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10 Best Hot Springs in Colorado

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Located in the Western United States of America, Colorado is known for its scenic landscape with mountains present in it. These mountains are known for their availability of the best hot springs in Colorado.

A hot spring, also known as a geothermal spring, is a spring where the groundwater is heated naturally due to the volcanic activities of the mountain, steaming the water. Many people enjoy hot springs because sitting in a hot spring improves blood circulation, improves the body’s detoxification, and promotes healthier skin.

10 Best Hot Springs in Colorado

Rocky Mountain is the reason for the vast abundance of hot springs in Colorado. The world’s deepest geothermal is also available among the mountain for people to visit for a holiday, so there are few best hot springs in Colorado.

Best Hot Springs in Colorado:

  1. Strawberry Park Hot Springs:

Located right outside of the ski town of Steamboat Springs is Strawberry Park Hot Springs, among many other geothermal hot springs that are said to have therapeutic properties. Strawberry Park Hot Springs is known for its facilities like private massage huts and watsu therapy in a private pool.

There are also open hot springs pools available for people who set up reservations. People are given private care for a hospitable experience. Although the hot springs are not primitive, the scenery and hot pools, whose temperatures vary differently but are close to 104 degrees, offer a relaxing soaking session.

The beautiful hot springs offer many different options during the stay to make it a lot more enjoyable—some of the services being rustic cabins, tent camping areas, covered wagons, and many more.

10 best hot springs in Colorado

  1. Dunton Hot Springs:

Dunton Hot Springs is situated deep in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado Rockies, just on the other side of mountains from Telluride. This exclusive hot spring is like no other, with the acute sense of ghost town all around it.

The ghost town is set in a romantic 1800s vibe with exclusive offers designed for either morning or night or both for many occasions like weddings, family reunions, or retreats. One such experience with the wilderness along with the resort package like five-star cuisine, saloon, hot baths, and many will leave you and your mind rejuvenated.

The rustic cabins here in one of the best hot springs in Colorado are hand-hewn and elegantly furnished, which adds more homeliness to the place.

10 best hot springs in colorado

  1. Iron Mountain Hot Springs:

In the west of Denver, overlooking the Colorado River, located in Glenwood Springs, is Iron Mountain Hot Springs open year-round for families and friends to enjoy.

From a wide range of about sixteen soaking pools, the temperature from 98 degrees to 108 degrees to each keep varying for the visitors’ comfort. The hot springs pools vary in different shapes like heart-shaped pools, infinity pools, pools with waterfalls, and many more.

The children accompanying the trip aren’t allowed in the thermal pools but in comparatively cooler pools with 94 degrees.

Iron Mountain Hot Springs is one of the best hot springs in Colorado that also has a restaurant called Sopris Cafe that serves the whole family with flatbreads, salads, smoothies, wine, beer, and cocktails you can grab and go.

10 best hot springs in Colorado

  1. Ouray Hot Springs:

In southwestern Colorado, within the San Juan Mountains in Telluride, is Ouray Hot Springs, Ouray, where the smallest of hot springs is available that proffers a mixture of both relaxation and fun.

The fun of the Hot Springs is where one of the many pools contains a volleyball net and a basketball hoop for people to play while relaxing in the pool. There is also The Overlook, where the pool is 80 degrees and where no kids are allowed for adults to hang out and relax.

If you are in the mood to work out before you soak in one of the best hot springs in Colorado, the services also provide a workout facility and a swim class. If you want, you can also head a few blocks away to enjoy a hearty meal.

10 best hot springs in Colorado

  1. Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort:

The uniqueness of this hot spring is that you have the option to climb Mount Princeton that is 14,000 feet tall, the peak being one of the 58 in Colorado. After a good hiking session, you can soak your way through the sore muscles. The climb option is the reason why it’s one of the best hot springs in Colorado.

Located near Buena Vista, Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort also contains skiing areas, so it’s a good place for the apres-ski soaking session. The amazing view is accompanied by 30 different pools fed by its geothermal spring that are small, about one foot deep, perfect for kids and family.

