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Keystone Colorado: Top 14 Amazing Winter Activities

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Keystone Colorado is a beautiful destination that sits at the slopes’ base, centered around River Run Village. The town is 9,280 feet above sea level, and its mountain summit measures 12,408 feet.

Keystone is an unincorporated community governed and located in Summit County.

The town of Keystone is much more urbane than any mountain town. It has high-end and upscale facilities for tourists like spas and restaurants. The town is located less than half an hour from Denver, as many airports and train rides are available.

keystone colorado

Those looking for a perfect gateway or a laidback yet exciting vacation can head to Keystone. It offers various special offers and discounts to guests, making most of the town’s facilities.

But what makes Keystone Colorado so appealing to tourists? 

For starters, the town has an ‘alpine’ feel to it and provides the most picturesque views of Dercum Mountain. The quaint little River Run Village situated in Keystone’s heart has several lodging accommodations, shops, and restaurants.

Keystone is as adventurous and fun as Winter Park in Colorado.

keystone colorado

Keystone Colorado: Top 14 Amazing Winter Activities

The village’s enjoyment is at its peak when festivals are celebrated in Keystone, Colorado, including contests and beer festivals. There are firework shows that are a delight in the winter and set the mood for an absolutely refreshing vacation.

1. Four Popular Places Besides River Run Village In Keystone Colorado:

1. East Keystone – East keystone is situated about 1 mile away from River Run Village. It provides a much quieter escape to Keystone. This spot offers a peaceful family gateway from the bustling areas and is nestled between trees.

2. Mountain House – Mountain House is one of the best lodging areas, surrounded by local hangouts. It is within walking distance from many shops and restaurants in Keystone. The lodgings in Mountain House offer a beautiful ski slope and River Snake Views.

3. Keystone Lakeside Village – Keystone Lakeside Village is one of the most delightful places to stay in Keystone, Colorado. There are many activities available in this area, and it is known to hold fireworks events almost every Saturday during summer. The frozen lakes in winter are ideal for ice hockey and ice skating.

4. Keystone Ranch – This ranch is known for its golf courses and accommodating private homes. The Ranch is one of the few places that can rival other wilderness sights found in Colorado. There are high-end dining and national forests which surround the ranch, making it family-friendly.

Keystone is widely renowned for offering plentiful activities for its tourists. In the winter season, it draws people to various winter activities. In the summers it offers activities such as horse riding, river rafting and much more.

2. Winter Activities in Keystone Colorado

The Keystone Ski Resort in Colorado is a paradise for winter sports lovers. The resort is also popular for having the longest ski days in the state.

The Keystone resort was first constructed in the 1970s and occupied three separate mountains. These are North Peak, Dercum Mountain, and The Outback.

Although many activities are offered in the Summer season, winter ventures are plentiful in Keystone, Colorado.

The services available for the guests are 24/7, and the resort is packed with every essential gear one may need. Because it has some great slopes, the resort makes it an ideal place to perform endless winter activities for all ages.

keystone colorado

The keystone lake is a very large lake that freezes during winter and welcomes visitors to ice skate. The keystone colorado ski resorts’ are well-known in Colorado. You can enjoy a day of skiing, followed by other winter adventures in the resort.

Here are 14 of the winter activities that you can never miss while visiting Keystone Colorado:

1. Skiing

The Keystone Ski Resort has the longest ski days and night tours in the state. From beginner to advanced, every individual who enjoys ski trails can have their little section on the mountain. The ski area of this resort is one of the most popular sites for this activity.

For kids, there are Kidventure Zones filled with delightful ventures such as themed-camps and zippy tree trails. This is the best place for newcomers to learn and enjoy skiing.

keystone colorado

Those feeling particularly adventurous can try the North Peak with its steeper cruiser runs. Skiing in Keystone Colorado is highly enjoyable as four different mountains allow you to enjoy this activity. You can also enjoy the night skiing offered by the resort.

