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The Yellowstone National Park in Cody Wyoming is the foremost attraction travelers obtain once visiting Cody. Visit Cody and have the pleasure of living there with native non-profit true price tag shops of Cody Nite Rodeo, recent path city, and lots of such cowboy holidaymaker attractions.

Cody, a city in Northwest Wyoming is named after the legendary commissioned military officer William Frederick Cody, popularly known as ‘Buffalo Bill’. To honor his name and also the history concerned, the Buffalo Bill Center of the West has 5 museums. These are particularly the Buffalo Bill Museum, the Plains Indians museum, the Whitney Western Art museum, the Draper Natural History Museum, and also the Cody Firearms Museum.

Who is Buffalo Bill?

Buffalo Bill
Photo by Greg L. Jones from Flickr / All rights reserved

William Frederick born in Le Claire, Iowa Territory was named Buffalo Bill. William started working at a very young age. After his father died when he was just eleven years old, he became independent. By the time he turned fifteen, Frederick was already working as a rider for Pony Express.

When William was 23 years old, Buffalo Bill, one of the most renowned figures of the American Old West, began to gain fame in the area. It was new and interesting and thus he too began performing in shows that displayed cowboy themes. He founded Buffalo Bill’s Wild West taking his large company on tours in the USA.

Cody As Buffalo Bill: Nickname

After the American Civil war, Cody received the nickname Buffalo Bill. The nickname was awarded to Cody when it had a contract to supply Kansas Pacific Railroad workers with buffalo meat namely American Bison. The place is known to have killed 4,282 buffaloes within a short span of 18 months.

Wyoming World War II Memorial

Wyoming World War II Memorial is located in Wyoming Veterans Memorial Park. This place was built commemorating the service and lives of 850 Wyoming men who laid their lives for their country during World War II.

George Hanson

In Cody’s history during the Second World War, the last man killed was also the last one to return home. When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, George Hanson died on 7th December 1941.

He was a Navy Machinist’s Mate and among the 429 servicemen who got killed when torpedo bombers assaulted the battleship USS Oklahoma. Until 70 years, George Hanson was killed in the attack, his body was not discovered. Only in 2019, his remains were found and buried at Greenhill Cemetery in Laramie in Cody Wyoming.

Planning a visit to Cody Wyoming and don’t know where to spend the night? Here we have listed the top 10 best apartment homes in Cody Wyoming. The region does not have a lot of hotels located in the town but we have tried our best to locate some of the best in the Cody area. Hope this article helps you find what you are looking for. Read on.

1. Large 4bed/3bath home

The large home is just two blocks from downtown Cody that is partially furnished and has a fully renovated kitchen. This place is available on a monthly yearly basis. The place has a spacious laundry room with washers and dryers including a utility closet. It also features a large covered deck and an enclosed porch off the dining room. The main floor offers hardwood floors and the living room also has a rock fireplace.

The place is pet-friendly (both dogs and cats are allowed) with master bedrooms available upstairs and beautiful views of the landscape around. There are other amenities available such as stove, oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwave in large this apartment.

An individual renting this apartment must be approved 18+ with a government-issued picture ID and 30 dollars of application fee. The person must also show valid proof of income.

There are shopping malls nearby Large homes namely Neighborhood Center at 721 Yellowstone Ave, Eastgate Shopping Center, and Strip Center at 534 Yellowstone Ave. Also, there are places such as Buffalo Bill State Park and 7D Ranch nearby where you can have fun and enjoy your heart.

Location: 901 10th St, Cody Wyoming, 82414

Check out the map here

2. Streamside Inn Apartments

Streamside Inn Apartments in Cody Wyoming was built in the year 1978 and has been renovated a few years back in October 2018. The place is designed with quality and comfort combined. There are plentiful recreational activities nearby including parks and Rimrock Ranch.

The apartment features quality Amenities such as a dishwasher, fireplace, kitchen, microwave, oven, and free wi-fi.

Location: 3656 N Fork Hwy, Cody Wyoming, 82414

Check out the map here

3. Cedar Bluff Apartments

Cedar Bluff Apartment homes is another well-furnished place to rent in Cody Wyoming. The apartment features Amenities such as an in-unit washer and dryer and a kitchen. It is also close to some of the most interesting shopping centers in Cody Wyoming.

