6 famous amusement parks in Los Angeles 6 famous amusement parks in Los Angeles

6 Famous Amusement Parks in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city that has something for everyone. Los Angeles has world-famous beaches iconic places and cultural spots, Los Angeles is a very vibrant city.

This city is famous because of its amusement parks. The thrilling roller coasters and family-friendly rides offered by the best amusement parks in Los Angeles are something every person can enjoy.

Let’s explore some of the most famous amusement parks in Los Angeles.

1. Disneyland

Disneyland is not only the most famous amusement park in Los Angeles but also in the world and certainly the most beautiful one. Nestled in Anaheim, California, Disneyland is open since 1955 and has been the most beloved amusement park of all time. It is about half an hour Southeast of Los Angeles.

Disneyland has something for everyone like classic rides, iconic castles, tasty food, and much more.

Picture by: Leslin_Liu/Pixabay

1.1. History

Walt Disney first came up with the idea for Disneyland in the early 1950s, they had the motive to create a family-friendly theme park that would allow visitors to have a realistic experience of Disney in real life. After several years of planning, it opened on July 17, 1995.

1.2 Attractions

Disneyland attracts people due to its adventurous rides and carnivals. From carnival rides to roller coasters, there is always something for every thrill seeker person at Disneyland. Here are some of the most popular rides:

  • Space Mountain
  • Splash Mountain
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Haunted Mansion
  • It’s a small world.

Disneyland also offers various kinds of shows and attractions. There are daily parades where many beloved Disney characters perform live musical performances and events.

1.3 Food and Drinks

Disneyland’s food experience will make you feel good, and their wide variety of options and impeccable taste are beyond words. One should undoubtedly indulge in their offered delicacies like popcorn, churros, and the famous Monte Cristo sandwich and there are plenty of options to go for. The ambiance is good as it goes with every type of visitor.

1.4 Tips for Visiting

Plan Ahead-Disneyland Park in Los Angeles offers a wide variety of ticket options and packages, so one needs to research and purchase them in advance just to avoid any inconvenience.

Use Fast Pass – Using a fast pass will allow the users to skip the long tiring lines to get the rides as it can be done by reserving it in advance. This minimizes the waiting period.

Arrive Early – Due to the most loving park it is very crowded hence one needs to arrive early to avoid the long lines.

Take Breaks – Keep taking breaks between your rides or parades just to avoid burnout, and try to enjoy food and various drinks of the place to increase the energy of excitement and thrill.

Download the App – By downloading the Disney app one could easily enjoy every ride according to their choices as it is a very handy tool to select the rides and food places in less time.

2. Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood is another famous amusement park in Los Angeles, it is located in the universal city area. It is known for its television-themed attractions. It gives a chance to the visitors to experience Hollywood life.

Universal studios
Picture by : MonicaVolpin/Pixabay

2.1 History

It first opened in 1964 as a way to showcase universal studios’ movies and productions. It has grown and expanded, and a lot of new rides have been added to make the experience more thrilling.

2.2 Attractions

The television-themed park attracts visitors the most and hence makes it the most loved place in Los Angeles. Following are some of the visitor favorites:

  • Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey
  • The studio Tour.
  • The walking dead attraction
  • Transformers
  • Jurassic World
    Universal studios hollywood
    Picture by : masbebet/Pixabay

2.3 Food and Drinks

It offers plenty of options for food and drinks which can be enjoyed by anyone like popcorn, hot dogs, and harry potter’s butterbeer there is always something to serve every appetite. There are many options for dining as well throughout the park.

2.4 Tips for Visiting

Buy tickets in advance- It also offers a wide variety of ticket options and packages that can be bought in advance to avoid the hustle.

Use the Single Rider line – the park offers to split up and bypass the regular line and fill in empty seats.

Plan your day – By planning the day one can productively spend their day visiting the park and enjoying every food spot and attraction.

Take breaks – Parks can be very exhaustive as they are usually crowded and larger in the area so one needs to be energetic and remain enthusiastic to enjoy by taking small breaks for food and drinks.

Stay hydrated – It can be hot and crowded so hydration becomes the crucial step to spending the day well at the park.

3. Six Flags Magic Mountain

Six Flags Magic Mountain located in Valencia is one of the carnival parks with fun rides. The most thrilling high-speed rides are roller coasters, it is the best place for thrill seekers and enthusiasts.

