The Magnificent Sand Mountain Alabama : A Complete Guide (2020)

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sand mountain alabama
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If you love mountains and valleys and you want to spend some time enjoying nature, pack your bags and head to old Sand mountain Alabama! This place haunts you with its historical past, soothes your mind with its rustic charm, and offers a feast to your weary eyes. The feeling you get by reaching the highly elevated regions can steal your mind to get into adventures. You will undoubtedly have a great time gazing at the breathtaking high peaks of the mountains as you slowly unwind and let go of your negative emotions.

These mountain in Alabama is a part of the southern end of the Appalachian mountain chain. This is the most extensive plateau in the chain. The sandstone plateau is located in Northeastern Alabama, a continuation of Walden Ridge. It is also a part of the Cumberland Plateau and is separated from the significant part by the Tennessee River.

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Photo by: Anoldent/Flickr. copyright 2009

The magical feeling you get when you reach sand mountain Alabama is fantastic. Whenever you feel low or want a holiday, this place will come to your aid. The relaxing river and valley will soothe your mind and encourage you to be more productive. In such places of calm and serene nature, people tend to feel inspired and optimistic.

These Mountains might not have the highest peaks, but it offers exotic scenic beauty. If you plan to go for a hike or lie around, there is no reason these mountains should be an escape for you after weeks of hard work.

The Cahaba River, Talladega National Forest, and the recreational opportunities this place offers make it a great place to spend your leisure hours. It is also rich in natural resources like iron, clay, coal, and timber.

The Cahaba River is an angler’s paradise and, at the same time, is well known for its magnificent spread of flora and fauna, which is a sight to behold. Tourists also trip around the river’s bend in canoes and flock here in great numbers, especially during summer.

The average elevation of sand mountain Alabama is around 1500 feet above sea level. Thus, this place has the most extraordinary climate in Alabama. Albertville, in Marshall County, is the largest city on here. The population of the area is slightly more than 20,000.

The scenic beauty of the place attracts people from all over the world. The mesmerizing river and valley always give you breathtaking views and a heartwarming feeling.

There is an unincorporated community in Bibb County, United States, with the same name.

There are many events and adventure programs to do here. The parks and entertainment areas will give you the best experiences. Many places here have got the best quality services, and you can enjoy it all once you visit the place. With the greenery and forests, you will feel relaxed.

Historical Knowledge

Knowing the past of a place helps you know about its people. Sand Mountain Alabama history goes way back into the past. The evolution of the place, the advent of technologies, and how the place got inhabitants all make us know the different elements like culture, economy, and other areas of a place.

Alabama’s history goes back by 10,000 years to the Paleoindian period. Moundville contains a mound built by the Mississippian people dating back to ancient times. By the time the medieval settlers entered this region, they were called by different names used for the tribes.

According to archaeological findings, this place has been inhabited for about 9,000 years. Many tribal groups lived nearby.

The initial European people to discover the region is believed to be the Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto and his group.

This place was home to forty Russian Jewish families who formed farms and manufacturing techniques. Later on, due to some problems, they relocated.

During the 70s, life here was beginning to flourish. The following 50 years witnessed drastic changes in every aspect of living. The population in the counties in Alabama increased, the economy developed, and many industries were opened.

The significant growth in Alabama was that of industry and immigration. The growth of industries created more job opportunities for the residents of this area.

Even though you may get a small-town feeling, the area has changed so much that it is now among the fastest developing cities in the state of Alabama.

The convenient location of this area attracted business and then resulted in the region’s growth. The civil war also had effects on residents of this region. There are remains of the war in this place.

Top Geographic Features

Sand Mountain Alabama map runs in a diagonal northeast-southwest direction from the state’s northeastern corner. This place is situated 1500 feet above sea level compared to the surrounding areas situated 650 feet above sea level.

These geographical formations result from differential erosion of Paleozoic rock dating back to millions of ages ago. Limestone, shale, dolomite cut through the valley. Synclines and anticlines are formed as a result of years of erosion.

The regions of this county are County rural areas, considered agricultural areas. Chicken, cow, and potato farms border the landscape. Forests and pastures are also there.

This place is also home to sand mountain Alabama tomatoes, better known as Slocomb tomatoes and renowned for their taste and exclusiveness.

The area shows us an example of how development can take place with the consent of its people and nature. Many areas remain like a bit of town with few inhabitants.

