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A Comprehensive Guide to Santa Monica Bars!

Santa Monica, California, is well known for the sandy beaches and other stellar surf that it offers you. This coastal town is also known by many tourists for having the finest nightlife.

The nightlife here in Santa Monica is the best in comparison to any other area of California. The ranges start from dive bars to upscale cocktail lounges.

You will get a lot that you can explore and enjoy your nightlife in Santa Monica to the fullest.

The Santa Monica nightlife in California is best for a lengthy happy hour. You will also get some pool patios that overlook the beach.

It will also offer live music venues, many happy hours, and many other aspects that make you elated. All Santa Monica bars have a relaxed atmosphere, mostly in outdoor areas.

The venues are placed outside since, besides enjoying the music and other events, you can also enjoy the pleasant weather of California.

You can bring your friends here on Saturday nights for any special occasion and have a blast.

Some Of The Best Santa Monica Bars

The Santa Monica nightlife is way different than Los Angeles nightlife and is much more relaxed. Here, at Santa Monica bars, you don’t need to worry about the club promoter’s list or the table services.

You will get a very calm atmosphere in Santa Monica bars, and it will also not disappoint you in terms of dress code.

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The dress code in Santa Monica bars is pretty simple, and most like to wear casual. You might think of Hungary cougars and the huge crowd near Main Street when it comes to nightlife in Santa Monica.

Though the city is not as big as other cities in California, the nightlife in Santa Monica is pretty awesome.

Planning to spend a night at Santa Monica bars? You will need to know everything about this place and its famous bars.

In this article, you will find some of the most satisfactory bars in this city and every other important thing before you hop into the city for a bashing nightlife.

1. Onyx Rooftop Bar

This is one of the finest bars in Santa Monica that resides on the lid of the Shangri-La Hotel on Ocean Avenue.

This bar is known as the Onyx Rooftop Bar, which offers the city’s best view from a rooftop. You can see the Santa Monica Mountains stretching to the Pacific Ocean.

This rooftop bar is a perfect spot for your idealistic date night. Though the Onyx Rooftop Bar is not much spacious, it is an oppressive rooftop in the heart of Samo.

The drinks and foods on this rooftop will perfectly match your date night.

Besides offering a fantabulous rooftop view, the Onyx Rooftop Bar also has a fine collection of wine. This bar is famous for its delicious cocktails in the city.

It would help if you tried their trademark, la Dolce Vita. In addition, you can also let your tastebuds taste their sweets. You can even try their best dessert, The Knickerbocker Glory.

This dessert has vanilla and strawberry cream layered with strawberry, pop rocks, pineapple chunks, meringue, and whipped cream.

2. The Bungalow

This place is at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel, which is always on the run for giving a great scene.

It will provide you with a beachy vibe with a classical twist. If you visit this place, we are sure you will love this place.

It has a pretty outdoor cocktail lounge not far from the beachside. The location of this bar lightens up its charm and is recognized for its calming environment.

The place is decorated with diverse furniture beneath the trees. It has perfect dim lighting to match the theme and brighten the vibe.

Besides enjoying the outdoor seating, you can enjoy the fireplace at The Bungalow. You can also play board games on the pool tables or sit around a quiet corner to calm yourself with the sweet wind blowing down the beach.

3. Ester Wine Shop and Bar

This wine-drinking place can be used for all-purpose events. The wine bar is the best if you are looking for a perfect place for your date.

Even the restaurant near Cassia is a good place. It can also be recognized as a perfect place to drink with a huge group, do office work, and do many other things.

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If you enquire about the locals, you will find the LA-tini with gin, chartreuse, jalapeno, and scotch is the best cocktail that Ester Wine Shop and Bar can offer.

They also provide excellent cocktails, which you should taste once. Also, you will get a fantastic wine collection, which can be ordered either by bottle or glass.

4. Shorebar

This bar is in the PCH(Pacific Coast Highway) in Santa Monica. It is also the greatest bar, especially for the surfer and beach-goers.

Though this bar is smaller but has ample space, you will have a satisfactory time here. Snaps clicked in the picture stall will be perfect for your Instagram.

The nights at Shorebar sound great when you spend your days in Santa Monica. Besides this, you can also grab your drink and rock the dancefloor.

You will also find some of the Santa Monica locals and even some Malibu locals who are very friendly. This place is proud of its bar.

Some tourist even mistakes it for a restaurant. But it is best to know that it is a dedicated drinking bar.

5. Viceroy

This is a hotel cum bar that is unique in its way in the entire Santa Monica city. This place is quite famous both among tourists.

