedule for all the events that are organized at this place. Apart from this, this place also has a very rich and good history. It was first opened in 1914 and later became a favourite tourist spot.

One can shop for various types of goods and items here. Be it good clothes or anything else, the union station has everything. It has the most amazing and tasty eateries. Various types of tasty dishes are served here.

Apart from the shops and restaurants, this place has a planetarium, a science city, a city stage theatre and many other cool places. This is no doubt Kansas City’s best place.

8. Visit the Vine Jazz District: –

This is a very famous place in Kansas City. The district is home to some of the most amazing and fun music clubs, the American jazz museum, the Negro leagues baseball museum and some of the most famous shopping spots. Kansas City Mo also has some very good places to have fun.

This place conducts a lot of fun events and functions. Major league baseball is very renowned in this place. One can enjoy unlimited live music here as many artists perform here. Visiting and shopping from this place is one of the fun things to do in Kansas City.

9. Visit the Kemper Museum: –

The Kemper Museum of contemporary art is one of the greatest Kansas City attractions. With a free admission fee, this museum of contemporary art has the most exclusive collection of artefacts and art materials.

There are various sorts of privileges for the people who are members of the museum. People can even volunteer and contribute their time and energy to the museum. There is also a very aesthetic cafe here, Sébastienne, which has some of the most mouth-watering dishes.

The museum also organizes events and public programs. There is also a provision for a virtual tour of the museum. People can even purchase a lot of stuff from online stores.

10. Have Fun at the City market: –

This is a historic river market in Kansas City. This is the most diverse type of market. It is open daily and has very good car parking facilities. There are various types of merchants present here. This means this market is very inclusive, and people can find many items here.

The market’s website has a very good directory which will help people understand the structure of the market. The market also has a provision known as the farmers market where the farmers can come in and sell their produce at a good and reasonable price. Shopping from this market is one of the best things to do in Kansas City.

Like all other places in KC, the city market also organizes various events and functions. It also allows people to become vendors and sell their products. This way market helps in uplifting small business owners.

11. Have Fun at the Ernie Miller Nature Center: –

This centre and park are no doubt the best place in KC. Visiting this place is one of the fun things to do in Kansas City. It is the most amazing amusement park. People can host birthday parties here.

Even camping is also allowed here. Trails are also available here, and people can have a lot of fun. Spending one evening here is one of the best things to do in Kansas City. All nature lovers will love this place.

12. Enjoy Penguin Park: –

Visiting this place is another fun thing to do in Kansas City. This place has very pretty and cute decorations. Children love this place. There are various structures in the park, and they are penguin-shaped.

13. Have Fun at the College Basketball Experience Museum: –

This is another one of the very informative museums of Kansas City. All the sports lovers will like this place a lot. There is also a hall of fame in the museum. There is a provision which allows people to play games in the museum. Having this experience is one of the fun things to do in Kansas City.

14. Visit the Muriel Kauffman Memorial Garden: –

This park is also very beautiful, and the good thing is that the entry fee is also free. The park is made in such a way that the physically abled people can also enjoy it here. But dogs and photography are not allowed here. Visiting this place is one of the most recommended things to do in Kansas City.

Conclusion: –

Apart from these things, there are various other things to do in Kansas City. These include the Kansas City speedway, the Kansas City symphony and others. Baseball is famous in Kansas City, and its baseball team is called the Kansas City royals. Kansas City Chiefs are the football team here. Kansas City community is the community college here.

Some of the best places where you can do some good photography and get your nice pictures clicked include Nichols’s memorial fountain, Loose Park spray ground, Swope Park, the lakeside nature center, hall sculpture park, overland park arboretum, Legoland discovery center, national museum and the very famous sprint center and crown center.

Another great tourist attraction is the Sea life Kansas City aquarium, which is a very fun place to visit.

The Boulevard brewing company offers the finest beer in the entire city. Trying this tasty beer is one of the most exciting things to do in Kansas City. With so many exciting things to do here, Kansas City promises a very good experience to all the tourists.


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