A top view of the Manhattan (Fidi) in New York City. Several buildings with lights on during the morning time. There are the best Restaurants in Fidi to try. A top view of the Manhattan (Fidi) in New York City. Several buildings with lights on during the morning time. There are the best Restaurants in Fidi to try.

Culinary Delights: Explore 9 Best Restaurants in Fidi

Looking for a list of restaurants in Fidi? Here, you have clicked on the right blog, but before we go deeper, those who have not heard of Fidi may have a lot of queries about Fidi. We look into them as well. Fidi is the financial district and refers to the term Manhattan and New York sorted location in the USA.

Every country has its Fidi location, but in this blog, we will be discussing restaurants in Fidi. Also, some of these restaurants are expensive, and some are affordable. This list is a mixed review of both publicly rated and our personal views. Now it is time to dig in.

1. Why Do We Know Manhattan and New York as Fidi?

Though this article is purely created to list the best restaurants in Fidi for you, it will go to the roots of Fidi just for a bit of clarification. 

A top view of the Manhattan (Fidi) in New York City. Several buildings of the best restaurants in Fidi, with lights on, are visible during the evening time.
source: by IKO/unlimphotos.com

The basic feature that gives the financial district the name it has is the finance-related head corporation offices. This means any district can turn into a fire if they have all the finance companies over there.

Now, this finance company means anything that deals with finance, such as any insurance corporation, any bank, etc. One of the prominent examples of establishing New York as a financial district is its New York Stock Exchange headquarters.

2. About Financial District Restaurants

Though the financial district is the hub of finance, there is no scarcity of luxury to budget restaurants. Here, you can get a few of the finest dining rooms to dine in with heavenly foods with big price tags to budget restaurants. Find is extremely expensive. Generally, it is much costlier than compared to the other parts of the country, but irrespective of the prices here, we have listed a few fantastic and well-known restaurants.

3. Michelin-Starred Restaurants

The story of Michelin-star restaurants is quite a bit different. It all started with the tire company, but who knew things would take this turn and become a milestone for restaurants? It all happened in a little village in France by two brothers. Since they invented the company, the tire company started selling maps, including restaurants and other important mappings. First, they marked the restaurants as one star.

A greenery view of a Vineyard in France. The story of Michelin-star restaurants was started in France by two brothers.
Source: by Yellowj / Unlimphotos.com

Later, they hired a few secret food reviewers who used mix in the crowd to be a fellow customer. These secret reviewers then would rate the restaurants based on their environment, food culture, and, of course, whether the place was worth the journey or not. Based upon these factors, the reviewers also certified the stars.

Now, we have blurted too much about everything else. So for now, let us just focus on the restaurants and first, we will go with Michelin-starred restaurants because why not?

4. List of the Best Restaurants in Fidi

4.1. Crown Shy


If your home is in the financial district, then you must have heard about Crown Shy. The Crown Shy dining room is well organized and managed, with an excellent service community within the dining room; the excellent service has helped one of the Michelin stars here.

Here’s till we were discussing the service. Now let us introduce you to the innovative American-meets-Mediterranean menus.

In case you are an octopus eater and craving for some, your one-spot destination should be Crown Shy. A plate of red rice topped with charred octopus is delicious, right? The charred octopus is a specialty here.

Here, they also serve the best-grilled chicken. These restaurants offer a variety of meals, starting from brunch to dessert, where lunch and dinner are included.

So undoubtedly this is one of the “best restaurants in five” of the new generation so far.

4.2. Schilling Restaurant and Bar

Looking for an exclusive burger? You will get that in Schilling restaurant and bar. After Crown Shy being the best restaurant to count on, here is another one called Schilling Restaurant and Bar, which is a must-add-on to the list of the best restaurants in Fidi.

This is an Austrian restaurant where you will get a banquette to dine in with a fusion of Austrian and Mediterranean dishes. However, it is not a Michelin-star restaurant. Yet they serve great menus. Burgers here are dope.

They serve their famous Schilling burger, named after the restaurant. Along with the schilling burgers, they also provide green market veggie burgers. They served both burgers with Pommes Frites.

Other than that, the pure Austrian Weiner schnitzel is worth a try on the menu. If you are an Austrian who misses home food or wants to feel the taste of their homeland, then here is a great menu to munch on for lunch.

Let us have a look at the other well-known and different best restaurants in the Fidi location.

4.3. Malibu Farm

Let's visit Malibu Farms NYC (feat. Manhattan Drive). 맨해튼 드라이브와 맛집탐험!

Craving for fresh seafood? Would you like to see the Brooklyn Bridge along with a fresh seafood meal? Or a view of the Brooklyn Bridge for a meal is an amazing idea, isn’t it? Well, that luxury is here. This seaport district-themed restaurant presented the Brooklyn Bridge view to you while eating.

After the pandemic, Malibu farm has also become a popular place to eat. The best part about this place is if you have a dog and puppies, you can bring them with you too.

Here, you can select from various meals like breakfast, lunch, or dinner menu anything. They offer a large variety to satisfy your mouth and stomach, with scenic views of the East River.

This restaurant offers delicious meals such as salads, thin crust pizza such as broccoli crust pizza, cauliflower crust pizza, colorful acai bowls that are gluten-free, as well as a healthy breakfast to consume regularly.