3.1 History

Six Flags magic mountain opened in 1971 with a small area and a handful of rides but over the years it got expanded in which many rides and food options got added, it is famous for its thrilling experience in Los Angeles.

3.2 Attractions

Six flags magic mountain is famous for its heart-pounding roller coasters and the most interesting fact about it is that it has the maximum roller coasters of total 19 in the whole wide world, now let’s take a look over the most amazing rides and attractions at the theme park:

  • Twisted Colossus
  • Full Throttle
  • X2
  • Tatsu
six flags magic mountain
Picture by: sixflags

3.3 Food and Drink

Six flags magic mountain offers a wide range of food and drink options to enjoy by the visitors. From classical carnival fares like funnel cakes and cotton candy or burgers and pizza, there is always something to offer to every appetite. There are plenty of options available at the food stands in the park.

3.4 Tips for visiting Buy tickets in advance – As being among the most famous amusement parks, there will be long lines to get tickets hence buying them in advance will save you time and hustle. Arrive Early – By arriving early one will not only save much time but also will be able to enjoy the rides and food spots earlier with lesser crowds. Use the Single Rider line – Due to family reservations the coasters’ seats get empty with single riders so if there is someone alone then they can easily enjoy the ride earlier by filling up the empty seats. Stay Hydrated – Due to sunny heat waves one needs to stay hydrated to enjoy the whole park with the same excitement and energy levels as they are usually crowded and larger in area. Take breaks – Crowded and bigger parks might make someone exhausted hence taking a food and drink break will make you more capable to enjoy fully. Try out the food and drinks offered by the amusement park to make your experience more enjoyable and greater.

4. Knott’s Berry Farm

Knott’s Berry farm is a famous amusement park in Los Angeles which is located in Buena Park, California. This amusement park gives a thrilling experience to its visitors as it offers various options on rides, entertainment, and very unique history.

knott's berry farm
Picture by: Knotts

4.1 History

It was originally founded in the 1920s by Walter and Cordelia Knott, who used to sell berries and homemade jams and pies farm their roadside stall. In the 1930s, Cordelia started serving fried chicken to customers and in time the popularity of her restaurant increased and led to the creation of Ghost Town.

In 1940, Walter began to work on his farm due to the increased number of visitors. Over the years the farm got expanded and added a lot of rides and attractions.

4.2 Attractions

Knott’s berry farm is known for its classic as well as modern attractions. Some of the famous rides are:

  • Ghost Rider
  • Xcelerator
  • Hang Time
  • Clico River Rapids
  • Supreme Scream

In addition to the thrill rides, there are a lot more offered on the farm which are family-friendly and kid-friendly.

4.3 Food & Drinks

Food and drinks make the trips more enjoyable. Knott’s berry farm offers amazing options in Food and drinks like chicken dinners, funnel cakes, churros, and ice cream. There is a variety of options in drinks to make you and your beloved happy and hydrated. There are several restaurants and dining options throughout the park.

4.4 Tips for Visiting

The following tips will make the experience more enjoyable as possible.

Buy Tickets in advance – This is the most important point to be kept in mind for almost every amusement park because bookings make the trips smoother and less hassle-free, one can opt for booked rides earlier with priority without standing in long lines which might be the biggest mood off.

Arrive early – Like other amusement parks it is also very crowded hence one needs to be early to enjoy the rides and attractions, dining options can be very smooth with early arrival as well.

Dress Comfortably – Dressing comfortably will surely elevate the experience for anyone who is visiting the amusement parks as they are usually crowded and standing in long lines for the rides could be a little exhausting.

Check show schedules – The Knott’s berry farm offers various musical performances; stunt shows and many more therefore managing the schedules will make things smooth and easily enjoyable.

Stay hydrated – It can get hot in Southern California, so one needs to keep a check on their health as well by staying hydrated as the trips can be a bit exhausting.

5. Pacific Park

Pacific Park is also a famous amusement park in Los Angeles, the park is very family-friendly and offers stunning views of the ocean and a variety of rides and attractions. It is leading among the famous amusement parks in Los Angeles for two decades.

Let’s take a closer look at Pacific Park.

Pacific park
Picture by : RJA1988/Pixabay

5.1 History

It was opened on 26 May 1996 and has since become popular among every enthusiast’s seeker. The park was built on the Santa Monica pier, constructed in 1909. In the 1980s, the City of Santa Monica began a redevelopment project to revitalize the pier, which had fallen into disrepair.

