11 Best Wineries beechworth

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best wineries beechworth
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Whether you are a travel lover or sophisticated wine drinker, some of the best wineries Beechworth will surely win your stamp of approval-even if not all. Besides, your journey through Beechworth wineries and vineyards should be savored just like a glass of wine- never too fast.

These may not be as eccentric as the ones in Wisconsin but are surely worthy of your time and money. Here, we bring you the list of the top 11 best wineries, Beechworth.

Top 11 best wineries Beechworth

Indigo vineyard

Ever wondered how grand it will feel to sit amid a picturesque setting drinking wine and munching on a cheese platter? To get such experience, you should visit the Indigo vineyard if you ever travel to Beechworth.

Located in Beechworth Wangaratta Road, the Indigo vineyard offers unforgettable experiences of wine tasting and wine tours. Moreover, they offer three types of wine tasting- the Indigo tasting, the comparison tasting, and the indigo premium tasting.

It has bagged excellent scores on trip advisor and Google reviews. Besides, the staff is friendly, and winemakers have tons of knowledge to educate you on wine-making.

Star Lane winery

This family-owned and family-operated winery have an eye-pleasing location. The hard work of Liz and Brett has made the Star Lane winery a real Star. Their never-ending knowledge and skills are the ultimate weapons for producing excellent wines. Besides, Star Lane Winery has received worldwide recognition for handcrafted Boutique Red wines.

The wine-making process at Star Lane winery is detailed to perfection. For example, they use red loamy soil for growing grape varieties for Merlot and Shiraz. But, for growing Sangiovese and Nebbiolo, they use granite soils. Besides, the team of Star Lane winery understands the potential of the finest fruit and uses no additional yeast for wine-making.

Eldorado Road wines

Located at 44 Ford Street of Beechworth, Eldorado Road Wines arranges free tasting of handmade wines. This winery concentrates on bringing out the subtle yet distinct flavors of fruits during wine-making.

best wineries beechworth
Image by Alexy Almond from pexels

Plus, Eldorado Road wines offers two different seating arrangements. You can sit inside or get a seat in the cozy courtyard—the carefully selected menu pairs well with a wide range of wines offered. Based on a 5-star review from the trip advisor, you will have a good time here enjoying a cheese platter and wine or craft beer.

Pennyweight winery

Run by the Morris family, Pennyweight winery offers high-quality wines produced by biodynamic processes. This has a garden seating arrangement, plus it offers pet-friendly accommodation. Apart from white and red wines, it makes fortified wines.

Baarmutha wines

This winery will make you feel like you have stepped into some picturesque set of Hollywood period drama. Baarmutha Wines use old principles to make new-age high-quality artisans wine. Besides, they provide underground barrel tastings and homemade Salami.

Piano Piano Wines

You will be lying if you say that you aren’t intrigued by this name. Well, ‘Piano Piano’ in the Italian language means ‘slowly slowly.’ The owners, Marc and Lisa, believe whether you are drinking or making wine-everything needs time. Marc has extensive practical knowledge of wine-making.

Also, Piano Piano Wines focus on quality and provides attention to even smaller details. No surprise, this winery scored a full five on Google reviews.

They named some of their wines after their children. Like, Sophie’s Block Chardonnay was named after their daughter Sophie, and Henry’s Block Shiraz was named after their son Henry.

Weathercraft wines

Using sustainable production, Weathercraft Wines has become an expert in making different wines like Tempranillo, Albarino, and Shiraz. The friendly owners and staff will make your visit more pleasurable.

Furthermore, it hosts and offers many events like private wine tastings, wine exhibitions, and online cooking sessions.

Beechworth wine estates

Established in 2003, this family-owned and operated business is situated 4 km away from Beechworth. The family shares a similar love for wine, and their passion shines through the winery and wine-making.

Moreover, Beechworth wine estates run its business across 53 acres, half of which contain vines. It has won prestigious awards for Chardonnay and Tempranillo. Also, it has a wine club, being part of which will gift you many benefits.


This was born out of the passion of two wine lovers in the year 1997. Castagna is proud to offer ‘biodynamic wines.’

It uses biodynamic farming. Besides, the granitic soil of North-East Victoria helps in making incredible wine. Someone in the Google reviews mentioned their Sangiovese is to die for.


People are singing Savaterre’s Le Bon Vivant Rose and Chardonnay on social media and review sites. Besides, you will be impressed to know Savaterre uses no pesticides for growing grapes.

Haldon Estate Wines

Started in 2010, Haldon Estate Wines uses all the features of the Beechworth wine region to produce great wines with optimum care. Plus, it has a small vineyard which never deters them from maintaining good quality. They offer wine paired with a food platter. Also, it has a beautiful garden seating arrangement.

Cellar doors in best wineries Beechworth

Best wineries Beechworth offers the pleasure of amazing experiences of cellar doors. Indigo Vineyard has a cellar door that is open for visitors every day throughout the year. Pennyweight winery has its cellar door open seven days a week except for few holidays.

Besides, Eldorado Road wines have received awards for cellar doors in two consecutive years. So, if you are in Beechworth, missing these cellar doors would seem like jumping into an abyss.

Varieties of Beechworth’s wine

It would not make sense to talk about Beechworth’s wineries without bringing up wines. Whether you love Shiraz or Chardonnay, the wineries of Beechworth have got endless varieties.

best wineries beechworth
Image by cottonbro from pexels

This includes Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay Pinot noir, Pinot noir Shiraz and Rose to name a few. But, the climate and geographical features of Beechworth are more suitable for Chardonnay, Shiraz, and Pinot Noir.

Amid the popularity of these three, recent years have been showing preference to Sangiovese, Tempranillo, and Nebbiolo. If you are a resident of Beechworth, you will be proud to know of its contribution of various and best quality wines to the nation or world. Like, Emirates First class serves Savaterre wines.

So, if you ever travel to Beechworth, do plan to visit these wineries for good wine and a good time. These 11 best wineries Beechworth with their picturesque settings, deserve your visit.

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