There are lots of recreational activities downtown Cody with so much to experience in their western community at Yellowstone’s East Entrance. Cody Wyoming or let’s say Buffalo Bill in the name of Colonel William F is mostly famous for wrestling, bull riding, barrel racing and other adventures to explore in downtown Cody. Renting your stay at Cedar Bluff Apartments will lead you to all the recreational activities you were looking for.

Location: 2732 Cougar Ave, Cody Wyoming, 82414

Check out the map here

4. 1401 Rumsey Ave Apartments

1401 Rumsey Ave Apartments is another among those cozy stay apartments you can rent for in Cody Wyoming. The place is safe and fenced properly with nearby shopping centers such as Neighborhood Center at 721 Yellowstone Ave just within a walk. There are also numerous recreational activities nearby such as Buffalo Bill Center and draper natural history museum

Location: 1401 Rumsey Ave, Cody Wyoming, 82414

Check out the map here

5. Willow Creek Apartments

Willow Creek Apartments in Cody Wyoming provides a peaceful lifestyle with extra storage and heating facilities. The apartment home features amenities such as a well-equipped kitchen, refrigerator, and oven.

Willow Creek Apartments is one of the best-rated apartment homes in Cody Wyoming with loads of entertainment provisions nearby including 7D Ranch and shopping malls such as Eastgate Shopping Center.

Location: 2730 Cougar Ave, Cody Wyoming, 82414

Check out the map here

6. Meadow Lane Village Apartments

Meadow Lane Village Apartments in Cody Wyoming counts among the best of all. The apartment facilitates various community features such as property manager on-site and utilities included in the rent.

The expenses are one-time with no extra charges for gas, water, or electricity. Meadow Lane Village Apartments guarantees a smoke-free community with broadband internet access and pet allowance. Some other features provided by Meadow Lane include air conditioners, Heating facilities, refrigerator, oven, range, sewer, and cable.

Meadow Lane Village Apartments is also near to shopping centers and a gift shop with ample recreational activities to do including horseback riding.

Location: 807 Meadow Lane Ave, Cody Wyoming, 82414

Check out the map here

7. Shamrock Apartments

Shamrock Apartments is another among rentals you can opt for in Cody Wyoming. It is very similar to the others with heating facilities, a kitchen, range, and other places nearby to explore Cody Wyoming in the best ways possible.

There are rocky mountains nearby where you can go mountain biking. Shamrock is close to a lot of recreational activities including Cody Yellowstone and other cowboy activities to discover. At night, the city looks beautiful with plentiful stars prominently visible in the sky.

Location: 1150 29th St, Cody Wyoming, 82414

Check out the map here

8. Grandview Apartments

Grandview Apartments in Cody Wyoming comes with apartment amenities such as a refrigerator, kitchen, range, and disability access. There are various outdoor recreation and outdoor activities to do in the surrounding area.

The apartment is also near to unique shopping centers in the USA and the lodging here is wildly appreciated.

Location: 2102 Pioneer Ave, Cody Wyoming, 82414

Check out the map here

9. Crystal Cove I & II Apartments

Crystal Cove I & II Apartments in the Cody area is around the main street located near unique art galleries and Cody Yellowstone. The apartment has all facilities mandatory such as a kitchen, range, heating and so on.

Crystal Cove I & II Apartments is also near shopping destinations such as Eastgate Shopping Center and Neighborhood Center within a walk.

Location: 1605-1619 Big Horn Ave, Cody Wyoming, 82414

Check out the map here

10. Mountain View Manor Apartments

Mountain View Manor Apartments in Cody Wyoming is broadly appreciated by shoppers as the place is very close to Neighborhood Center at 721 Yellowstone Ave and Eastgate Shopping Center. There are various other features and amenities Mountain View Manor provides such as fire pits, a well-equipped kitchen and plentiful recreational opportunities.

Mountain View Manor Apartment is approximately within 1.6 miles of 3 parks including the Buffalo Bill State Park, Buffalo Bill Center of the West, and 7D Ranch.

