10 Best Things To Do In Florida

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Things To Do In Florida
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The world is a better place when it’s sunny and bright everywhere. Many countries in the world are known for their bright and sunny weather that people love to visit at that time to enjoy the atmosphere and things to do in Florida top the list.

Many places are known chiefly for their season and the surrounding they create for the people. The places are very well enjoyed at certain times of the month because it allows the people to feel the vibe they can’t enjoy anywhere else.

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About Florida

Florida is a state in the United States located in the Southeastern region. The state of Florida is surrounded by the oceans, so the tropical weather of Florida is very well-known among the people. The seasons of Florida throughout the year are gorgeous that’s why the state is always busy with people buzzing throughout the year with the best things to do in Florida being on top.

The state of Florida has particularly two main seasons: winter/spring and summer/fall. During every season the state offers many beautiful sights and adventurous activities for people who want to enjoy and have a relaxing time with their loved ones with the best things to do in Florida.

The winter/spring season in Florida offers beautiful sightseeing of nature as winter is very mild in the state, and the people have a lot to do outdoor activities. Spring/winter offers beautiful greenery with stunning beaches and fun activities to not miss.

While the winter season of Florida has a lot stores for the people, the summer season has its charm. Florida is known for its beautiful beaches to its tropical climate that surrounds people with a vibrant and sunny vibe. This is also the reason why the state of Florida is called the Sunshine State.

Many fun things to do in Florida are all about outdoor places because the weather of Florida gives out every possible charm and feelings for the people to not miss out.

Things To Do In Florida

The state of Florida is a whole package in itself. The state has so many beautiful and magical places as the best things to do in Florida. The main attraction of Florida is its beaches and the weather and there is no denying them. But with beaches being number one, there are also many other things followed by beaches that can’t be missed.

The state of Florida is also home to one of the largest theme parks and one of the largest national parks in the world. It is mandatory to visit these places while having a trip to the state.

1. National Parks

The beauty of nature should be preserved in a way that humans can observe and know about things that exist in nature as well as be very well protected. The best way to display it is by opening a national park.

While talking about Florida, one of the things that can’t be missed is the national parks that have surrounded the state so beautifully. The historic and ancient time of Florida is all about the wildlife and nature it has.

The state consists of many national parks as Florida is home to many gems of nature. Other than many national parks, Florida tops the list for the second largest national park in the United States.

Everglades National Park
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A. Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park is the second largest national park and the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States. The national park is home to rare and endangered species that are protected under the landscape of 1.5-million-acre of wetland on the southern tip of the U.S state of Florida.

Since the park is so humongous it consists of many activities and is expensive as it is located in the expensive part of South Florida. Before visiting the national park, one needs to do proper planning as the park is so big and no one wants to miss out on the best things.

The national park has no shortage of wildlife activities for nature lovers, as in every part of the park, there is something or other to do. There are four main entrances to the park that are Homestead Entrance, the main entrance of the park.

The Miami Entrance allows people to directly enter the Shark Valley Visitor Center as it serves people with the best bicycling trails. The Everglades City Entrance is home to the Gulf Coast Visitor Center which has a lot of educational, and international film displays. The last one is the Flamingo Visitor Center which can be accessed through the Homestead Entrance as well.

The Everglades National Park serves the people with the options of hiking on short and long trails, slogging, and off-trail. The wildlife activities like camping, birdwatching, fishing, or even hiring a tour guide to not miss any beautiful spots.

Outdoor sports are one of the best things that no one should miss out on. The beautiful beach of the state allows people to enjoy the water activities like kayaking, canoeing, and paddling. It comes as one of the best things to do in Florida.

Dry Tortugas National Park
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B. Dry Tortugas National Park

Dry Tortugas National Park is a place that when one sees it and gets immediately awe-struck by the beauty that surrounds the park. Almost 70 miles west of key west miles lies the beauty of the wildlife that is surrounded by seven islands and composed of coral reefs and sand, called the Dry Tortugas.

To visit the national park the only access is through the private boat, commercial ferry, and seaplane as it is situated between the water. The park is known for its magnificent Fort Jefferson, marine life, blue water, coral reefs, and birds that surround the area.

Dry Tortugas National Park has the most famous Florida Keys that give out the most beautiful and magical experience to the people. There are the Garden, Loggerhead, Bush, East, Middle, Hospital, and Long keys that consist of so many divine things in them that give an incredible experience to the people.

Among them, the Garden Key is the second-largest island in the Dry Tortugas National Park is about 14 acres in size and gives incredible views of its divine beauty. The Garden Key is also home to one of the nation’s historic and extensive 19th-century forts, Fort Jefferson.