The kids may love this hot spring because of the 400-foot water slide available, while the adults may enjoy the spa treatments provided inside the resort, The Spa & Club.

10 best hot springs in Colorado

  1. The Springs Resort & Spa:

The Springs Resort & Spa, featured in the Guinness World Records, is one of the natural hot springs of southwestern Colorado near Wolf Creek Ski Area in Pagosa Springs. It is the world’s deepest geothermal, which is more than 1000 feet deep, although one knows for sure that it is nicknamed The Mother Spring.

One of the reasons this hot spring made into the world record is, apart from its deepness, that it’s 100 percent mineral water. The mineral pools vary from the cooling temperature of 108 degrees to a warm 114 degrees.

This is one of the best hot springs in Colorado that, like few others, also contains a spa that provides from massages to facial for a more relaxed stay at the resort.

10 best hot springs in Colorado

  1. Piedra River Hot Springs:

One of the best natural hot springs situated among the Rocky Mountains, just a short hike away, is Piedra River Hot Springs in Pagosa Springs near the Piedra River.

The visitors are open to many mineral pools of enjoyable temperatures from 100 degrees to 107 degrees; some even claim that the springs have restorative values. The pools are clothing-optional, so there may be some nudity around. The pools are secluded, making a perfect getaway for friends and family or even just an individually visiting experience.

To extend the amazing stay, the Piedra River offers are a good fishing experience where you can fish some traditional trouts for meals. It is suggested to visit Piedra River Hot Springs during the summer from July to October because, during the other seasons, the pools will be cold.

10 best hot springs in Colorado

  1. South Canyon Hot Springs:

Like Piedra River Hot Springs, South Canyon offers a few of the same experiences but a total natural element.

Deep in the Rocky Mountains near Glenwood Springs with undeveloped hot springs is the heavenly and completely natural mineral water river of one of the best Hot Springs in Colorado. The hot springs contain a set of primitive pools that goes through a lot of geothermal activity and is open all year round.

To reach South Canyon Hot Springs, you must a 1/8 mile before soaking in the hot spring. The place is known for nude bathing and is a great party spot, but if you need alone time, make sure to reach early before the crazy fun starts.

10 best hot springs in Colorado

  1. Penny Hot Springs:

Less than an hour away from Aspen, near the town of Carbondale, is Penny Hot Springs, located on the beautiful Crystal River.

The usually crowded hot springs offer a breathtaking view of many canyons where you can fish, hike, climb, and ski, making it even more exciting to visit. The hot spring pools are 130 degrees and about 2 feet deep, so embrace yourself before you soak. If you want a slightly cooler hot spring pool, you can move on to the pools nearby.

The pool is lined with rocks that keep the cold water at bay, but if you want to cool the hot water a little bit, then you can move them a little to your comfortableness. Although the pools are maintained, summer is the best time to visit.

10 best hot springs in Colorado

  1. Valley View Hot Springs:

The hot springs situated at the foot of Sangre de Cristo range are maintained by a non-profit organization called Orient Land Trust, so to visit the natural hot spring, a small fee is required.

The non-profit organization is held accountable for maintaining the hot springs in pristine condition for the numerous visitors to enjoy a clean and relaxing stay. They maintain the temperature and also the quality of the hot springs and also handle the visitors so that many may get a chance to enjoy the amazing experience. The pools are all lined beautifully in the alpine valley that makes it more relaxing.

The Valley View Hot Springs lies in between the San Luis Valley wilderness, with many options from swimming to bathing with lodgings available to enhance your stay. The hot spring is available all year round except for December 1st to December 28th, so make sure to mark your calendar and plan accordingly.

10 best Hot Springs in Colorado

While Colorado is known for its beautiful landscapes and many natural scenarios, its hot springs are known to be top of the list. The variety of hot springs available in the beautiful state of the United States of America with its famous forests, mountains, dunes, and hot springs should, without doubt, make your traveling lists.

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