Directions to Sand Mountain Alabama would mean first knowing the place’s exact location. It is near the Potato Hill mountain and close to Pride Baptist Church.

Many small towns with less than 1000 people are also there in the mountains. It consists of unincorporated communities like the people in Bibb county.

Natural Resources


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Photo by born1945/Flickr. Copyright 2007

Bituminous coal is found under the surface of the Cumberland Plateau, dating back to ancient times. Coal acted as an important supplier for the iron-fledging industry, an essential part of the Alabaman way of life.

Reclamation efforts made a positive step to restore the place’s scenic beauty that the Govt undertook. Surface mining resulted in scars that can be seen throughout Alabama. Methane gas accumulates in these coal beds and is called coal bed methane. Gas is also extracted from a few places found in the Warrior basin.

Fort Payne’s development as an industrial center was triggered by iron and coal deposits, and people flocked here during the boom days. The deposits were scarce, and Birmingham, Alabama, later became an industrial center.


If you love hot, humid summers and short spanned winters with less or no snow, visit Sand mountain Alabama. Of course, the elevation of the place makes it more remarkable than the other places in the country.

About 60-90 days per year are over 30°C. On comparing this with other regions, sand mountain Alabama has more warm days.

The summer heat in this place is tempered by the wind from the South that blows from the Gulf of Mexico, and in the north, a similar purpose is served by the land’s elevation from the sea.

Everything from snowstorms to hail storms to fog does not frequently appear in this region. They occur rarely, but thunderstorms are a part of each year’s story, and destructive wind and tornadoes appear during the spring or the fall. Hurricanes can strike the coast and cause damages and are not a rare phenomenon.

steven van elk x wloeGrJGs unsplash
Photo by Steven Van Elk on Unsplash. Copyright 2021

Sand mountains have a higher rainfall rate than any other region in the South except the Gulf Coast area. This place receives more than 66 inches of rainfall.

If you want an average climate and not the extremes, you should visit this ideal region. Climate is a significant factor that everyone must look into before traveling.


The soil of the sand mountain Alabama is categorized as well-drained. It has a 2 to the 4-foot depth of soil and then the solid sandstone bedrock. The soil is loam-based and a combination of both sandy loam and silty loam. The soil is highly acidic to the inner core.

Agriculture and farming are also a part of the lifestyle of the people who live there. The high-quality soil is suitable for that too.

Top Attractions

Sand Mountain Park

Suppose you consider the location of this place. In that case, it is near the County whicCountyt has two airports, four important four-lane highways, ports on the Tennessee River, and is located in a close position to three interstates which make it favorable for its growth as a business center.

A park with athletic facilities and community-focused design. There are abundant recreational activities in the park. This park is enjoyable for everyone in the family.

The park and amphitheater are the newest evolution in sports travel destinations. It is a place where sports enthusiasts, families, and the community can get together to enjoy. They host many events from all over the nation.

The park and arena is the ultimate place for sports and entertainment in Albertville. This park is built with the resident’s ideas and needs.

Each sports complex has playgrounds near it so that no one is missing anything. Everyone will be involved in their recreational activities. This proves that the place has no age barriers. Everyone can find themselves enjoying wholeheartedly.

The majority of the people who accompany sports enthusiasts often feel left out. But if you are in this park, you will never get bored. You will not even feel like leaving.

Many facilities like aquatic center, outdoor waterpark, fitness center, tennis center, event spaces, dog parks, amphitheater are all present.

A place known for its wellness center, entertainment venues, and family-friendly sports captures your imagination.

It is spread for one hundred and thirty acres; this park complex attracts several visitors throughout the year. There are fourteen outdoor turf fields and sixteen tennis courts.

You can remain underwater in the outdoor water park or the splash pad during the summer months and keep the heat away. Other fitness centers and multiple playgrounds perfectly fit the menu for kids and adults who would like to get a bit adventurous freaking out.

Recreational services are provided. You can become a member of this park with a membership. There are a lot of sports teams, all of which are very welcoming. That is another element that makes the park more attractive to tourists.

This is the ideal place to discover many adventures and excite yourself with the merriment provided by the park. All these together make the place a must-visit in Albertville.

Source: Pexels

Sand mountain alabama
Photo by Ryutaro Tsukata/Pexels. Copyright 2020

Learn more about the park and amphitheater!

