Bear Brook State Park: More than 10 Fun Things You Can Do!

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One of the largest developed state parks in New Hampshire, Bear Brook State Park spans about 10,000 acres. It is based on an elevation of 617 feet and is located in the state’s southeast region.

About Bear Brook State Park

Bear Brook State Park
By: Jon Bilous on Shutterstock

This preserve in Allenstown was established in 1943. The Park is managed by the New Hampshire Division of Parks and Recreation.

Bear Brook State Park has 2,000 acres and is New Hampshire’s largest development park. The state’s southeast region provides plenty to explore.

Camping, hiking, archery, swimming, and fishing are some of your favorite outdoor activities on this site.

The 40 miles of trails in the densely wooded park that led to rarely accessed marshes, bogs, summit areas, and ponds make it ideal for hiking, mountain biking, and horse riding.

Bear brook state park can be easily said to be one of the most exciting places surrounded by nature; it has a sublime climate and gives you loads of memories.

1. Activities

So, what can you do in Bear Brook State Park?

Bear Brook State Park is filled with numerous activities that will give your day just the right amount of fun, a little bit of sun and a lot of happiness.

1.1. Beaches/ Swimming

The warm sand on the beach complements the water. You can fly fishing in the water. You can swim. The cool water refreshes you.

1.2. Canoe Rentals/ Kayaking

Rental canoes allow for canoeing and Kayaking. So, you can always get your hands on this.

1.3. Cross-Country Skiing

One of the many winter activities is cross-country skiing. Skiing can be performed as a fun activity and as a means to travel from one side of the park to the other.

It is loved by all and is an excellent experience on a snowy day.

1.4. Fishing

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Archery pond is for fly fishing only. But there are plenty of other places in the park where you can go fishing.

1.5. Hiking Trails

Bear Brook State Park provides safe, serene, and beautiful hiking. There are around 40 miles of trails. The trails are used for hiking and biking.

1.6. Horseback Riding

Bear Brook State Park provides horseback riding on trails. This is an incredible must-try experience!

1.7. Mountain Bikers

Bear Brook State Park is the best place for mountain bikers. It is a heavily forested park with lots of trails.

1.8. Mushing

Mushing is also called sled dog racing. It is a sport where dogs pull sleds. This is another form of snowmobiling or sledding. Lots of fun!

1.9. Playground

The park provides various activities, but not all are for children, which doesn’t mean they are left out!

Parents can leave their children to enjoy the park’s playground and nature while their children enjoy the various rides.

1.10. Snowmobiling

Snowmobiling is also a significant activity. Snowmobiling is designed explicitly for winters. Sledding down a hill on a snowy day might be what you need this winter! The snowmobile is meant to be used on snow and ice.

1.11. Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing means to travel or move while wearing snowshoes. Snowshoes are special shoes designed to help you walk across snow.

Your actual footwear fits this show-like frame that makes walking on snow easy. This is a fun activity for both the kids and the adults.

1.12. Archery

The archery equipment is excellent. Near the archery and pond are two archery ranges. It is one of the only two free public archery ranges in New Hampshire. The park has its archery equipment.

1.13. Camping – Developed and Remote (Camp Store)

Camping is the most popular activity here. You can set up tents, light firewood, and be one with nature. Friends and family can gather around the campfire. This, accompanied by fishing, makes up a great trip.

Singing songs around the campfire, dancing with friends, eating fresh fish, roasting marshmallows, and stargazing are the best parts of camping. If you are looking for a great camping spot in New Hampshire, visit Bear brook state park.

Also, visit the camp store to check out exciting stuff and equipment related to camping.

