The Best Winery in Alabama

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Give yourself a break by visiting the best winery in Alabama. With the richness of the native muscadine grapes, the wines are key to knowing more about Alabama and understanding it better.

Are you a wine lover? Then you will love to taste and spot the different varieties of wine here. Seeing vineyards and wineries will become your favorite thing to do here. Alabama, famous for its muscadine grapes, is a wine lover’s paradise.

There are almost 18 wineries present in Alabama. The place’s specialty is that most of its wines are produced from native fruit varieties like muscadine grapes, peach, blueberry, and hybrids like charcoal and Chambourcin.

winery in Alabama
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All these wineries in Alabama are a part of the Alabama wine trail, which is a famous tourist attraction. You can explore many different wines by visiting these wineries in Alabama.

Best Winery In Alabama

The top wineries and vineyards in Alabama are:

Winery in Alabama
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1. Wills Creek Winery and Vineyards

This winery is rich in delivering spectacular views, situated in Duck Springs, which amazes its visitors. Wills creek offers many varieties of muscadine wines and other fruit wines. Grape wines, vinifera wines, and dessert wines are also provided.

They follow the Switzerland tradition of winemaking making the harvest festival in October an attraction of the place.

Also, they make jellies, candles, preserves, and gift baskets which are sold in their gift shop. The visitors are given wine-making classes and tours through the vineyards while they sip the delicious wines.

Winery in Alabama
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2. Whippoorwill Vineyards

This is a family-owned and controlled winery in Notasulga, Southeastern Alabama. It is a completely hand-operated winery with 15 acres of vineyards. They have different varieties of grapes and produce almost 11 types of wine.

Visitors are invited to taste the wines, take tours, and pick grapes on their own during harvest season. Also, the gift shop provides many supplies.

Wines including Cynthiana,  Scuppernong, and Southern glory are given for free tastings.

3. South Ridge Wine

This winery produces wines from grapes in their vineyards. The specialty of the wines is that they consist of only pure juice with no added water.

There are 5 wines under their label, three reds, and two whites. Equipment for this winery was imported from the wine country – Italy.

Winery in Alabama
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4. Perdido Vineyards

With 50 acres of native muscadine grapes, this winery was established in 1972. They are producers of premium white, red, and rose wines with a blend of native Alabama grapes.

They offer 22 types of wines, some of which have unconventional blends. This winery is open from Monday to Saturday.

High-quality apple wine is also a highlight of this vineyard. Their wine labels represent local history, and the local artists make them. The wines produced by Perdido vineyards represent Alabama in the exhibition at the California Wine Museum.

Winery in Alabama
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5. Ozan Winery And Vineyard

This winery uses traditional viticulture practices and is located in the center of Alabama’s wine community.

Ozan vineyard has a beautifully designed tasting room in a European farm style. With classic stone walls and ceiling beams, this tasting room is a top attraction of the region.

Here, you can taste the wines in an estate setting. Magnificent sunsets can also be enjoyed from the vineyard. The winery also has a café which is open six days a week.

Learn more about the varieties of wines in the Ozan winery.

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6. Bryant Vineyard

One of the oldest wineries in Alabama and operating since 1965, Bryant vineyard is the producer of many award-winning muscadine wines. Nestled near Lake Logan Martin, this vineyard is known for its classic wines.

Their tasting room is available for complimentary wine tasting on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The visitors are also allowed to pick up fresh fruits and vegetables.

7. Cat-n-Bird Winery

This winery produces customized wines. Situated in the suburbs of Chelsea, it is a boutique winery. Grapes and grape juice are imported here from different parts of the world.

This winery is famous for its signature wines like La Rubia and the Trinita Cremisi. They have an intricate process of winemaking, starting with fermentation, and each step is monitored closely by them.

Appointments for tasting can be taken. Also, their tasting room is open every Saturday.

Winery in Alabama
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8. Corbin Farms Winery

A winery in Alabama producing wines from grapes grown in there and other parts of America, it is among the oldest wineries in the nation.

The gift shop, restaurant, and winery are open from Tuesday to Sunday. Visitors are provided guided tours of the winery. A specially prepared meal is also served for the guests.

