Where to stay in Glacier National Park Where to stay in Glacier National Park

Where to Stay in Glacier National Park: Top 10 Picks

Finding peace and serenity in cities is not possible, but knowing where to stay in Glacier National Park is a solution that might help many people. In today’s world, time is running so fast, especially for those who live in big cities and work 24/7.

Nature is said to be a home where one can spend as much time as one wants without getting bored, and every day amidst nature teaches something new to experience. Getting close to nature and admiring what has been given to the world is something that everyone should be aware of.

1. Montana, USA:

Where to stay in Glacier National Park
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Montana is a state in the USA that is known for its natural divine, wildlife, and natural mineral resources. The place is filled with everything that a nature lover requires to enjoy the Montana vacation.

Montana is located in the Mountain West Division and is the western state filled with rocky mountains and great plains. The diversity of culture and history of Montana is quite popular among tourists. The state is rich and divine in natural preserves, making it one of the most desired places in the USA to visit.

Living and exploring Montana is a great vacation to spend because the place is filled with nature but with modern accommodations. One can find so many national parks that are made to preserve the rawness and serene beauty of this world that has been given in the form of trees, plants, animals, and the warmth that comes from being around them.

Nature is everyone’s best friend, as one can sit for hours staring at the sky that is filled with stars, and is one of the best ways to unwind the stress and relax one’s heart and mind. Montana is one of the coldest states in the USA, which gives it more attention as people can explore various national parks in different seasons, which is a sight that nobody wants to miss.

Glacier National Park and where to stay in Glacier National Park is one of the places in Montana where one can spend an amazing vacation enjoying and relaxing.

2. Overview of Glacier National Park:

To preserve the natural beauty of the world and to make people visit and learn about them without harming them, what is a better place than to convert them into a national park? Glacier National Park of Montana is a hot topic among tourists, and one can find many places to stay near the national park.

Where to stay in Glacier National Park
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The Glacier National Park is a national park in America located in northwestern Montana extending into the USA-Canada border because it encompasses more than 1 million acres and is surrounded by two maintains ranges, over 130 lakes, and more than 1000 species of plants and animals that can be found in the Glacier National Park and knowing where to stay in Glacier National Park is a must to enjoy the nature to the fullest.

If one wants to enjoy the breathtaking mountain views and stunning lakes then there is no better than Glacier National Park. Standing in the center of the national park, one will find themselves surrounded by different views that are stunning and divine to look at and breathe into.

During the summer season, the weather is warm, and it is a perfect time to dive into lakes, hike around the mountain trails, raft, and go fishing while enjoying the atmosphere around the national park.

In the winter season, Glacier National Park is a sight that no one should miss. It is a magical time when the mountains are covered with snow and lakes are frozen, giving rise to skating. The snow-filled Glacier National Park allows skiing, snowboarding, and many other activities.

Visiting Glacier National Park and knowing perfectly where to stay in Glacier National Park is from late June to mid-September when the weather is perfect.

3. Where to Stay in Glacier National Park:

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Where to stay in Glacier National Park is a big question that everyone has and one should probably do some research and visit the national park because no one wants to miss out on some seriously beautiful views.

There are many hotels and cottages around and in Glacier National Park for those who don’t want to camp but still want to remain on the property and enjoy the breathtaking views.

3.1 Many Glacier Hotel:

Where to stay in Glacier National Park
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 Many Glacier Hotel, which is located inside the national park on the shores of Swift Current Lake, is one of the best hotels found in the national park.

While visiting the national park, if one wants to be fully absorbed in the place, then staying in a historic hotel is mandatory. Established by the Great Northern Railway in 1914-1915, the Many Glacier Hotel is a five-star hotel that offers people a Swiss Lounge, lakeside Ptarmigan Dining Room, Heidi’s Snack Shop, and a Gift Shop.

In Many Glacier Hotel, 215 hotel rooms are packed with amenities with gorgeous views as a cherry on top. In the hotel, the dining arrangement done by the locals is amazing, with organic food served with majestic views surrounded by mountains.

To properly enjoy Glacier National Park, it is important to get the right transport and people for the purpose. The Many Glacier Hotel offers red bus tours, west glacier tours, east glacier tours, and many more, depending on people’s choices, which show different parts of the Glacier National Park in depth.

Visiting Glacier National Park and staying amidst the Many Glacier Hotel is definitely a plus point in enjoying the whole national park perfectly.

3.2 Rising Sun Motor Inn:

It is known that if one wants to stay in nature, the best place that one could find is the cabins that are made with old woods where, even by being inside, people get to enjoy the atmosphere that surrounds the place with nature.

Rising Sun Motor Inn consists of ancient-looking cabins and motor inns that were built in the year 1940, and still, today, the vibe of the place is breathtaking. One can find St. Mary Visitor’s Center with Going-to-the-Sun Road inside the Park just 6 miles away from Rising Sun Motor Inn.