2. Cross Country Skiing

You can enjoy the great outdoors of keystone colorado by cross skiing at a slow pace. Visitors have access to 35 miles of national forest trails and wildlife. You can do Cross-country skiing at Frisco nordic centers in the resort.

keystone colorado

3. Snowboarding

After skiing, Snowboarding is one the most famous winter activities undertaken by visitors. Snowboarders can have fun on the side that runs off in the River rub Gondola and Summit express chair.

keystone colorado

There are many lessons conducted for people interested in snowboarding. On top of that, rental shops have the best snowboards suiting every level.

4. Snow Tubing

Snow Tubing is super fun and family-friendly winter activity in Keystone, Colorado. No lessons are required, and everyone has a good time snow tubing.

keystone colorado

For this activity, you need to head up towards the Gondola on top of the Decum Mountain. There are multiple lanes and conveyor belts that take you back after every run.

5. Ice Skating

Ice skating is enjoyable, but Keystone Colorado enhances the experience of this activity even further. The resort has two outdoor ice rinks to choose from. The largest ice rink maintained in the United States is at Keystone, Lakeside Village.

keystone colorado

The Keystone resort covers a full 5 acres of land and makes it is easier to skate comfortably.

6. Snowmobiling

Keystone Colorado is located approximately 9000 feet above sea level with some of the most spectacular views. Renting a snowmobile, you travel through the lush forests with the beautiful scenery of keystone riding alongside you.

keystone colorado

Take a tour of the Snowmobiling offer by the resort and watch the world from the mountains’ top. The White Mountain snowmobile tours are one of the best and provide you will all the essential gears.

7. Sleigh Rides

Enjoy a classic yet relaxing sleigh ride in Keystone Ranch and through the Rocky Mountain. This is followed by a hearty dining experience, combined with warm cocoa and live musical entertainment perfect for families.

keystone colorado

Those looking for a private experience can book a quiet ride away from people with a friendly guide accompanying you. In either of the option, you will get a taste of winter wonderland to the fullest.

8. Snowshoeing

A snowshoe is a kind of footwear that helps you walk in the snow without any difficulty. The snowshoe helps balance the person’s weight without sinking you inside the snow.

keystone colorado

There are nine miles of trails in Keystone and the National forest covering 35 miles for an adventurous explore. You can rent snowshoes from the resort’s shops and hit the Nordic center and Keystone Gulch trails.

9. Ice Hockey

Lakeside Village in Keystone resort is the perfect place to enjoy a good game of ice hockey.  When Keystone lake is frozen, the wide-area can be used to play ice hockey. You can also find Adventure Point Lodge, where you can get all the needed equipment for the game.

keystone colorado

10. Winter Zip Lining

The Rockies Zip Lining’s top takes you through Leadville, zipping down to the rivers and train tracks. Zip Lining offers a spectacular view of the backcountry. This winter activity is a must-try for those looking for some adrenaline.

keystone colorado

11. Ice Castles

The winter wonderland in Keystone Colorado will woo you with amazing mazes of icicles and formations all built by hand.

keystone colorado

These sightings are located at Silverthorne, and the ice castles are open as long as the weather permits.

12. Gondola rides

The scenic gondola rides offered by Keystone are a much-needed experience for everyone. After purchasing the lift ticket, the ride takes you to the top of Dercum Mountain and then to the North Peak.

keystone colorado

The views at above11,000 feet are incredible, with Lake Dhillion and River run Village visible from the top. You can also visit the restaurant on top of the mountains for a fine dining experience.

13. Hot Air Balloon Ride

To capture the whole of Keystone Colorado from an aerial view, hot air balloon rides are ideal. The Keystone resort offered this exhilarating ride where you will find yourself floating above the mountain ranges.

keystone colorado

You can see the mountain views and local wildlife through this one-of-a-kind experience ride. Especially in the winter, you will be in awe of the sparkling and aesthetically pleasing white snow covering Keystone.

14. Theatre

And when you have tried a good amount of winter activities in Keystone, head to Skyline Cinemas. Offering concession, they play current films and helps one relax after a day full of adventure.

keystone colorado

The Lake Dhillion Theatre provides live-action entertainment in their intimate venue. You can choose from a variety of genres, from action to comedies. This experience is family-friendly and also lets individuals have a unique cultural venture.

The Keystone resort has the ideal accommodations, dining experiences, and a wide variety of activities to choose from. You can undertake several winter activities in keystone colorado that make up for some of the best memories.


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