4.4. Wattle Cafe

Let us have a glance at another underrated yet best restaurant in Fidi, which is known as Wattle Cafe, which is situated in Fidi as well as in other areas like Murray Hill and Jersey City.

If you want to stay healthy, but your craving breaks your fitness, then your go-to place should be WATTLE CAFE.

Wattle Cafe is a 100% vegan-based Cafe that serves Authentic Australian Flavor foods. It’s an Australian-inspired cafe. It serves 100% vegan and organic foods. It has so many delicious item snacks for your craving. It has 2 branches in New York.

Their food is prepared 100% organic fresh vegan items. They just serve vegan foods, so if you are a vegetarian, then you can try Wattle Cafe without any guilt. They provide only 100% vegan food and don’t use any dairy or meat.

This place Australian cafe is a perfect place for your craving. It is 100% hygienic and fresh. Maintain your health and keep the food tasty and healthy.

Wattle Cafe has a website for ordering healthy food online. If you order above 40 dollars, you can get free shipping. Serving Hours- Monday to Sunday, 8.00 a.m to 4.00 p.m.

Wattle Cafe provides catering on your special day and any occasion or any event, no matter if it is small or big. They serve and handle your event with love, care, and hygiene.

4.5. Dead Rabbit

Ever heard of Dead Rabbit? Well, it is a great place to have your weekend brunch with a friend of yours. Dead Rabbit is an Irish pub that is situated in New York.

The Dead Rabbit NYC

This pub is a two-story building that not only just has an amazing and authentic Irish breakfast but also has a variety of lunch menus to mouth-watering dinner menus with a lot of hard drink options.

The Dead Rabbit menu is everything you will want for the day to eat and drink when on vacation or in case you want to eat with contenting your heart and soul.

The menu includes tasty sausage and lobster rolls; other than that if you are 21, try their cocktails and Dead Rabbit Irish whiskey bottle worth $ 44.00, which is their classic one with great demand. This high demand already explains why it is the most expensive on the cocktail menu.

4.6. Pearl Diner

You must have heard this proverb since childhood that “Old is gold,” and so is this restaurant; this is not only one of the best restaurants in Fidi, but it is a very old restaurant too.

This restaurant offers breakfast, sandwiches, burgers, soup, wraps, and a lot more. If you are searching for a place for a quick bite, choose Pearl Dinner.

Pearl Dinner serves the amazing bagels of their customer’s choice worth 20 cents, Belgian waffles with fresh fruit worth a dollar, and 2 eggs with bacon sandwich, which includes the customer’s choice of bread.

To be precise, Pearl Dinner is an amazing place to eat, not because they serve a variety of meals and drinks but because customization of each food is easily available, which contributes to it being a great place for picky eaters.

4.7. Mad Dog and Beans

Mad Dog & Beans Mexican Cantina

This classic Mexican cantina situated in the historic Stone Street is another great place to spend some happy hour with a friend who has a savory tongue just like you.

Also, this restaurant has a happy hour from 2:30 to 6:30 p.m. every Monday to Thursday, where not only cocktails but the food menu jumps into a much lower rate as compared to the weekend.

Other than these great offers, “Mad Dog and Beans” is primarily famous for serving delicious food such as their classic guacamole with other classical Mexican dishes.

4.8. Xi’an Famous Foods

Another Asian restaurant that we have included in our best restaurants in the file list is due to its authenticity.

It is a family-owned restaurant for Manhattan people. The best thing about most family restaurants is that they mostly use homemade recipes. Also, homemade recipes tend to be tastier as well as healthy as compared to shop-made ones.

This is an amazing place for your perfect Chinese dinner party. This family-owned restaurant provides good Westernized Chinese food. Also, the benefit of a Chinese-owned restaurant is that you will be able to taste the authenticity of China.

4.9. Fraunces Tavern

Brunch at Oldest NYC Tavern that Hosted George Washington ???????? @ Fraunces Tavern

We have discussed enough fusion dishes; let’s taste American food in the southern tip of lower Manhattan this time.

If you are a New Yorker, you might be familiar with Wall Street Grill, situated in downtown Manhattan. In case you are not a New Yorker but rather an explorer, you should explore downtown Manhattan cause it might give you your favorite restaurants.

When exploring downtown, you can also explore this American restaurant named Fraunces Tavern near Battery Park City. The walking distance between these two restaurants is just 4 minutes.

5. In a Nutshell

In a world full of competition, there is no shortage of supplies, but quality is something that has always kept a few competitors ahead of their time and a few behind. Here in this article, we have stated some of the demanding American, non-American, and fusion restaurants to dine in in New York City.

Michelin-star restaurants like Crown Shy and Oldest stand-alone restaurants like Pearl Dinner are a few of the finest places in New York City; these are also known as the best restaurants in Fidi neighborhoods.

A view from above of New York City (Fidi) during the evening time. Many tall buildings are visible with golden lights on.
source by: katso /unlimphotos

Here, we have listed all the best-known financial district restaurants we know. We have listed the popular on-demand restaurants, too. More underrated restaurants in Fidi are yet to get their actual worth. So, in case you know such restaurants, please write them down in the comment section below to let us and everybody else know about those restaurants better.

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