From boating, camping, snorkeling, and diving to just enjoying the silence of nature, the national park does all the justice to it. That’s why it comes as one of the best things to do in Florida.

2. Theme Parks

Theme parks are the one thing in life that always is a source of great happiness among people. It is never any fun to visit a theme park and have the blast of a lifetime because the vibe of the theme park is all about it.

There are a lot of amusement parks in the world that have so many fun and enjoyable things in them. But with that, there are some of them that one has on their bucket list. That includes Walt Disney World, the gem of an amusement park located in Florida. Many people have theme parks as number one on Florida’s bucket list to tick off.

The state of Florida is known for its most fantastic theme parks in the world. One will see so many tourists visiting the state not only to experience Disney World but also Universal Studios, which is one of the popular places for all fiction lovers. Theme park serves as amazing things to do in Florida.

Walt Disney World
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A. Walt Disney World

Childhood is all about watching cartoons and believing that they really exist in the world. To keep the innocence of the child, Walt Disney created a place to make the magical world exist in the real world and to make people enjoy the time with all the characters in real life.

Walt Disney World Resort also known as Walt Disney World or Disney World is a package of entertainment and adventure for the people who love amusement parks. The world of Disney is just as magical as seen on television.

Located in the city of Orlando, Florida Disney world has increased the richness of the town by creating beautiful memories for the people. The Walt Disney World is covering 47 miles of the area with four main theme parks residing in it.

The Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. These four parks of Disney World top the chart for one of the best things to do in Florida because of the richness as well as the comfort it brings to people.

To relive the childhood moments and to experience the beauty of childhood again then the fun theme park of Florida is a perfect option for it. Because Disney World is a whole new world of happiness and calmness that is not found anywhere else.

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B. Universal Studios

After Disney World, the second thing that tops the list for best things to do in Florida is Universal Studios which is very well-known among the people. The Universal Orlando Resort or commonly known as Universal Orlando or Universal is one of the biggest theme parks that attracts people for its infinity package of many fun adventurous things.

Like Disney World, Universal Studios also consists of four main attractions of various forms of the film industry. Universal Studios Florida, the main theme park has a lot of adventure rides with a lot of beauty from the film industry.

The magic in supernatural movies always compelled people about how it would feel to experience it in real life. That’s where the Universal Islands of Adventure came into existence by making the world of various fictional supernatural movies for the people.

Like Marvel Super Hero Islands, Jurassic Park, Skull Island based on the King Kong movie, and the most famous island – The Wizarding World of Harry Potter which takes Harry Potter’s lovers into the world of magic. There is also a themed water park known as Universal’s Volcano Bay which is one of the desired places to visit.

Universal’s Epic Universe is an ongoing construction theme park that is all about the wildest imagination of the reel world created in the real world.

Busch Gardens
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c. Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is located in Tampa Florida, the United States is an African Centered animal-themed park with an area of 335 acres. The theme park has 4 million visitors every year and it is quite popular among the kids.

It serves as an adventurous-themed park for the adults and an animal-themed park for the kid’s entertainment. There are also family packages in Busch Gardens Hotel for the people consisting of lodging, park, and activities in the hotel which makes a lot of good money difference for the big family.

Busch Gardens is an amazing place for the best things to do in Florida because it serves people with a blast of adventurous activities as well as the excitement of seeing the animals.

3. The Beaches

Every place has that one unique or popular thing about them that most one the world knows. The famous attractions of places attract people to visit the place, especially for that one thing.

The state of Florida’s one special thing is the beaches that many people want to visit and experience. Beaches for Florida people are that source that brings all the bright as well as calm feelings that can never go wrong.

The sunshine state is all about the bright and sunny atmosphere that it creates for the people. There are many beaches in the state of Florida and each one gives a different vibe in them and definitely comes as the best thing to do in Florida.

Miami Beach
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A. Miami Beach

The city of Miami is one of the popular cities located in the state of Florida, United States. The city of Miami is a world in itself with so many famous attractions located in the city. One of the famous attractions of Miami is the beaches that surround the city with so much cooling vibe and tropical air.

Miami has a lot to offer to the people from famous restaurants, cafes, and downtown Miami to beautiful beaches. The most talked-about beach in the city is Miami Beach with unreal scenery surrounding the place. Located in south Florida island city, connected to mainland Miami.

The hot Florida day in the state is enjoyed by going to the beaches and having a relaxing time with lots of fun activities to do. Miami Beach is worldwide famous because of its sandy beach, turquoise water and natural fresh air attract people to visit vibrant Miami Beach.