Where to stay in Glacier National Park
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The rusting-looking cabins offer tourists the views of mountain peaks and are just a quarter mile away from St. Mary Lake. The cabin has a laid-back vibe where people can stay indoors and still be able to enjoy the gorgeous views of Glacier National Park.

The Rising Sun Motor Inn provides people with red bus tours, boat cruises, full-service restaurants, and even hiking is available near the cabin, which is a great way to spend some quality time with family and friends.

3.3 Swiftcurrent Motor Inn:

Another place to stay in Glacier National Park is a place named Swiftcurrent Motor Inn, which is made up of 95 rustic cabins and motor inns that are located just within walking distance from Many Glacier Hotel and is said to be a paradise for hikers.

Swiftcurrent Motor Inn and Cabins are located in Glacier National Park near Columbia Falls and offer people full-function hotel rooms, camp stores, and a gift shop just by following one of the trails that leads over Swiftcurrent to Iceberg Lake, ptarmigan lake and a unique tunnel of ptarmigan is an experience that one should enjoy once in their lifetime.

Where to stay in Glacier National Park
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Swiftcurrent Motor Inn and Cabins are filled with mountain lodge rooms and historic lodge rooms and are a perfect place for hikers to enjoy their vacation in the soothing atmosphere that is filled with hiking trails that lead towards beautiful nature views.

Visiting Glacier National Park lodges and staying in Swiftcurrent Motor Inn is an amazing choice that will allow people to relax and do some adventurous activities as well.

3.4 Lake McDonald Lodge:

There are many Glacier National Park lodges found in the national park, and one of them is Lake McDonald Lodge, where everyone should spend a night while visiting the Glacier National Park. Just like how it is shown in fairy tales, the wooden old cabins that are surrounded by warm feelings and beautiful-looking architecture are how one can describe Lake McDonald Lodge rooms.

The Lake McDonald Lodge is a Swiss chalet-style lodge located just 10 miles inside the Glacier National Park’s west entrance on the Going-to-the-Sun-Road on the southeast shore of Lake McDonald.

Where to stay in Glacier National Park
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The lodge is divided into three parts: a row of cabins, Snyder Hall, and the Cobb House, which is situated on three different floors with amenities like super comfortable beds, private bathrooms, and gorgeous views from every room.

The Lake McDonald Lodge is a three-plus story with a foundation and first floor made up of stone with a wooden frame covering from the outside. It was built in 1913 with the help of Kirtland Cutter’s design and is one of the best places to stay in Glacier National Park.

The Lake McDonald Lodge provides people with a number of activities, from Russell’s Fireside Dining Room to horseback riding with evening ranger programs, which is a great way to learn new things. Spending some time in nature while staying in Lake McDonald Lodge is a great vacation to enjoy to the fullest.

3.5 Glacier Park Lodge:

Glacier Park Lodge is another great place to stay in Glacier National Park as it offers people a place that is filled with Montana charm that nobody wants to miss. The lodge is a historic hotel offering people its accommodation that is the finest and top-notch in the whole of Glacier National Park.

One will find Glacier Park Lodge just the outside boundaries of the national park, and in the east, Glacier Park Village Inn was built in 1913 by the Glacier Park Company and is a subsidiary of the Great Northern Railways.

The Glacier National Park is situated in the southeast corner of the national park and has been a place for visitors for decades now. The outside and the inside of the park lodge are so beautiful, with the sun shining directly at the lodge and trees covering the entire lodge.

The inside of the place is filled with historic time with everything covered in sandy wood color to black finishing to the furniture, making the place look modern yet keeping the old vintage vibe alive. The Glacier Park Lodge also hosts weddings as the venue is so beautiful, and getting married in nature is everyone’s wish.

In Glacier National Park, if one wants to enjoy the proper place to breathe the fresh air of nature and enjoy the breathtaking views from every side, then visiting and spending the night in Glacier Park Lodge is a great option not to miss.

3.6 Motel Lake McDonald:

Another beautiful place to stay near the entrance of Glacier National Park is Motel Lake McDonald, which is located near Lake McDonald, West Glacier. The Motel Lake McDonald is situated along the east side, which gives some of the best views of Glacier National Park.

Where to stay in Glacier National Park
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Just 300 yards away from the Lake McDonald Lodge, the motel offers amazing, fully furnished motel inn rooms with a beautiful outlook of the mountain peaks and the cool atmosphere surrounding the motel rooms.

The Motel Lake McDonald is a laid-back hotel that is simple yet comfortable and filled with rustic motel inn rooms and great amenities. The motel is a two-story with a dark wooden frame covering the entire place that compliments nature very well, making the atmosphere more lively and soothing. Here, you will also find the Motel Lake Mcdonald and Apgar Village Lodge as lodging options, which offer some historic motels for staying purposes.

One can rent a bike and enjoy mountain biking and visit the nearest attractions like Lake McDonald, and explore the national park. However, this is the great facility provided by the Motel Lake McDonald.