It is also a local favorite. You should visit this place and spend a night at its bar. It also has a pool area with Cabins and chairs for resting and chilling.

Kelly Wearstler designed Viceroy. The evening ambiance here is pretty chilled and perfect for any start.

You can take a charcuterie platter with cocktails which is their best. You can even hop in for a dinner date or casual meet.

6. The Penthouse

You will find The Penthouse on top of upscale Huntley Santa Monica Beach. You will find the classical California cuisine over here, which is a signature craft cocktail at their bar.

It also offers beautiful scenery facing The Penthouse bar. Enjoy the view of this bar with their signature drinks.

7. The Gastile

This pub cum bar is one of the most pleasing bars in Santa Monica. The Gastile is an old-school décor with a buzzing dance floor.

If you are looking for high-octane fun with no frills, this place is perfect for you in the entire Santa Monica city. It also offers some good and best craft beers.

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The dim light of The Gastile sets a perfect setting for a relaxing environment. It also offers red-vinyl booths where you can rest in between songs.

The best part of this bar is that it remains open seven days a week. Visiting this pub and bar during your stay in Santa Monica can also be a good idea.

8. Lanea

This all-time stacked bar features some impressive mezcal and tequila. Lanea will be the perfect bar for you if you plan to drink on a fine evening.

Mark this place on top of your to-do list. It will let you taste their delicious cocktails, which the house canned.

However, if you plan to take the booze to your room for a house party with your friends for the rest of the night, you will commit a huge mistake.

Instead, you should call everyone to this bar, enjoy the nightlife of this place, and enjoy the fun of Lanea.

Besides all this, you can get your hands on the Asada quesadilla or the Barbacoa taco. If you do not like cocktails, you will also get a list of tequila or their mezcal flights and an impressive wine list.

In addition, this place is called to be the best for a reason. It hosts a live DJ night every Friday and Sunday at 9:00 p.m.

Along with this, it also has themes ranging from 1980s styles only for some specific holidays. The pictures you click here in this pub can boost your Instagram profile.

9. Loews

The famous Santa Monica Loews hotel is one of the best places to hop in to spend your night at a beachside bar.

It features epic sunset views across the sandy beach to the pier. You can get yourself their delicious drinks while watching the beautiful sunset.

The bar here will offer you a compelling cocktail list and a delicious bar snack menu. Other than this, you can even sit inside and enjoy your drink.

But the pool bar and the fire pit outsides are much more amusing than the indoor settings. So, if you wish to stay in this hotel, spend your time outdoors gazing at the iconic sunset.

10. The Lobster

The iconic bar cum restaurant is found at the Santa Monica Pier and is famous for its delicious seafood items.

It was founded in 1923 and is many people’s favorite place. You can have their crab legs, amazing lobsters, and other delicious items on their menu.

The Lobster restaurant is also a great place for a film shoot or short video with its famous sight of the Pier in the background.

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Though this restaurant is mostly known for its good food, it also features a tiny little bar with a terrace that is worth visiting.

It serves excellent cocktails, the bar food is delicious, and the service of this bar is outstanding.

Besides their service and cocktails, the most praised thing is the exceptional view, which helps it to stand on the list of adequate bars in Santa Monica.

Other Bars to Spend Your Time in Santa Monica

There are tons of restaurants cum bars or bars cum pubs to spend your time in Santa Monica city. You can also look at the bars if the above bar does not move you.

  • High at Hotel Erwin
  • Sonny McLean’s
  • Bodega Wine Bar
  • The Misfit Restaurant and Bar
  • Library Alehouse
  • Bar Chloe
  • The Daily Pint
  • Craftsman Bar
  • Big Dean’s Bar (Sports Bar)
  • Chestnut club (most known for craft cocktails)


Santa Monica does not have only bars; this city also features some of the best nightclubs and breweries.

You can look at all the dive bars ranging from upscale lounges to live music venues. This Santa Monica nightlife city comes second after Los Angeles.

You must go for a Saturday night happy hour with your friends once in your life at Santa Monica bars. The table and other services in all the bars are amazing.

You can go for the lamb burger and sriracha ginger wings which are well-known in downtown Santa Monica.

You can even opt for The Room Santa Monica Bar, which is much more popular for its night out dancing stage and craft beer.

Even the price of their food items is very reasonable. The most important thing you should consider while looking for a bar to enjoy your drink is the ambiance and setting of the bar.

Santa Monica is a beautiful city, and it features many outdoor bars with the overwhelming beauty of nature.

So, looking for outdoor Santa Monica bars with live bands and weekly happy hour would be best.

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