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10 Amazing Places for Skydiving in Colorado

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Skydiving in Colorado is a magical experience for aspiring skydivers. Skydiving is free-falling from a certain height, and when you are almost about to land, you open your parachute. The view throughout the experience is one to behold. Known for its breath-taking beauty Colorado provides the best skydiving experience.

skydiving in colorado
By Pixabay/Pexels, Copyright 2021.

Skydiving in Colorado

Skydiving is one enthralling experience, and doing it in Colorado makes it even better. Colorado state provides its visitors with mesmerizing landscapes of desert, river canyons, and the snow-covered Rocky Mountains.

skydiving in colorado
By Pawel Fijalkowski/Pexels, Copyright 2021.

This miraculously beautiful state in the US wins the hearts of all tourists. Home to the bluest skies in the United States, it provides the best skydiving experience.
Colorado becomes a go-to place for skydiving with its amazing views coupled with a perfect guide for skydiving.

10 Amazing Places for Skydiving in Colorado

1. Out of the Blue Skydiving

‘Out of the Blue Skydiving’ is considered the top choice for skydiving in Colorado. It is the oldest member of the USPA group of the drop zone in southern Colorado. Being the oldest member is proof that it is the safest place for skydiving.

Here, providing the fullest experience of skydiving is the top priority. They take you almost 12,000 feet above the ground. Hence, providing you with the longest free fall.

Top-notch customer service is also available at reasonable pricing.

skydiving in colorado
By Russ Jani/Pexels, Copyright 2021.

It is located east of Colorado Springs, with a breathtaking view of Pikes Peak. It is a 3-hour 1 minute drive from the main Colorado state.

2. Rocky Mountain Skydive

Be it a tandem skydive, a family outing, or a marriage proposal, ‘Rocky Mountain Skydive’ is the best place to experience any or all of those things! Skydiving can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many. So, why not do it atop the rocky mountains for one of the best skydiving experiences?

skydiving in colorado
By JacLou-DL/Pexels, Copyright 2021.

Besides, this skydiving place is also known for being one of the safest for skydiving in Colorado. A brief training session can make you ready for the best skydiving adventure of your life for the first-timers. A first-timer must go for a tandem jump here.

It is located in the Northern Colorado Centre, located 45 minutes North of Denver.

3. Colorado Mountain Skydive

Boasting Colorado’s best views for skydiving brings Colorado Mountain Skydive to our list of incredible places for skydiving in Colorado. It provides you with the experience of skydiving close to the beautiful mountains.

skydiving in colorado
By Russ Jani/Pexels, Copyright 2021.

Colorado Mountain Skydive Centre has experience of about 25 years in the skydiving field. Working with the most experienced staff in Colorado makes it a safe place for skydiving too. Before your first skydive, they ensure that you get the proper training to avoid any mishaps from happening.

It uses the most reasonable process to provide skydiving. Additionally, it gives proper skydiving training to professionals.

It is located at the Fremont County Airport, Colorado.

4. Roaring Fork Skydivers

Roaring Fork Skydivers provides one of the finest skydiving facilities for skydiving in Colorado. They provide you with highly talented and experienced staff members. These world-class instructors have a lifetime of experience.

They guarantee outstanding safety, which makes the skydiving experience even more enjoyable.

skydiving in colorado
By Pixabay/Pexels, Copyright 2021.

Even if it’s only your first tandem jump, a certification course, or assistance as an experienced skydiver, your experience here will be unforgettable. Here, skydiving videography, as well as photography, is also available.

They are located in exquisite Glenwood Springs, Colorado, which is just one hour from Vail.

5. Skydive Orange Skies

Orange Skies hold one of the best security measures for skydiving in Colorado. The workers here are selected based on their experience and attitude toward the customers.

skydiving in colorado
By Mike van Schoond/Pexels, Copyright 2021.

Having good and experienced staff is the biggest asset for a skydiving place. Here, the staff are friendly and love to relive their own first skydive through each customer skydive. Hence, making them the best skydiving crew in Colorado.

So, whether you want to enjoy your first tandem skydive or watch orange skies when you freefall, this is the right choice. They are located near Denver at Fort Morgan.

6. Mile-Hi Skydiving Centre, Inc.

Mile-Hi Skydiving Centre is one amazing place for skydiving in Colorado. It provides a skydiving facility for all types- be it tandem jumps or solo or professional training; it is best.

The establishment here is extremely comfortable. The staff here is also experienced and provides you with amazing customer service. No customer goes dissatisfied from here; that is what they are most proud of

It is located in Vance Brand Airport, Colorado.

7. Ultimate Skydiving Adventures

Ultimate Skydiving Adventures is one of the leading industries in providing an extraordinary experience in a magical location. It offers tandems to young enthusiasts.

Here, they provide you with a skydive from 7500 feet above the ground. Therefore, after the exit and the amazing free fall, the parachute ride lasts for around 4-5 minutes.

skydiving in colorado

It is located at a 4-hour 50-minute drive from main Colorado and is surrounded by the dreamiest desert landscape.

8. Northern Colorado Skydive Club

This is a bunch of skydivers and pilots who are doing their work enthusiastically. They are one of the best places for skydiving in Colorado, full of warmth, hospitality, and joy.

skydiving in colorado

Even if it is your 1000th jump or your first jump, the experience here will be equally amazing. With great staff by your side- experienced and caring, your tandem or solo jump will become a magical one.

It is located outside Greely on the amazing Foot Turf Sod Farm, Colorado.

9. Skydive Moab

Skydive Moab provides you with a thrill of a lifetime that too in the safest environment. It is a wonderful choice for skydiving. They provide you with the best jumps, that too, in your budget.

They provide a friendly jump from 8,000 feet and maximum freefall time from 13,000 feet. What’s distinctive is their hybrid program which breaks down skydive learning into smaller attainable objectives.

This incredible skydiving place is located in Canyonland Field Airport and is just a 6 hour and 6-minute drive from Colorado.

10. High Sky Adventures

High Sky Adventures is another Centre that provides one of the finest skydiving services for skydiving in Colorado. The instructors here are super dedicated to ensuring their customers’ safety and provide them with a fun environment at the same time.

High sky adventures provide you with an ultimate skydiving experience within budget. With their expertise and eagerness, they will guide you through the glorious world of skydiving.

They are located in Fremont County Airport, Colorado.

Safety Measures to Follow for Skydiving:

• Make sure you are above 18.
• Check all the guidelines and safety measures before going for the jump.
• Listen carefully to your instructor at all times.
• Do not go for the jump until you are sure about all the techniques.
• Most centers only allow solo skydiving after you have experienced one or more tandem jumps. Therefore, be prepared to go for a tandem jump for the first time to avoid any accident.

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