Other than playing in the water or laying on the sand, Miami Beach also offers various musical nights and celebrations of many important holidays. To understand the state of Florida or to learn about the beauty of Florida, Miami Beach does all the justice to it.

Clearwater Beach
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B. Clearwater Beach

Every city in Florida gives a vibe of bright and sunny with a fresh and cooling atmosphere all around the place. Just like Miami, there is also another city known as Clearwater famous for its sunny weather and gulf coast beaches.

Clearwater Beach located in the tropical city of Clearwater is one of the most beautiful beaches to exist in the world. From its white sand, and blue clear water to amazing adventurous water activities like jet-skiing, parasailing, and stand-up paddle boarding attracts people from all over the world.

The vibe of the beach is very calm with birds chirping, and water clashing with the rocks, the sound can be clearly heard. Besides the beach, there is a small type of town place where one can find an aquarium known as Clearwater Marine Aquarium which gives people a perfect opportunity to learn and know more about marine life.

Clearwater Beach is an amazing spot to enjoy the silence within the coolness of the water and nature with loved ones.

Florida is known pretty much for its sunny and tropical vibe with vibrant and bright atmosphere everywhere. The reason behind it is their beaches which have surrounded the state with their divine beauty. The beauty of beaches is found in every corner of the state like Fort Lauderdale Beach, South Beach, Daytona Beach, and many more.

4. State Parks

The best things to do in Florida, the sunshine state cannot be completed without the state parks because a state is not a state if there is no talk about the state park. There is always a lot of talk about national parks and provincial parks but the state park has its own beauty and history.

The state of Florida consists of 175 state parks which encompass an area of more than 800,000 acres of land. Every state park gives incredible adventurous experiences to the people with a lot of things to learn and enjoy within the parks.

Henderson Beach State Park
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A. Henderson Beach State Park

Henderson Beach State Park located in northwestern near the city of Destin is a Florida state park. The beach state park offers the people its 30-foot snow-white sand dunes with majestic shoreline is a daydream that becomes a reality.

The beach looks like an unreal beauty that does not exist in reality because the beauty of the beach can’t be described in words, only eyes can do them justice. For the people who really enjoy the natural world and want to explore more, the option of campsites is available in the state park.

A total of 60 campsites are available connected to the beach with fishing, hiking, swimming, wildlife viewing, picnicking, and family gathering are also fun activities one can get to experience at Henderson Beach State Park.

The most attractive feature of the beach state park is that it also serves as a wedding and reception place for the people. So for the people who want to celebrate their auspicious day surrounded by nature and the ocean, the Henderson Beach State Park can never be the wrong option.

Henderson Beach State Park is one of the best things to do in Florida for the people who don’t want to miss out on such a beautiful place.

B. Florida Caverns State Park

The state of Florida is well-known among the people for its ancient history. The various parks are open for the people to acknowledge the beautiful history of Florida. The state not only shows the world the history on the ground but as well as beneath the ground.

The Florida Caverns State Park located in the Florida Panhandle near Marianna is the only Florida State Park which offers air-filled caves available to the public. The state park gives people a little inside about the old caves with the sound of water dripping and the rarest things found.

The cave passageways are enlarged by the workers for the people to move freely and enjoy the most they can. Besides the cave tours, there are also campgrounds available for vehicles and tents if one wishes to spend more time in the state park.

Florida Caverns State Park offers people the stunning sight of caves which can’t be found anywhere else so visiting the state park is mandatory.

Bok Tower Gardens
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C. Bok Tower Gardens

Gardens are always a great way to spend time and relax with the mind and heart being at ease. With so many flowers in one place, it smells divine and the calmness of the trees makes everything better.

Bok Tower Gardens is located atop Iron Mountain, North of Lake Wales, Florida is 250 acres of contemplative gardens and a bird sanctuary. The gardens of Florida offer some of the most remarkable experiences to millions of visitors.

One can find gardens filled with the vibe of cultural, spiritual, artistic, and views filled with greenery of nature. It is said that there is something for every age group of people at the Bok Tower Gardens.

Other than these best things to do in Florida, many other things also should be included in the list like Kennedy Space Center, Salvador Dali Museum, Naples Botanical Garden, Venetian Pool, and many other attractions famous for their own charm.

Final Note

Every place has its own charm and beauty with lots of things being the source of it. One can find many hidden gems while others visit places that are famous worldwide. The state of Florida is always known for its sunny and bright weather as most of the places are taken over by nature, people tend to really enjoy the place with the air being so calm and cool.

There are many best things to do in Florida that top one’s bucket list because of many reasons like popularity, beauty, calm atmosphere, or just to enjoy the silence it brings to the heart.

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