Buffalo Bill Dam Building is one of the most thriving places to visit in Cody Wyoming. The Visitor Center and Buffalo Bill Dam will walk you through the building of the dam offering magnificent views. Buffalo Bill Art Show & Sale Wild West Arts Fest Founders’ Day are the major events that Cody Wyoming is famous for. The wild west is also filled with adventure and fine restaurants

Location: 1001 11th St, Cody Wyoming, 82414

Check out the map here

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Cody Wyoming schools

Here is a list of the available public schools nearby:

Cody High School

Cody High school
Photo by Michigan State Historic Preservation Office from Flickr / All rights reserved

  • No. of students: 566
  • Grades available: 9 to 12
  • Contact details: (307) 587-4251

Valley Elementary

  • No. of students: 6
  • Grades available: K to 5
  • Contact details: (307) 587-2287

Cody Middle School

  • No. of students: 477
  • Grades available: 6 to 8
  • Contact details: (307) 587-4273

Eastside Elementary

  • No. of students: 290
  • Grades available: K to 5
  • Contact details: (307) 587-4275

Sunset Elementary

  • No. of students: 304
  • Grades available: K to 5
  • Contact details: (307) 587-4279

Glenn Livingston Elementary

  • No. of students: 320
  • Grades available: K to 5
  • Contact details: (307) 587-4271

Wapiti Elementary

  • No. of students: 20
  • Grades available: K to 5
  • Contact details: (307) 587-3947

Here is an available private school nearby:

Park Christian Schools

  • No. of students: 18
  • Grades available: K to 12
  • Contact details: (307) 587-3687

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Cody Wyoming: Attractions

Shoeshone river
Photo by montanatom1950 from Flickr / All rights reserved

Cody’s western history and themes relating to cowboys in the cultural events are among the major activities and attractions in the area. Cody is located along the Shoshone River between the Beartooth and Absaroka Mountains. The place has superb scenic beauty with fun outdoor activities that fit the scene.

Cody Wyoming has popular art galleries with unique shopping locations and natural historic sites. The biozones of Cody offer a raptor experience with majestic birds and a toll of firearms history. The fresh environment of Cody Wyoming allows you to hear the most minute sounds of nature and even the scents of these biozones are thrill-seeking.

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Do you want to handle firearms? Enjoy the fun of firing a Gatling gun at Cody Firearms Experience at Wyoming. History lovers have a riveting time at Cody Firearms Experience. People wandering about looking for thrill and joy must visit this place at Cody Wyoming to experience the thrill of a lifetime. The place is home to an indoor shooting range and various other fascinating history and evolution of guns in the Wild West throughout various wars.

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Buffalo Bill Museum
Photo by Roy Richard Llowarch from Flickr / All rights reserved

Cody Wyoming is also home to five museums among which the Plains Indian Museum and the Draper Natural History Museum have a lot of history. The Buffalo Bill museum was mainly built-in memory of William F. Cody and chronicles his life. These historical centers maintain a lot of ancient history collections of the town from the time of civil war.

At Cody Wyoming, you can experience true western hospitality. Broadly known as the front porch of the Cody community, the Cody Visitor Center partnering with Cody Cattle Company and Old Trail Town offers a warm welcome to tourists.

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Cody Dug Up Gun Museum

Visit an old trail town and some of the authentic frontier buildings in Cody Wyoming. The Cody Dug Up Gun Museum displays antique collections of vintage guns and weaponry. The place treasures many war memorials and tools dug up. Each and every collection finely preserved in this place has stories of a lifetime. Some of these tools have even witnessed both the world wars, the civil war, the Gold Rush, America’s War for independence, The Roaring 20’s, and The Old West And Indian Wars. They also accept donations of any possessed weapons and the owner will happily display them as well. It is the best place for people who fancy vintage guns.

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World’s First National Park

Yellowstone National park
Photo by Gale Lindstrom from Flickr / All rights reserved

The world’s first National Park, Yellowstone National Park is located largely in the northwest corner of Wyoming. Established by US Congress in the year 1872, Yellowstone National Park treasures Yellowstone caldera abundantly.

Years ago Yellowstone minerals were created by a volcanic eruption. Made up through the condensation of lava turned into igneous rocks, Yellowstone is rich in quartz and potassium feldspar. The volcanism here is somewhat linked with the older volcanism of the Snake River plain.

Yellowstone ranks among the most popular and first National parks in the US. More than 2 million tourists visit Yellowstone every year.

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Most Famous Geysers in the Park

Castle geyser
Photo by Bob from Flickr / All rights reserved

  • Castle Geyser
  • Lion Geyser
  • Beehive Geyser
  • Grand Geyser
  • Giant Geyser
  • Riverside Geyser
  • Steamboat Geyser

The park is home to the tallest active geyser in the world known as the Steamboat Geyser located in the Norris Geyser Basin. It contains a minimum of 10,000 thermal features including hot springs, mud pots, fumaroles, and geysers.

By now you must have found out everything you were looking for. Enjoy your holidays in Cody Wyoming. Stay safe, stay healthy.

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