The motel rooms of Lake McDonald are said to be one of the best Glacier National Park hotels to stay in and enjoy time with friends and family while watching some of the heavenly views that exist on the earth.

3.7 The Lodge of Whitefish Lake:

The Lodge of Whitefish Lake is only 27 miles away from the national park. As every hotel offers the national park service of touring with the help of buses and shuttles, the Lodge of Whitefish Lake also offers the same to its tourists.

The best thing about the lodge is that it is surrounded by Whitefish Lake and Viking Creek Wetland Preserve, which is 28 acres and covers the whole lodge with its majestic mountain views and a stunning atmosphere.

Where to stay in Glacier National Park
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The lodge is located at Whitefish Lake, 1380 Wisconsin Ave., Montana, near Glacier National Park. Even though visiting Glacier National Park in any season is great, if one is staying in the Lodge of Whitefish Lake, that winter season is highly recommended.

In the winter season, the whole place is covered with snow, and the  Lakefront sauna facility is offered to the tourists with other winter activities. There is live music, great modern rooms, friendly staff, and an overall soothing atmosphere to enjoy the vacation.

In a few minutes, people will get to reach Glacier National Park from the lodge, which is a great facility for staying far yet near the national park. It is definitely a must-visit place to stay far yet within reach of the place.

3.8 Apgar Village Lodge & Cabins:

Visiting the National Park and not spending a night at Apgar Village Lodge & Cabins is a great loss to bear. Just like how resorts are modern and luxurious, the Apgar Village Lodge & Cabins located in the heart of Apgar Village consists of cozy cabins and iconic views that are surrounded by the Apgar Village.

The location of the place is near Lake View Dr, West Glacier, Montana, and is one of the amazing places to stay in Glacier National Park. The lodge is located inside the Glacier National Park at the lower of Lake McDonald and is two miles away from the west glacier entrance.

One can visit the lodge and rent a bike, swim in Lake McDonald, paddle boarding in the calmness of the lake, and hike around the mountain bushes that too from one’s room. The Apgar Village Lodge & Cabins offer people one of the best staying and exploring facilities that consist of comfortable ancient-looking rooms with local experts helping with the exploring.

There is a Cedar Tree Gift Shop located in the Apgar Village, the biggest in Glacier National Park, that offers amazing souvenirs for the tourist to take home as a valuable memory. To not miss marvelous views of the Glacier National Park, Apgar Village Lodge & Cabins is a perfect place to stay.

3.9 Great Northern Resort:

While talking about staying in Glacier National Park and not including the Great Northern Resort is a big loss of an experience. The Great Northern Resort is one of the stunning resorts in Glacier National Park that is modern and filled with luxury accommodations.

The resort is located in West Glacier, Montana, which offers the tourist one of the most adventurous activities to enjoy on vacation. The property of the Great Northern Resort is very beautiful and is filled with trees, stunning-looking one-story cabins, a pond, and a calming atmosphere surrounding the place.

Activities like rafting, fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and many more are available with professionals that one can learn from while enjoying the experience. The resort also turns into a wedding venue that one can design as they like, and every Friday, a music series takes place outdoors so that families can join and relax.

Spending some time in the Great Northern Resort while visiting Glacier National Park is an amazing spot to enjoy and have a lovely vacation.

3.10 Glacier Guides Lodge:

Glacier Guides Lodge is one more perfect place to stay in National Glacier Park, located at 120 Highline Blvd, West Glacier, MT. In the lodge, one can relax as well as participate in the escapade activities happening in and near the glacier lodge.

Around the Glacier Guides Lodge, within a mile, one can find many other Glacier National Park Lodging and guest houses as great options with great guest rooms. The Glacier Guides Lodge provides people with events like hiking and biking trails, rafting, fishing, and swimming, everything that a person needs to unplug stress.

The overall atmosphere of the lodge is old and ancient looking, with wood covering the entire inside and outside of the lodge and beautiful trees and plants covering the entire place. The rooms are well-furnished family rooms with great amenities, amazing food, and friendly staff.

The Glacier Guides Lodge allows family adventure activities with backpacking treks to fish in the lake, which is a great way to spend some quality time with family amidst nature. The lodge is near the Glacier Park International Airport and train station, which is a great accessibility for tourists.

The Glacier Guides Lodge is one of the divine properties that offer so many things to tourists and is a great way to escape from the busy life of the city and admire the nature that surrounds us.

Final Note:

Glacier National Park is home to majestic and breathtaking mountains, lakes, abundant natural resources, and many species of plants and animals that one can only find in the national park. Glacier National Park has so many varieties of options for people to not miss out on any views of nature and be surrounded by nature mother.

Glacier National Park is a place where one can enjoy the serenity of the place and get the experience of a lifetime. It is a place that helps people unplug their stress and immerse themselves in the world of nature.


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