7 Top Best Rooftop NYC Cafes To Go To

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Looking for the best rooftop NYC cafes in the city? Please take a look at some of them highlighted in the article.

New York City is known to be a trendsetter and famous for its architecture. It is a city that never sleeps and attracts travellers with its charm.

New York City has everything, from incredible museums to some of the best restaurants globally. The city is home to some of the most iconic sites globally.

One can see the incredible Brooklyn Bridge or walk with the crowd in Times Square.

NYC is the most famous city visited by tourists from all over the world. Representing various cultures and people, one can find New York to be truly diverse.

A hub for the latest fashion trends, New York Fashion Week happens often and witnesses many people visiting.

NYC houses popular music genres such as rock, jazz, and classical, which have thrived for years, the city is also the birthplace of hip-hop and salsa.

Top 7 Best Rooftop NYC Cafes to go to

And adding to the never-ending list of New York’s charm is the food it provides. If you go to New York and don’t try the New York Style of Pizza or Cheesecake, it is safe to say your trip was wasted.

New York City’s food cannot be missed, loaded with ethnic and American cuisine, from pretzels to hotdogs.

The most famous places one can dine in are the rooftop NYC restaurants and cafes, providing quality food and a stunning view of the city.

There are many places to see and activities to perform in New York. Before taking a look at rooftop NYC cafes, here are some of the most famous places one can visit in the city:

1. Attractions Of NYC

1.1. Central Park

Amidst the tall skyscrapers, you will find the world-famous Central Park. Aside from having a picnic or relaxing on the grass, there is much to do here.

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You can witness the beautiful cherry blossom trees, visit the strawberry fields, or look at the attractive Victorian Gardens.

One can explore museums and galleries in the park or experience concerts that often happen. You can enjoy exciting activities like ice skating and sledding in winter.

You can visit Central Park while undertaking one of its many sightseeing tours.

1.2. Statue Of Liberty National Monument

The famous Statue of Liberty is famous in every corner of the world.

Various cruises, jetties, and boat tours take tourists on a ride and provide a unique perspective of the statue.

1.3. Times Square

A hub for Broadway theatre and the busiest pedestrian area, Times Square is an entertainment section for people. Towering over your head are the most prominent billboards displaying various advertisements.

You can shop at various places, such as the Disney store and Fashion One. Times Square holds the most significant celebrations for occasions such as the New Year, Valentine’s Day, and Halloween.

1.4. Brooklyn Bridge

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The Brooklyn Bridge is a suspension bridge that connects Brooklyn and Manhattan, which offers a scenic and safe way for commuters and tourists to travel.

You can visit Brooklyn Bridge Park for a spectacular view of the Bridge and the East River. Several bike tours are offered for tourists that help them cross the bridge to Manhattan.

Various eateries are available near the bridge to munch on some classic New York Food; it is a great place to relax or hang out after a long day exploring.

1.5. New York Aquarium

To witness marine life in the city, visit the New York Aquarium. You can explore exhibits that feature otters, sea lions, and penguins.

Over 115 species can be found in the aquarium, including sharks and sea turtles.

In the aqua theatre, an interactive show features sea lions and trainers performing various antics that are delightful to watch.

New York City has much more to offer; not even a year would be enough to explore the city. But one aspect that remains universal and important during a trip is finding good cafes to spend time in.

However, do you know what’s better than a regular cafe? Yes, the rooftop cafes provide a mesmerizing view of the city line accompanied by the blue sky.

Rooftop NYC lounges are plentiful and have a lot to offer on their menu.

Rooftop restaurants are a great hangout spot for friends, family, partners, or even solo travellers. You can be socially distant and yet enjoy the vibes provided by these rooftop NYC restaurants.

2. Rooftop NYC Cafes

Check out these impressive rooftop NYC cafes that will win your heart, both with food and the scenic view:

2.1. Westlight

rooftop nyc
Source: Mihai Speteanu/Shutterstock

Located in Williamsburg, Westlight is a scenic rooftop restaurant. It accommodates a spacious place for people to sit and look at the beautiful view of New York City.