1.14. Amenities

  • Dump Station – The learning environment is highly pleasing and also is learning-oriented. The museums and other attractions are not just pleasurable but also teach a lot.
  • There are many parking areas. The parking lot is very spacious. There is also a particular Hiker/ Biker parking lot.
  • Park Store – The park store can be a way to obtain a souvenir to remember your trip. It also supplies many valuable items if needed during your time in the park.
  • Pet-Friendly – Another great feature of the park is that it is pet-friendly. So, you can walk your pets, enjoy yourself with them, create memories, allow them to roam freely, and interact with other pets.
  • Picnic tables make it easier to have picnics on days when the ground is moist or very sunny.
  • Picnic Pavilion – The picnic pavilion provides an excellent opportunity to add another element to your trip – A picnic! Everyone loves picnics: food, fun, games, and spending time with our loved ones.
  • Restrooms – There are adequate restrooms all over the park. The restrooms are clean and properly maintained. Fresh drinking water is also available.
  • Showers
  • Camp Store

2. Other

The Bear Brook State Park also has walk-in spaces, follow signs, boat rentals, rowboat rentals, picnic tables, picnic area, campground, pond, particular little pond, campsites, fishing, horseback riding, Smith Pond shelter, archery ranges, museum complex, beaver pond, bear hill, and a scenic park.

Bear brook state park is a heavily forested park lined with biking trails. Around 40 miles of trails lead to seldom visited marshes, ponds, bogs, summits, and other places like catamount hill, Podunk Road, and catamount ponds.

Bear brook state park is one of the state parks which is a popular place for senior citizens. The civilian conservation corps are also an essential feature of Bear brook state park.

Reservations are accepted. Reservations ensure that you don’t miss out on any activity when you go. It is better to make your reservations beforehand.

2.1. More About the Park

Bear Brook State Park offers two different archery fields with a 15-target range and a four-target practice area.

Camping enthusiasts can enjoy this scenic park at 101 campsites in Beaver Pond or cabins in Bear hill Pond. Boats can be rented from Beaver and Katamount ponds.

The Museum Complex contains The New Hampshire Antiquities, Snowmobile Museum, Old Allenstown Meetinghouse, and the Richard Diehl Civil & Environmental Protection Corps (CRC). Most museums are situated inside CCC buildings.

2.2. Schedule of Operation

Offseason Use: The Park will always be open for recreation if the site has no restrictions on access. During the day and the off-season, the park is usually not staffed, there is no comfort station, and the gate might open.

The summer months present particular risks inherent to outdoor recreation. Recreationists must be knowledgeable, competent, and competent in safely using equipment. The user assumes the risk of returning to State Parks.

2.3. Fees

Admission is $2 for adults and $2 for children ages 5 and 11: Children between 5 and 16 and those over 55 are welcome for free. Seasonal passes can be purchased.

If parks are unstaffed during the year, please use the Iron Ranger (paid for in-store). This rate covers a season in 2021 but may change.

2.4. Additional Information

It has limited phone services in the park. Service varies by provider. When you need an emergency call, please call the Park Department.

2.5. Beach Advisories

Photo by Maximillian cabinet/Shutterstock

A list of the latest alerts can be found on this website from the New Hampshire State Department of Environmental.

2.6. Reviews from People

We loved the camping environment. Friendly neighborhood with a clean bathroom. The forest is ten miles from Bear brook State Park.

There is no electricity or water available in the area, but there are numerous water fountains along the highway. There’s a cabin option, as well as a dry camp. Several locations are closer together.

The campsite was excellent. The campground is nestled at Bear Creek State Park, hidden within a forest so that you feel away from the city living around you.

3. Camping at Bear Brook

Reserve the campsite. Beaver Pond campground site. – Lower Road, Deerfield. Beaver Pond Camping has a camp store, swimming pool, and kayak rental with coin-operated toilets. The site has an animal-friendly atmosphere.

Bear Hill Pond Cabins: Two-level furnished cabins can accommodate 4 or 6 people. No dog is allowed.

Visitors to the mountain have easy access to Hall Mountain trails with a swimming pool. There is an entrance, and all the chalets are walkable. Cabins have no electrical power.

Here come the trees that sway with wind,

Here come the raindrops that glide over my skin,

Here come the winds that sweep me off my feet,

Here come the memories of meet and greet!

Want a getaway? Planning nice weekends? Bear Brook State Park has everything you need!

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