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13 Startling Things To Do in Boston, Massachusetts

Are you planning to go on a trip to Boston, Massachusetts? Here is a glimpse of all you need to know about the place.

Boston, Massachusetts, has always been one of the most flabbergasting places associated with a close acquaintance with the prestige of American history. It is known as the city with all the high spirits of merriment.

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About Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is one of the most eminent cities and the prodigious capital of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the United States of America. It covered a wide area of 48.4 square miles and became the largest city per the records of 2020.

With a world-acknowledged history, Boston is the economic and cultural anchor of the Metropolitan Statistical Area named Greater Boston and stands in the fray of the oldest municipalities in the United States.

In the present day, the city is emerging as a scientific research and innovation hub, making itself attain more significant milestones in education through its outstanding reputation of schools and universities.

Fun Fact 1: Boston is originally named after a town in England.

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Rich History of Boston City

The incredible history of Boston dates back to when native communities inhabited along the Charles River and sustained their livelihoods through activities like hunting and fishing. This proved evident when the archeologists found the oldest native fishweirs of England in the Street of Boylston in excavations.

The city was primarily founded in 1603 by the Puritans. They consequently imposed the norms of Christianity over the Bostonians, which also made many people suffer from punishments or even prosecutions for their impure faith towards Christianity.

Fun Fact 2: At one point in time, after the arrival of the Puritans, the Christmas celebration was banned entirely in Boston, Massachusetts. It was after 1856 that Christmas became a public holiday.

Under the governing rule of Sir Edmund Andros, being a faithful follower of the church, many citizens were opposed to the church of England and wanted to get free from the chains of British rule, which led to a revolutionary upsurge in the history of Boston.

With deep antagonism in their hearts against the rule of Britishers, the citizens’ riot in the Boston Massacre of 1770 against the Stamp Act of 1765 and in the Boston Tea Party, where they protested by dumping British tea in the Boston Harbor.

This ultimately led to the historic event of the American Revolution, and Boston is recognized as the first locus of the beginning of the revolution by many historians. And as American Revolution rose to the peak of victory, and Massachusetts emerged as the sixth state of the United States in 1788.

Boston thus stands at a pivotal point in the historical pages of American history and is today a well-known place with its culture depicting characteristics, attracting a considerable number of visitors who travel for such insights into Boston’s rich history.

Here is a video sketching a portrait of the historical background of the city of Boston.

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13 Startling Things To Do At Boston

With the nickname of “Beantown,” Boston has a gratifying experience to offer for all the visitors that come to explore the different corners of the city. With some of the most fantabulous sites, the city has emerged as a significant tourist spot in the present times.

Fun Fact 3: Boston is known by the nickname of Beantown, the reason being the popularity of baked beans in molasses among its early dwellers.

For the traveling lovers, who wish to add one more place to their to-travel list, here are 13 merrymaking things to do in Boston.

1. The Eye-Pleasing Museums

The most prominent places of attractions in Boston cannot be counted without including the Museums in Boston, Massachusetts.

Here are the most famous Museums in Boston, Massachusetts:

1. Museum Of Fine Arts

Museum Of Fine Arts in the city of Boston is one of the largest museums in North America. The museum phenomenally exhibits 450,000 and above art pieces.

The art pieces at the Museum of Fine Arts include French Impressionist paintings, frescos, and sculptures from the Villa of the Contrado Bottaro in Pompeii.

2. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is among the most admired museums in Boston. It is abundant with flairs of Bohemian lifestyle and luxuries of ancient cultures.

Stewart Gardner is worldwide known for her elegant collection of delicate art objects, manuscripts, and other historical objects, each being thousands in numbers.

The masterpieces beautify the museum by Raphael, Titian, John Singer Sargent, and Botticelli. The architectural designs also play a crucial role in making the museum outstanding.

Fun Fact 4: The date was 18th March 1990, when two thieves acted as cops and stole 12 paintings worth $100 Million from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. It is the most significant art theft ever to take place in Boston.