This rooftop NYC restaurant has floor-to-ceiling windows that provide a 360-degree view of the Manhattan skyline and the East River.

Situated on the 22nd floor, you will get stunning views of lower Manhattan. Their dynamic menu only adds to the incredible rooftop experience.

Westlight’s bar includes handcrafted cocktails, beer, wine, and rare spirits.

The restaurant offers delicious bite-sized snacks to pair up your drinks with food. Tempura Bass Buns, Chickpea Hummus, Dry-Aged Beef Burger, and more.

2.2. Last Light

Located on the 11th floor of Sister City, Last Light offers a relaxing rooftop experience. You will witness the fantastic view of New York City’s Skyline while casually dining.

The attractive bar has a good cocktail menu, local craft beer, and organic wine. You can dance to the music provided by the DJ in the restaurant or sit outdoors and watch the clouds pass by while sipping on your drink.

Either way, when you exit this rooftop NYC restaurant, you will leave with only happy memories.

2.3. Broken Shaker

Head over to Broken Shaker for some tropical vibes, located on top of the Freehand Hotel. This rooftop NYC restaurant makes you feel like you’ve joined a house party near the beach.

Yet the crowd is always minimum, and you can easily find a seat in its spacious outdoor spaces. It provides incredible panoramic views of the city.

Tacos, Shrimp tacos taco
Source: Larisa Blinova/Shutterstock

The cocktail bar offers a wide range of cocktails perfectly blended with exotic ingredients. The food at Broken Shaker is delicious, from Shrimp tacos to Shaker Hot Chicken Sandwich.

The menu for wines and beers is perfect for grabbing your preferred drink and absorbing the view of the city. Broken Shaker will never fail to impress you with its outdoor dining experience.

2.4. Rooftop Reds

Rooftop reds is an urban rooftop vineyard in the city famous for its wines. Rooftop Reds offers an incredible outdoor dining experience tucked in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

This rooftop NYC restaurant is filled with hammocks and picnic tables that make you feel like you are on a chill vacation. It provides a great view of Manhattan and the east side.

Aside from their excellent wine collection, they also offer beer and bite-sized food. Pair your favourite drink with their delicious cheese platter, and you are good to go.

Rooftop Reds also hosts BBQ nights along with themed parties. This rooftop NYC restaurant is perfect for those who love to mingle with people and have a fun night.

2.5. Harriet’s Rooftop and Lounge

Visit Harriets’s Rooftop and Lounge on the 10th floor, nestled in the green oasis, to make your trip fancier.

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Source: Maksym Fesenko/Shutterstock

This rooftop in NYC has handcrafted cocktails and whiskey, which enhance your outdoor dining experience. They also have brunch on their menu, including the famous lobster rolls, providing many options.

Their bottle services range from exquisite wines to the best champagne.

From the rooftop, you view the famous Brooklyn Bridge, lower Manhattan, and the Statue of Liberty, which looks like a small figurine from a distance.

2.6. The Lookup

The Lookup provides a comfortable guest experience with cozy accommodations and a great collection of drinks.

Their cocktail menu has innovative as well as classic drinks suiting every preference. The Lookup’s food includes snacks, dips, and desserts where one cannot miss out on the iconic New Yorker pressed bar sandwich.

This rooftop NYC restaurant has the best close-up views of the Empire State Building while dining.

2.7. Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar

Located at the Conrad New York Hotel, this rooftop NYC restaurant gives a stunning view of the New York and New Jersey skyline.

You can also see the Hudson River, The Statue of Liberty, and The New York Habor.

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Source: Frederick Millett/Shutterstock

Loopy Doopy offers small plates for dining, but the food and drinks are above one’s expectations. Their menus include breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner, which offer plentiful choices.

This restaurant’s creative cocktails are perfect for sipping on while watching the spectacular sunset.


The NYC mentioned above rooftop restaurants, and cafes follow social distancing and other necessary protocols.

The next time you visit New York City, make sure these rooftop NYC cafes are on your list. These restaurants provide the most delicious food and a scenic view that you can treasure forever.

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