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Your Ultimate Guide to Camping in Lake Tahoe

Looking for a perfect gateway for the weekend, then head straight to Lake Tahoe to relish a time immersed in the glories of Mother Nature.

Lake Tahoe is a pristine alpine lake at the border of California and Nevada. It offers the ideal spot for a relaxing vacation. There are plenty of affordable, exciting, and thrilling options available in Lake Tahoe that tend to cater to everyone’s needs.

If you are looking for an article that will act as a travel guide for you and provide you with all the details of camping, keep on reading the article for more.

A. Camping in Lake Tahoe

Providing One of The Best Camping Locations in The World, Lake Tahoe Campground Allows Campers to Explore the Vast Landscape of The Lake Tahoe Basin and The Alps. Daytime Temperatures Are Not Oppressively Hot and Nights Are Great for Relaxing Around the Fire. Pitch Your Tent for Tent Camping and Stay Near One of The Lakes or Hike and Cycle Through Miles of Forest Trails While Aspen Trees Whisper Overhead or Just Share Stories Around the Light of A Campfire.

However, it is important to acknowledge, in the state-protected parks, dogs cannot be taken on the trails or to the beaches. But proper care is given to them in some of the campgrounds if they are left on the site when families go for trailing or to the beaches.

Campgrounds generally only operate from mid-May to mid-October but some campgrounds may have different operational timings depending on conditions.

Places like Meeks Bay Resort & Marina is considered to be one of the best places to camp in the lake and is an ideal place for anyone who loves the mountains. The casinos surrounding the lake are also a must-visit as they are exclusive and provide a praiseworthy experience.

The best time for camping in Tahoe is from May to August. The beaches and the hiking trails are free of snow. For a quieter lower-cost camp experience, consider September. You can also consider May if you are looking forward to warm days but chilly and cool nights. You could ski in the morning and relax at the beach in the evening!

Also, for all the adventure lovers out there, you can pay a visit to Lake Tahoe RV Park. There are six amazing RV parks situated in Lake Tahoe which offer lodges, motels, cabins, and other choices of accommodations for all the adventure-loving people going camping. These RV Parks provide numerous exciting options and some of them even allow pets on their property.

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Did you know, there are 25 designated campgrounds in Lake Tahoe which are open to the public?

However, make sure to contact the United States Forest Service for more information about camping, and please follow the instructions given by them. Don’t feed wild animals please or do not tease them.

Mentioned below are some of the popular campgrounds for camping.

1. Bayview Campground

If you are camping, you have to visit Bayview Campground. The property is located a couple of miles from Highway 89.

Bayview Campground has 12 camping sites which are based on a first-come, first-served policy. Every campsite includes picnic tables, fire pits, barbecue areas, and a separate zone for food. The campground is situated on a 7.75m elevation, making the nights cold even during summer. There is a spectacular and beautiful view from the campgrounds encompassing the vast forests to the mountains surrounding. If you want a view of the ocean, walk across the highway and visit the beautiful Emerald Bay beach at the edge of the road in Emerald Bay State Park.

2. Meeks Bay Campground

Another preferred spot is Meeks Bay Campground. It provides a quieter & more primitive camping thrilling experience. However, the campground is reasonably close to the highway thus traffic noise is a factor for disturbances.

Reservations should be made up to six months in advance and let us tell you, it is worth all the hype as it provides some amazing camping facilities and breathtaking views all around.

Also, make sure to visit, Meeks Bay Resort and Marina.

Meeks Bay is a large crescent-size beach and shallow water ideal for kids. The campground offers sites for tents and RVs, pull-through sites, toilets, and bathrooms.

Reservations should be made early, preferably in the first week of May. Pets of any sort are not allowed in this hotel. The resort faces the beach with cabins overlooking the lake. It also has a beachside restaurant, and a spacious site with massive pine trees that provides easy access to the beach, and offers various options for water sports too.

3. West Shore Campgrounds

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The West shore boasts of several campsites that offer plenty of facilities, including endless hiking, quiet natural habitats, and small villages to visit and witness the lifestyle. It is close to several favorite sites of camping including Emerald Bay, Vikingsholm, Rubicon Point Lighthouse, and Sugar Pine Point State Park. The camp has plenty to offer for the campers and it is worth every single penny spent.

4. East Lake Tahoe Campgrounds

The popular Zephyr Cove and Sand Harbor State Park are located here. The State Park has some of the most picturesque stretches of coast along with the Lake District. The east shore is small but majestic and beautiful. The mesmerizing views are the center of attraction here.

5. North Shore Campgrounds

If you are searching for peaceful sites, then head towards the shores of North Lake Tahoe. It is more peaceful and soothing comparatively. Winding along the shoreline of the lake, the campgrounds provide amazing views. There is a more residential atmosphere here that accounts for fewer people. It also doesn’t include any RV park.

6. South Lake Tahoe Campgrounds

Campgrounds in South Lake Tahoe, CA are generally larger with a family feeling. It gives you a more homely and family atmosphere.

Imagine full access to shopping centers and convenience stores, RV turnarounds, and online rentals.