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3. Boston Tea Party Ships And Museum

This is a unique kind of floating museum glorifying the beauty of Boston. It has an ancient collection of documentaries of several well-known incidents.

The place gives a lovely smoothness with the touch of its restored tea ships. Not only are the tea ships the reason to visit this site, but This location also exhibits many historical articles, making it worthy of the tourists and native people’s desire to visit.

Throwing the tea overboard is the most exciting part to be enjoyed at Boston Tea Party Ships And Museum.

4. Boston Children’s Museum

With the idea of the Children’s Museum coming forward in 1909, the idea consequently led to the establishment of this museum, with the primary purpose to create a wholesome learning atmosphere for the children.

Boston’s Children’s Museum is a pleasant place for children, where they can learn so much from the knowledgeable exhibits that beautify the glory of this museum.

2. Don’t Forget to Visit the Old North Church

Old North Church was founded in 1723 and is the oldest church in Boston. It was established at 193 Salem Street, in Boston’s North End.

This church is considered a symbol of patriot defiance by many. However, it has a very relevant role in some events that found their place in the days of revolutionary Boston.

There is a phrase that is famous concerning the Old North Church of Boston. It is, “One if by land, two if by the sea…” For its historical essence, it is undoubtedly the most visited church by visitors.

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3. The Fun In The Brewery Tours

The Brewery Tours are one of the most fun things to do in Boston and are exclusively designed for the entertainment of adults. The tour is all about the brew or pub scenes.

In the Brewery tours, the mechanism and the history of brewing beers are explained thoroughly. In all, the term elucidates the process by which beers are made. The tour also includes visiting the four breweries in Boston.

Fun Fact 5: The first-ever chocolate factory in the United States Of America was established in Boston.

4. The Beauty Of Beacon Hills

This falls in the area close to the neighborhoods of the Federal-style row houses. The Beacon hills are known for the historical touch that their splendid views carry.

For the ones who aspire for a peaceful outdoor walk along with a place with some views of brick sidewalks, narrow streets, adorable cafes, and lampposts gleaming with soothing rays of light in the dark, Beacon Hills in Boston, Massachusetts, offers the best scenes ever.

Fun Fact 6: America’s first subway, the Tremont Street Subway, was built in Boston, in 1897.

5. The Public Garden At Boston

Carrying forward the lineage of the pride of history, the Public Garden at Boston is as pretty as a picture. Interestingly, these groups of public gardens were first inaugurated in the year 1634. When the Victorian age took its hold in history, these gardens were modified at the same time.

Swamboats are the key entertainers for the visitors to Boston’s Public Gardens. The scenery, like views of floral patterns, exotic trees and plants, lakes, and fountains, engages visitors.

For the ones with a special place for nature in their happy hearts, the Public Garden at Boston is a beautiful place to make their hearts more comfortable than ever.

Fun Fact 7: Boston Common is, interestingly, the oldest park in the United States.

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6. The Evergreen Lure of Arnold Arboretum

The Arnold Arboretum was initially designed by an American architect, Frederick Law Olmsted, and is one of the perfect places in Boston, Massachusetts, for a family day out.

The Arnold Arboretum is considered the second largest connecting link that comes within the Emerald Necklace. This Emerald Necklace covers more than a thousand acres chain of parks. These parks are bridged together through waterways as well as parkways throughout the city of Boston.

The charm of the Arnold Arboretum lies in the varied beauty of trees, shrubs, and greenery that it portrays to the comers. The different variety of trees and shrubs is also well-described. This visits the Arboretum a genuine learning experience.

Fun Fact 8: The first public beach of the United States was Boston’s Revere Beach.

7. The Amaze At The Quincy Market

The Quincy Market in Boston, Massachusetts, is named after Mayor Josiah Quincy. It was this Mayor who constructed this celebrated market in the year 1824. The appreciating note on which this was made was that Josiah Quincy took no tax for its expenses.

The Quincy Market, after so many years, is still a happy-go-lucky place, with many shops and stores selling relics of Boston and the ongoing games that attract the visitors. Mouthwatering food is also at the top of the to-do list of almost every person who visits the market.