9. Fruithurst Winery

Situated in the Northern region of the town – Fruithurst, this winery produces varieties of muscadine wines and other fruit wines. The fruits for these wines are all grown locally.

This winery is surrounded by 15 acres of muscadine vineyards. Wines produced here include red and white muscadine, blueberry, strawberry, and peach wines, and dry, sweet, and semi-sweet varieties.

The Fruithurst Winery has an elegance of a vineyard village. They work together with Laminack Vineyards. This is the finest winery in Alabama.

Winery in Alabama
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10. Hidden Meadow Vineyard and Winery

A small family-run farm and winery residing in the town of Jemison, this is a famous winery in Alabama. With 4 acres of vineyard, including the traditional muscadine grapes, it happens to produce more than 12 varieties of wines.

The majority of the wines are made on-site from grapes and local fruits from their premises.

11. Maraella Winery and Vineyard

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Established in 2005 by the Lee family, this is a family-operated winery in Alabama. Situated in the foothills of the Appalachia Mountains, Mariella wines are produced from fruits grown locally.

Their wines were awarded at wine shows all over the country. Visitors can take tours of the winery and wine-tasting room.

12. Maria’s Vineyard

This is a muscadine vineyard in Dothan. The specialty of this vineyard is that all vines are grown organically.

The Tuscan-style beautiful vineyard house is a popular place for conducting weddings and big events. It has a bridal suite, banquet area, covered porches, gardens, and mesmerizing fountains.

Visit this vineyard to get a whole summer feeling and get to taste their wines.

Winery in Alabama
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13. Morgan Creek Vineyards

An underground winery in Alabama, known for its romantic and lively ambiance, this winery is a perfect place for spending an evening with a loved one. This vineyard is located in Harpersville and offers muscadine wines and foods served in a European atmosphere.

The underground facility here provides the perfect temperature for winemaking. A tasting room and gift shop are also present in this vineyard.

Special events like the spring Bacchus Festival, German wine tasting, and an annual grape stomp in October are conducted here.

14. High Country Cellars

This is a winery in Alabama, situated in Heflin. They produce custom-made wines, fermented, bottled, and sold by themselves. They offer unique wines, and the tasting room is open during normal business hours.

Dry, semi-sweet, and sweet wines are all available. High Country Cellars also promotes winemaking at home by providing supplies.

Winery in Alabama
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15. Jules J Berta Vineyards

The initial producer of vinifera grapes, located on Sand Mountain in Albertville, this winery is one of the best in Alabama. With 8 acres of vineyards, they produce many wines, like Cabernet, Chardonnay, Merlot, Petit Syrah, Sylvaner, and Blaufrankisch.

The high elevation of this place promotes the growth of grapes. Also, they provide wine samples, wine-making supplies, and gift baskets. In May, they have a ‘Vineyard blessing.’

16. White Oak Vineyards

Offering a range of artisan wines, this place is known for its beauty. Take a tour through the vineyard and enjoy the scenic beauty of the flower garden and pond.

This place is open on Friday and Saturday.

Winery in Alabama
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17. Lewis Lake Vineyards

This is a family-owned and operated winery in Alabama. From harvesting to selling, every single winemaking process is completed here itself.

This is a 60-acre farm and their wines can be found on sale at the winery on Chelsea road. Visitors can take a tour, and wine samples are also provided. Also, you can enjoy the heartwarming sunsets over the vineyard.

18. Mad County Winery

Producer of unique wines which won several national awards, Mad County winery is one of the best wineries in Alabama. Their signature Apple wine, made from apples, butterscotch, and cinnamon, is the top attraction of the place.

This is a small distillery and winery in Madison County famous for its 20% country fruit wines. There is a small tasting room that always attracts visitors with its original wine.

Vineyards in Alabama
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Every wine lover can find the best and most unique wines produced from native muscadine grapes in Alabama. The wineries of the place will never disappoint you.

Plan your Alabama trip, and don’t forget to include these vineyards and wineries in your itinerary. Stop by these wineries for complimentary wine tasting or even host your special events on their beautiful grounds.

Without a second thought, pack your bags and wander around the vineyards to have an experience like no other!

Discover more attractions in Alabama.

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