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10 Best Restaurants in Downtown Raleigh NC

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Restaurants in downtown Raleigh NC are said to have a different vibe to them altogether. They are full of lively people, good food, and an amazing ambiance.

Restaurants in downtown Raleigh NC serve for quality and quantity. You would never be disappointed after dining in one of their restaurants. Ashley Christensen, crowned as America’s best chef, calls the restaurants in downtown Raleigh NC, her home.

And we think those restaurants deserve the title as well. There are restaurants and other types of eateries where you can find various dishes made by downtown Raleigh’s finest chefs.

Indulge in various cuisines, desserts, and beverages like beers made in their breweries cum restaurants downtown Raleigh, NC. If you plan to go out on a date or have a fun diner with your family, restaurants in downtown Raleigh NC would be perfect for you.

Source: Pexels

Tourists who visit Downtown Raleigh, NC, should know that it is famous for its food, cultural diversity, and shopping. Half of the restaurants in downtown Raleigh NC, are located in the city market where you can enjoy food and shopping together.

There are many bars as well, in case you want to stop for a drink. There are various rooftop bars and underground cocktails that you should try and not miss out on.

This article would further brief you about a few of the best restaurants in downtown Raleigh NC, that you should definitely visit.

Restaurants In Downtown Raleigh NC

1) Big Foot Taphouse

best restaurants in downtown Raleigh NC
Source: Pexels

This family-owned restaurant and tap house in Glenwood Ave aims at serving high-quality food and beverages for all the foodies out there. They have appetizers and various styles of hotdogs in all of the other downtown restaurants in Raleigh, NC.

They also have many on-tap beverages that you could try, both alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic. You should try one of their beers or ales from the on-tap menu. They have a variety of locally brewed ales as well as beers from other breweries outside downtown Raleigh.

Enjoy the lively ambiance alone or with your group. The enjoyment stays constant nonetheless.

It is located in Glenwood south.

2)  Transfer Co. Food Hall

best restaurants in downtown Raleigh NC
Source: Pexels

A gathering hall made for people to connect over great food and drinks. This is one of the most crowded restaurants in downtown Raleigh NC. It is located in the historic Carolina coach garage at E Davie street.

They have other amenities like

  • Private bar
  • 150 seated dining area
  • Standing room for 300 guests
  • Host events and parties
  • Wheelchair access
  • Music system and high-speed WIFI.

There are so many different vendors here that sell a variety of food. You would be confused about what to gobble up first. They also have a taproom that sells local and other beers and ales along with many other drinks.

Do try their locals oyster bar for amazing seafood dishes.

3) Beasley’s Chicken + Honey

Even though this eatery is closed for dine-out due to the pandemic, you can still order your favorite dishes from their menu as a takeaway. This is one of the best chickens and waffle-selling restaurants in downtown Raleigh NC.

They have a variety of fried chicken with different sides, served in the heart of Raleigh. They also serve drinks like beers, wines, and champagnes who like to have a class of alcohol with their meal and soda pop for the non-drinkers.

It is situated on Wilmington street. It is one of the famous chefs, Ashley Christensen’s restaurant. Maybe that would help you imagine the quality and taste of the food now.

4) Crabtree Ale House

best restaurants in downtown Raleigh NC
Source: Pexels

This is a big and good place for casual hangouts. They offer a wide range of dishes, from American grill dishes to various style pizzas. They serve salads and entrees, desserts, and wraps.

They also have craft beers for you to gulp down with your food on a hot summer afternoon. This is one of the sports restaurants in downtown Raleigh NC and has a big screen to watch sports. You could watch any game while you have your lunch or dinner.

This place has a vivacious and friendly vibe and is good for youngsters to hang out with. This eatery also resides on Glenwood Ave.

5) High Top Burger

Located in Bale street, they serve the most amazing burgers in all of the other restaurants of downtown Raleigh NC. They are slowly turning into a fast-food casual eatery.