Fun Fact 9: Boston is the only United States capital with a coastline.

8. Experiencing The Views of Marines At New England Aquarium

The New England Aquarium has become a fundamental source of public education in the present times. With more than a million visitors coming to this aquarium annually, the place also takes its stronghold in leading the arena of marine conservation and ocean exploration, among others.

The main foci of amusement for the visitors are starfish, horseshoe crabs, sharks, penguins, and many others. The beautiful part of the museum is the software technology that is attached to the glass viewing panels. This helps one experience the peeps to marine life in a more lively and better manner.

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9. The Magnificence At The Skywalk Observatory

The Skywalk Observatory, as its name suggests, offers one with an exquisite experience as alluring as walking in the sky.

The Skywalk Observatory is situated in the Pru or the Prudential Tower in Boston. Notably, it is the only high vantage point in the city of Boston that gives a 360-degree view of Boston’s beauty.

The visitors mostly love the late evening views at the Skywalk Observatory. The lights scintillate from every corner of the city, which blissfully contribute to making the views more than what can be called extraordinary.

Fun Fact 10: The Boston Latin School is the oldest public school in America. Similarly, Harvard is the oldest institution for higher education in the United States.

10. The Ancient Paul Revere House

With its completion being done in the dates from 1680, the Paul Revere House’s historic building is considered the oldest house ever built in Boston.

But it is interesting that this three-story house was not primarily the original home to the American patriot Paul Revere.

One can still find the Paul Revere House beautifully preserved to the present, as it is open to the general public. Also, using a camera to click pictures is prohibited inside the building of this house. However, there are many souvenirs of the Paul Revere House available that visitors can buy.

11. The Peace Walk Along The Boston Harborwalk

There is no other bliss as pleasant as walking along a harbor with your loved ones. The Boston Harborwalk is an evident example of this bliss.

The Boston Harborwalk follows the way along the Waterfront Trail. The Waterfront Trail passes along the edge of beaches and shorelines, making the harbor walk surprisingly stunning.

Interesting right! The walk gives a pacifying experience of tranquility with the breeze of fresh air that rejuvenates each individual inside out. If the walk gets tiresome, there is also a facility of a water taxi.

According to the latest updates from some resources, this Harborwalk in Boston is currently in the midway of expansion. After expansion, the walk will be around 46 miles long, extending from Chelsea Creek to Neponset River.

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12. A Sporty Tour To Fenway Park

The famous Fenway Park in Boston is home to the Boston Red Sox. It is the oldest park that has witnessed some of the most mind-blowing baseball, soccer, and hockey matches.

Despite being not so immense, as Fenway can accommodate not more than 40,000 spectators, the park has been a phenomenal host of ten World Series inaugurated for the first time in 1912.

The tour to Fenway Park includes taking a round of the whole stadium, clubhouses, press rooms, and the ‘Green Monster’ seats.

Fun Fact 11: The Green Monster at Fenway Park is world-famous. Notably, the Red Sox has patented the shade “Fenway Green.”

13. The Delights At Restaurants

With a globally recognized honor for seafood and a wide range of restaurants known for their classic cuisines, Boston is also no step behind in serving delicious food to visitors.

The effervescent delight at the beautiful restaurants across the different locations of the city makes the trip to Boston more memorable, especially for the ones with a special love for food.

Clam chowder, lobster rolls, cannolis, baked beans, and Boston cream pie are some of the signature dishes served in Boston’s restaurants.

Closing Thoughts

With its significant historical framework and close parallelism with American history, Boston is a must to be visited. It adds stars to the beauty of Massachusetts by being the eminent capital.

Whether they are the esteemed museums of the city, take one closer to the cores of ancient American events, or exhibit the unsung yet crucial notes in the history of the United States,

With the charm of Old North Church, downtown Boston, Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park, Beacon Hill, Boston public library, Boston public garden, and the Skywalk Observatory overlooking the Boston skyline, Boston has something different and wonderful to offer.

Not to mention many national historic landmarks like the area of south Boston. The place in itself is a glitter to the brightness of this world.

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