Alabama State Parks

Alabama abounds in biological diversity, and the State Parks are home to many natural wonders. From the lush green mountains of the Cheaha State Park to the looming darkness of the Cathedral Caverns State Parks to the sun-rimmed beaches of the Gulf State Park, visitors can always see the rich diversity of plant life that these places offer. Geologic land formations and wildlife habitats are also major attractions that draw visitors. The Alabama Tourism Department has declared 2014 as “The Year of the Alabama Parks” to celebrate the wealth of Alabama’s outdoor experience.


Alabama prides itself on the wide variety of birds and animals that inhabit the rugged greenery of its parks. The white-tailed deer and the wild turkey, and the red hill salamander are some of the animals that belong to this region.

sam dellaporta mlDQwM0X3nA unsplash
Photo by Sam Dellaporta on Unsplash. Copyright 2020

The topography of Alabama extends from the rugged Cumberland plateau to the rolling coastal plain. There are also 105 rare animals and 23 plants listed as rare species and can be found in these deep waters. Most are marine and aquatic creatures that are only found here. Sand mountain Alabama cabins are found in this place.

Wetumpka meteor crater

A meteor struck Alabama eighty million years ago and had dug a 1000 feet crater. The area was labeled a Wetumpka crater, and concentric rings of fractured rocks can be found beneath the surface.

Historical Structures

Alabama’s landscape is dotted with numerous historical monuments like Fort Conde, which celebrates the joint victory of Europeans and Americans that took place four hundred years ago. Pioneer Museum displays folk culture and architecture, whereas its industrial history can be traced back to its furnaces in the vicinity of the city.

Motorcycle Route

l l sammons IOMBMMF38QY unsplash
Photo by L.L. Sammons on Unsplash. Copyright 2019

The scenic motorcycle or cycling route begins in downtown Stevenson. It continues across the Tennessee River Bridge. Enjoy the ride, feel the air and give yourself a break from daily life’s mundane routine.

Learn more about the Motorcycle trail.

Characteristics of the Natives

A reasonably conservative place, politically and religiously, sand mountain Alabama has less racial diversity. It is one of the last places in the country with churches that still use Sacred Harp in their church services.

These unique factors make this place worth visiting.

Settlements on Sand Mountain Alabama

This region’s settlement includes Jackson County, DeKalb County, Marshall County, Etowah County, and Blount county.

Churches are an essential part of the life of the people of Alabama. The people of Alabama are mostly Baptists, followed by Methodists. Though the twenty-first century saw the influx of Asians, Hispanics, and Eastern Europeans, the people by and large believe in the presence of God. Churches in Alabama also have the highest charity gifts and are slowly opening their doors to the poor.

Sand Mountain Alabama homes for sale include some of the most sprawling residences to historic buildings, which cover acres of land and are meticulously restored.


Get yourself a break from your tiresome jobs and stressful lifestyle; visit sand mountain Alabama. This is the best place where you can find many things at once. Have fun and enjoy all the scenic beauty.

The paradoxical effect created in this place is quite surprising. On one side you can witness the slight town feeling with less population. While on the other side, you can experience the best parks and theaters with so many advanced facilities. The place, Albertville, also has a higher population when compared to other regions.

Alabama is known for many tourist sites and places, but this place will rank at the top. It is one of the top attractions there. The evolution that happened over time makes it all the more appealing. The increase of inhabitants is also a sign that the place is good to live in.

With many facilities and services, this place will mesmerize your mind. The park and amphitheater is unique place. The Sacred Harp used in the morning church services is unique that you may only find in this part of the country. Snake handling Sand Mountain Alabama used to be a part of Church service but now is forbidden by law.

An essential part of the lifestyle of these people is engaging in Sacred Harp singing. Mountain singers practice music that has come down for generations and display various styles. They are performed at Church, at organized events, and as part of impromptu social events.

The sand mountain Alabama arena and the park have many services like the aquatic center where you can swim, the outdoor water park – a place to enjoy the most with family and friends, fitness center – create a healthy body and a mind by being a part of it, tennis courts – find your passion for tennis, dog parks – give your puppy friends a good time and an amphitheater.

Alabama presents this mountain as its pride. The valleys and rivers are all a reason for the region’s fame.

Now, Albertville has industrial parks, which include several industries. This place has become more accepting with time and thus included more diverse populations.

Find yourself relaxed with the site of the rivers and mountains. Such places will help you feel one with nature. Visit these places more often and rekindle yourself.

Discover more attractions in Alabama.

Infographic that explains the exotic wildlife in Alabama
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