They also serve fries, wings, tater tots, hot dogs, shakes, and beers. Finger licking good, each one of them. They focus on providing quality food and customer service. They have got pretty friendly staff.

You could order online or go to their outlet for lunch and dinner.

6) Second Empire Restaurant And Tavern

best restaurants in downtown Raleigh NC
Source: Pexels

They have a historic-themed setup restaurant and Tavern. A unique setup indeed amongst all of the other restaurants of downtown Raleigh NC. This restaurant in Hillsborough street has a very relaxed and elegant ambiance.

It is located in the Dodd Hinsdale house (circa 1872); you will see a combination of history and gourmet food that would keep you enchanted. They have the main menu and a separate dessert menu to order from.

They also let you take a tour of the house, to take a look at its history. The tavern is in the form of an exposed brick cellar and has many drinks on tap.

They also accept private dining reservations. So, if you’re on a date or prefer privacy, you can enjoy your time here.

7) Crawford And Son

best restaurants in downtown Raleigh NC
Source: Pexels

Established in 2016, this modern-day eatery at the N Person Street has various dishes to serve amongst all the restaurants in downtown Raleigh NC. The classic entrance tells you about the laid-back ambiance this restaurant has to offer.

They strive to deliver good quality food and flavors from the recipes of their executive chef Scott Crawford, an amalgam of classical and modern cooking techniques. This restaurant is located in historic Oakwood.

They ensure that you get the taste of what you ordered and use purposeful ingredients for their dishes.

They also accept the booking for private dining.

8) Morgan Street Food Hall And Market

Morgan street food hall is the first cross dining eatery amongst all the other restaurants in downtown Raleigh NC, and the food scene here is on a different level. It has many local eateries, food retail shops, and restaurants amidst the local shops at the city market.

This food hall gives you a great dining experience while choosing from various cuisines and dishes from various eateries. You could order a coffee from the coffee shop or have authentic Italian food from an Italian restaurant there. The choice is yours.

You can have mix and match items from the eateries as well for both lunch and dinner. The Arbor bar serves all kinds of Alcoholic beverages. Do try their special drink – the red bull tropical tequila.

You will find this restaurant on W Morgan street.

9) Bida Manda

This is a Laotian restaurant famous for its unique cuisine, making it one of the best Laotian cuisine restaurants in downtown Raleigh NC. It is located near the city market at S Blount Street and is one of the most authentic restaurants in downtown Raleigh NC.

Enjoy a dining experience in the diverse culture and food of Laos. The dining area is designed under the influence of the understanding of Laos’s people and their approach towards space and nature.

They have many art pieces from local artists, reclaimed wooden furniture, and a big screen of natural sticks made from the mountains’ harvests in North Carolina.

They have a variety of cuisines, from Thai and Vietnamese to Chinese. They also have a bar that serves amazing beers and wines with tasty cocktails and fresh non-alcoholic juices.

10) Gravy

best restaurants in downtown Raleigh NC
Source: Pexels

This Wilmington street restaurant has the most authentic Italian food and American food out of all the other restaurants in downtown Raleigh NC. They make their amazing Italian signature sauce with local ingredients like tomatoes and herbs.

They pair traditional Italian American dishes with modern twists, which makes it a classic cuisine. You can also host a party or an event in their private dining hall. They have excellent and friendly staff as well.

You can choose from two venues – the wine cellar and the hidden space and courtyard. Choose from their lunch, diner, kids, drinks, and specialty menu and have a great, unforgettable meal.

Restaurants And So Much More

Now that we have seen the best restaurants in downtown Raleigh NC, I hope you do try one or even some of these, Not just the restaurants in downtown Raleigh NC, but also try the eateries of other parts of North Carolina and the USA as well.

Apart from the above-mentioned list, there are many more sushi bars and fine dining restaurants that you can visit with your family and friends. It is really very difficult to choose the best restaurant in downtown Raleigh, NC.

Feel free to choose your favorite and Raleigh best restaurants and comment about your experience below.

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