12 Best Colorado Wineries to Try Out

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Colorado Wineries

What is Colorado most famous for? Its large deserts? Vivid canyons? Rocky mountains? Sprawling forests? No. The answer is the spectacular Colorado Wineries!

These lush green picturesque wineries are among the best, if not the best, in the world. The high country provides clear, intense sunlight, crisp mountain air, and dewy forests to refresh any visitor.

Most of the Colorado Wineries are located on the Rocky Mountains’ western slope, although new wineries are coming up elsewhere in the state. 

Here’s a handpicked collection of the 12 best Colorado Wineries for you to try out.

12 Best Colorado Wineries to Try Out

1. Qutori Wines

Qutori Wines comes in the number 1 spot for its fabulous wine and warm atmosphere. The rustic design patio offers a stunning view of the valley and mountains. The wines are paired with delicious food like empanada, fruit turnovers, and pie. The excellent customer service is a plus. It is very close to downtown, so that you can take a bike ride here—a must-visit place for anyone visiting Colorado.

 2. Blue Mountain Vineyards

Perfect for a walk in the vineyard and a quick weekend getaway, this place offers the best wine tastings of Colorado wines. These wines include- Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, and Zinfandel. You can even fly in on a helicopter with Colorado Helicops! If you would like to bring your dogs along, the staff allows them too. All of these specialities make it the second-best place to visit on our list.

3. Messa Park Vineyards

One of the best wineries in the Grand Valley is highly recommended for its Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. With its plush and comfortable interiors and charming exteriors, you would be hard-pressed to find a better winery. All the wines are estate wines, and the atmosphere is intimate and cosy. They have a shed outside to shield you from the sun if you want to sit outside. You can have a great view of the Grand Mesa.

4. Turquoise Messa Winery

Offering locally made wine, Turquoise Messa Winery is a cute bed and breakfast situated near the Colorado River, making it convenient to visit after a little hike in the famous Rocky Mountains. Moreover, the river has several benches, meaning you can enjoy your wine tasting right by the river on a sunny afternoon. Whether fruit wines or hand crafted wines, they have it all! Tastings are of great value, and sangrias are by the glass. It is truly a hidden gem among Colorado Wineries.

5. Bookcliff Vineyards

The best thing about this vineyard is that both wine tastings and wine tours are totally free! The staff is relaxed and accommodating and hosts everything from parties, marriages, bar mitzvahs, and more. Wine entries are endless, and they specialize in sulfur wines. Brunch and lunch are also served, along with “palette cleansing” crackers at regular intervals.

The wines are made using elite quality grapes.

Tour of the wine cellar is free, bringing this winery in the top 5 Colorado Wineries rankings.

6. Ten Bears Winery

Located in Laporte, near Grand Junction, Ten Bears Winery is a family-run business. Serving award-winning wine for decades, this winery is very close to Fort Collins so that visitors can take a quick detour. The best wine available is their Marquette, made exclusively from Colorado slope grapes.

7. Augustina Winery

Augustina Winery has been making great Colorado wine for years, for very reasonable prices. They have around 9 wines available- ranging from white to red to rose. Their unique wine is called Breda’s Blue Diamond, made from Pinot Noir, light and clean light flavor. On top of that, all wines are organically made. It is located near Colorado National Museum.

8. Colterris Winery

With its diverse wine selection, friendly staff, and a peach orchard- Colterris is a lovely winery located in the Western Slope, along the Palisade. The vineyard is peaceful and gorgeous. There are 2 tasting areas, and wine cards are provided to customers for better information about the wines. Star wines are the Estate Rose, 2011 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon, 2012 Cabernet Franc, and Estate Family Reserve Red: all of them balanced red wines made in Loire Valley and Bordeaux, beautifully refreshing on a hot summer day.

9. Grande River Vineyards

A stylish establishment with special provisions for those with allergies and sensitivity. Among the best of their collection is their dessert wine, delicious and crisp, lavender wine and avocado dressing. They also have a live band that plays every Saturday and a quaint tasting room.

10. Creekside Cellars

True to its name, this winery is found in the Creekside of Evergreen, Colorado. The surroundings and the place itself feels like a fairytale boutique winery; sitting on the deck and enjoying their special wine-“Chef’s Kiss”- is a must-do! The food menu includes a great blend of cheese, cured meats, marinated seasoned veggies, bread, olives, and peppers. The antipasto platter is especially recommended. Their wine is also exquisite, cool and crisp on the tongue.

Arkansas Wine trail
Taste the aromatic wine flavors at the Creekside Cellars

11. Carlson Vineyards Winery

Situated in Western Colorado, Carlson Vineyards is a beautiful place with iconic scenery to watch from the deck- that’s the only way to describe Grande River Vineyards. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, the wines are reasonably priced, and if you are a cat lover- you will love being greeted by kitties on the patio. Favorite wines include Laughing Cat Riesling & Sweet Baby Red. The whole establishment is also filled with the amazing aroma of pie cherries.

12. Colorado Cellars

Colorado Cellars is an all-time favorite because of its vintage collection of wines. A customer favorite is the Mead, as the honey sits on your tongue and is just so perfectly sweet. Service is impeccable and very personal; anyone visiting will always feel like family at Colorado Cellars.

If you visit Colorado and do not stop by any of these fabulous Colorado wineries, you are doing a great disservice to yourself. Wineries are a joy to behold anywhere, even more so if they are as fantastic as Colorado Wineries!

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