Fallen Leaf Lake is one of the favorite places here. Therefore, one should definitely check out the fallen leaf campground.

The Fallen Leaf Lake is nestled amongst tangled pines, cedars, firs, and aspens. The surrounding woodland provides a habitat for squirrels, raccoons, chipmunks, wildlife, and many birds. The campground has local black bears who are often seen with guests while camping. However, stay safe around bears.

Prominent peaks include Cathedral Peak (8,200 feet) and Mount Tallac (9,735 feet). The surrounding mountains are reflected by crystal-clear waters of the lake, which lies on the edge of it. This area also contains wildflower meadows adjacent to wild flood meadows. One can say it is a source of many lives.

7. D.L Bliss State Park Campground

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D.L. Bliss State Park is one of the most peaceful places in Lake Tahoe. The park’s campground is located higher than the lake and offers glimpses of scenes from the lake through the pine trees. The beach camp loop which covers campsites is the most beautiful enclave within the park.

However, make sure to store your food in the storage lockers as black bears are commonly encountered. Showers and a dump station are available in the campground, but RVs are not designed to accommodate large RVs. The beach can be reserved online as early as six months in advance because of high traffic.

8. Campgrounds at Camp Richardson Historic Resort and Marina

Camp Richardson Historic Resort and Marina is located west side of South Lake Tahoe.

Two of the campgrounds, Eagle’s Nest and Badger’s Den, have more than 100 tent sites and also provide enough facilities even if you go during the odd seasons for camping.

It has a separate RV Village which is complete with fully connected rooms. The beautiful location on the waterfront and the wide range of facilities available on-site, which includes a restaurant and an indoor store, make this an excellent family holiday location.

9. Ed Z’berg Sugar Pine Point State Park Campground

Sugar Pine Point State Park is built on a gorgeous stretch of land at the edge of Lake Tahoe which is just breathtaking. Tall pines line the rocky shoreline and tower over the shallow turquoise waters that occasionally turn into glistening dark blue.

The campground is situated back from the water and directly opposite the highway road from the lake. The camp area is heavily wooded with large pines which blocks much light and leaves the campsites a little dark.

One of the famous features of the park is Ehrman Mansion which must be definitely visited.

10. Camp Shelley

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Located just one and a half miles away from Lake Tahoe, Camp Shelley is another popular site for camping. It offers a classic forest campsite and you might even be able to drive to the river without waiting at work or paying for parking. Camp Shelley is situated just beside Highway 89 and has twenty-five separate camping locations which include fire pits with picnic tables, grills, and near restroom facilities with flush restrooms and hot showers.

11. Tahoe State Recreation Area

The Tahoe State Recreation Area campground is another rare camping site situated at the northern edge of Lake Tahoe along with the state park. There is a quiet bike path leading to Tahoe City. The area is close to the beaches and restaurants and provides numerous options for adventurous activities.

12. Eagle Point

Eagle Point Campground is perched on the shores of Emerald Bay and provides mesmerizing views encompassing a private beach, and the famous Rubicon Trail. It is a basic campground with small sites that are ideal for tent campers. This campsite has hot ‘pay-per-shower’ bathrooms and flush toilets which have been newly renovated.

13. Zephyr Cove Resort

Zephyr Cove Resort & Campground is one of the only summer camping areas in Lake Tahoe. The campground houses 93 RVs 47 walk-ins and 10 drive-in spots hugging the coastline.

The resort boasts a restaurant, marina, rental facilities, and much more. This is a popular site, therefore make reservations early on. The site is built in a forest of boulders and dense pines and has lots of modern conveniences to use. It also offers a marina as well as a restaurant. It has everything one wants while vacationing.

14. Sugar Pine Point State Park

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Sugar Pine Point State Park is the best state park in Tahoe. Ehrman Mansion is a step from the beach and trails off into the West Coast.

Camping sites here are provided with the usual table lamps, campfire rings, and food storage locker. There are also two miles of lake entrances plus almost endless trails weaving around the native pine, aspen, and fir forests.

15. Lake Forest

The Lake Forest Campground is an impromptu site available by reservation. It provides some basic amenities for its campers. Located just outside Tahoe City, this modest 20-site campground is, however, beautiful in every aspect. The location and prices make this place a true diamond in the rough; affordable but worth every penny.

16. Kaspian

Kaspian Campground is a campground with just 9 tents sites. Without RVs or trailers, van lifers, or generators, you will be experiencing a stay like how usual camping experiences used to be. Of course, there are lots of toilets on site, fire rings, and grills plus a camp aide for whatever you may need. Plus you will be just across the road from a bicycle path and the beach.

17. Nevada Beach Campground

Nevada Beach Campground has amazing features with dozens of tent and RV sites and is situated close to the Lake Front. The nearby Nevada Beach offers one of the largest beach areas near the lake. The rest of the camping site is tucked back in the forest but still, a pleasant walk from the beach is mind refreshing while camping in campground.

If you want to have some fun and spend some peaceful time with your loved ones then camping in campgrounds is one of the best options you can try and trust us when we say, it is a truly perfect getaway.

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