A view of Haleakala Sunrise Point. Tourists gathered at a lookout point on top of Haleakala Crater to watch the sunrise. A view of Haleakala Sunrise Point. Tourists gathered at a lookout point on top of Haleakala Crater to watch the sunrise.

Haleakala Sunrise Unveiled: Adventurous Guide to Marvel

Gazing at the sunrise is one of the most beautiful and heart-warming views wherever you go.

As cliche as it may sound, sunrises show that beginnings can be unique and beautiful. It also depicts that starting something new always has a mixture of nervousness and excitement.

Sunrises are adorable, but if the view is seen from 10,000 feet, it becomes mesmerizing and a treat for the eyes.

One such viewpoint is the Haleakala sunrise point, where you can experience the best sunrise ever as you watch the sunrise from 10,000 feet. Isn’t that exciting!

About Haleakala Sunrise Point

Haleakala Sunrise Point is an excellent place on East Maui Volcanoes in Maui, Hawaii.

A view of Haleakala sunrise point, sunburst over the mountain.
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It is famous for its sunrise and sunset views and night sky-watching. It feels surreal to watch the sky from an elevation of 3,025 m, which is 10,023 feet.

In Hawaiian, Haleakala means House of the Sun; there is a story hidden behind this name. In Hawaiian folklore, the demigod Maui’s grandmother lived in the crater at the summit of Haleakala.

According to the legend, Maui’s grandmother helped Maui capture the sun and force it to slow its speed across the sky to lengthen the day.

Haleakala is a type of shield volcano, and according to scientists, it is formed due to the merging of the headwalls of two large erosional valleys at the volcano’s summit.

The United States Geological Survey states that the volcano’s status is normal. Therefore, the volcano is believed to be in a non-eruptive phase.

Everything to Know about Haleakala Sunrise Point

1. Routes

You can drive through the highway and enjoy the surroundings, or else you can venture to the point by hiking through the trails.

The journey needs to be planned to reach the destination on time.

1.1. Driving

A view of highway traffic during sunrise. Cars on a highway road under the cloudy blue sky.
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The route to the Haleakala sunrise point is through the Haleakala highway [HI 37]. It later connects to the Haleakala Crater Road, which leads to the volcano’s summit.

If you start your journey from central Maui by driving, you can reach the Haleakala summit in almost two hours.

1.2. Hiking

There is another route to the summit, which is hiking. Hiking is an option for the explorers as the Haleakala National Park has over 30 miles of hiking trails.

These hiking trails reveal many fascinating landscapes of Haleakala; there are different ranges in hiking, from 10-minute tours to multi-day overnight trips.

According to the law, hiking groups are limited to 12 people. So, if you are more than 12 people, you must split the group into two or more parts. As the weather here is unpredictable, you must stay on the marked trails.

2. Reservations

While you visit Haleakala Point, reservations are mandatory to watch the sunrise. You can make reservations by visiting the recreation.gov website.

Sunrise reservations can be made 60 days before the visit. The sunrise time in summer is early as compared to wintertime.

The price for one person’s reservation is $1.00, and you have to pay an extra amount while entering the National Park. Hence, it is a national park, and a Park pass is compulsory.

On arrival, you need to show certain documents to enter the park. These documents include the reservation confirmation email, valid ID, and park passes to enter the summit area.

3. Instructions

As the Haleakala sunrise viewpoint is at an elevation of 10,000 feet, these things will help you have a better experience.

3.1. Dress Warmly

Two women wearing warm clothes while walking on a street.
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The temperature varies depending on the elevation. Hence, the temperature at the summit is at least 30 degrees colder than the temperature at sea level.

Therefore, wearing warm clothes will help you from the cold uphill. You can also bring blankets to keep yourself warm from the cold at the summit of Haleakala.

3.2. Be Early

The time for viewing sunrise is from 3:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. Start the journey early in the morning to reach the Haleakala sunrise point on time for the amazing sunrise view.

At sunrise, there is a parking limitation in the parking lot. Therefore, reach the summit 30 minutes before sunrise to experience an incredible view and play of colors across the sky.

3.3. Pick up Breakfast

You are supposed to bring your food. Even though it is a national park, there is no availability of any food items in the park.

3.4. Fill your Gas Tank

You ought to check and fill the gas to last for the whole trip because there is no gas available in the national park.

4. Haleakala National Park

Haleakala National Park is an American national park on the island of Maui in Hawaii. The National Park services are divided into the Summit District and the Kipahulu area.

Therefore, the park includes Kipahulu Valley and pools extending to the southeast and the summit depression.

4.1. Summit District

The beautiful colors are seen in the massive volcanic crater at Haleakala National Park.
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The summit area consists of the Haleakala crater and the volcano’s summit. And in that, it includes a Haleakala visitor center with a parking lot and restroom facilities.

There is a lodging facility in the form of small cabins for visitors.

Here, people mostly visit to see the amazing sunrise and sunset views. They eventually travel to the summit or the visitor center below the summit to view the sunrise and sunset.

4.2. Kipahulu Valley

The second part of the National Park is the Kipahulu Valley; this area is mainly designated as the Kipahulu Valley Biological Reserve.

Visitors cannot drive directly to this section of the park, and they need to take the winding coastal road that travels around the island’s windward coast.

This section of the park preserves native animal and plant species. Apart from them, this part also includes many pools and waterfalls, collectively situated in the gorge called ‘Ohio.

Closing Thoughts

Haleakala Sunrise or Sunset    4K

Apart from Haleakala sunrise, Maui is also famous for many things. And one of them is Luau – a party hosted in traditional Hawaiian style.

Hopefully, this article gave you a complete Haleakala tour and inspired you to tick the place on your bucket list.

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