Pacific Park was the result of this effort, and it quickly became a beloved attraction for visitors and locals alike. 

5.2 Attractions

For all ages, Pacific Park has some exciting rides, and the most popular ones are as follows:

  • Pacific Wheel
  • Sea Dragon
  • Inkie’s Wave Jumper

In addition to these rides, Pacific Park is also home to several games and attractions, including a midway featuring classic carnival games, a 9-hole mini-golf course, and an arcade with over 200 games.

5.3 Food and Drinks

A trip to Pacific Park is incomplete without trying some of the park’s delicious food. Pacific Park has something for everyone. Here are some of the park’s most popular food options to try:

  1. Funnel Cakes – These are a must-try at Pacific Park. Served with powdered sugar or other toppings like strawberries and whipped cream, funnel cakes are the perfect sweet snack.
  2. Lobster Rolls – Try park’s famous lobster rolls, the most substantial thing Made with fresh, locally caught lobster, these rolls are a favorite among seafood lovers.

5.4 Tips for Visiting

If you’re planning a visit to Pacific Park, here are some tips to help you make the most of your trip:

  1. Buy tickets in advance – You can purchase tickets to Pacific Park online in advance, which can save you time and money.
  2. Visit on a weekday – Pacific Park can get crowded due to its fame among thrill seekers on weekends and holidays, so try to visit on a weekday if possible.
  3. Dress in layers – Even in the summer, the ocean breeze can be chilly, so make sure to wear thick layers to stay warm and comfortable.
  4. Check the weather – Before you visit, check the weather forecast. While the park is open rain or shine, some rides may close if there is inclement weather.
  5. Consider a ride wristband – If you plan on riding multiple attractions, then purchase a ride wristband. This can save you money, especially if you plan on spending several hours at the park.

6. Adventure City

Adventure City is a family-friendly amusement park located in Anaheim, California. With over 17 rides and attractions designed specifically for children, the perfect destination for families and small children who want to experience the thrill of an amusement park.

6.1 History

Adventure City first opened in 1994, it was a small family-owned amusement park. The founders, Allan and Patricia Nelson wanted to create an amusement park that was affordable and fun for families. They began with just five rides and attractions, including a small roller coaster, a train ride, and a zoo.

Over the years, Adventure City continued to grow and expand, adding new rides and attractions. Just a few years back, the park was renovated and a lot of new rides were added.

adventure city
Picture by: adventurecity

6.2 Attractions

Adventure city offers a wide range of attractions including various types of rides and food options which is family-friendly and can be enjoyed by anyone. There is something for everyone at adventure city.

  • The Tree Top Racers
  • Drop Zone
  • Adventure City Express Train
  • Crazy Bus

6.3 Foods and Drinks

There is a variety of options to try in food and drinks the visitors like the funnel cake factory which is a must-try at the amusement park, La papa loca, city treats jungle cafe.

6.4 Tips for Visiting

6.4.1. Plan Ahead

The adventure city is popular among people hence it is usually crowded therefore try to plan the day according to the schedules of the rides and other activities like shows etc. Buying tickets in advance can provide you with a lot of advantages to avoid hustle and kiosks.

6.4.2. Arrive Early

It opens at 10 am on most days so it’s best to arrive early to avoid long rides and waiting periods which might make someone exhaustive, arriving early also prevents being in a crowded place. one will get enough time to experience the rides and attractions.

6.4.3. Wear Comfortable Clothes

One will be doing a lot of adventures hence being in comfortable clothes will provide a lot of comfort to enjoy the rides.

6.4.4. Bring Sunscreen and Water

The hot and humid weather in the park can make anyone feel exhausted hence being hydrated and sunproof will keep you healthier throughout the trip.

6.4.5. Consider a VIP Pass

Who doesn’t want to be treated like a priority… right? So, consider buying some VIP passes so that you can get easy access to the rides and shows without getting tired in long queues.


Los Angeles is home to a lot of famous amusement parks which are family-friendly and loved by thrill seekers as they are very welcoming and full of surprises. The rides, shows, and food points attract visitors and give them a good experience. The thrilling roller coasters will surely give a heart-pounding experience.

Whenever you are visiting such types of crowded and famous places keep some points in mind to avoid any inconveniences like planning, staying hydrated, and getting an advanced booking. Overall, it’s a must-visit place by everyone so just grab your glasses and your sunscreens to enjoy some of the best moments in your life.

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