44 Fun Things to Do with Friends

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Friends having fun together
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Have you ever wanted to do something with friends but didn’t know where or how to start? Our list of fun things to do with friends includes everything from movie marathons to board games. These are great ideas for when you want to have a good time and bond with friends over some fun activities!

1. Watch Films with Your BFF

Fun and friendship go hand in hand with this idea, it’s easy to do and fun for all involved. Watching movies at home can be a great way to spend quality time with your friends, and if you want to go out, you can drive to the movie theater or go for drive-in movies.

A drive-in movie is classic and even cooler because you can go on a long drive and watch movies with your buddies.

You can also plan a movie night at your place where everybody can pick their favorite movie, and then you can watch it one by one all night long.

2. Host A Pajama Party

Pajama party with friends
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You know what they say, “Ain’t no party like a Pj party.” Pajama parties are dreamy and fun. You can do all the fun things with your teenage friends like watching movies, putting makeup on each other, eating a lot of junk food, and playing simple, stupid games like “Truth or Dare.”

And don’t forget to click a bunch of Insta-worthy pictures in your pajamas!

3. Swap Clothes With Each Other

Girls can never have enough clothes, right? But buying new clothes every time can be a bit expensive, so Instead of shopping for something new, ask your friends to swap clothes with you (and accessories too!).

4. Dig Through Street Food with Buddies

If you and your friends are foodies, then a street food festival or street fair is a must-visit. Try out your favorite street diners or food trucks at a street fair. Enjoy the heavenly flavor of various cuisines and click as many pictures as you can. Post them on Instagram, and you will get more followers for sure!

5. Visit the Amusement Parks with Friends

Park is a good place for all types of fun things that can be done with friends, from eating, to playing games, or just watching others enjoying themselves. If you are new to the area and want to make new friends, visit the nearest local park or amusement park and enjoy.

6. Host A Spa Day

Playful girlfriends with face mask
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Another way to hang out with friends and relax is by organizing a spa day. Which usually includes giving each other manicures or pedicure therapy. Experimenting with new hairstyles, and Doing each other’s nails. Create some facial masks or exfoliates utilizing natural, at-home ingredients.

This helps you to learn how to use homemade face masks, and you can also save some money.

7. Go Swimming with Your Friends

There are many fun things to do with friends, but one of the best is swimming. Swimming is a fine way to remain active and let your inner child out at the same time. It makes you feel connected to nature. You can check out Google for “wild swimming [in your locale]” to find local wild swimming spots which are totally free.

8. Cook A Fancy Dinner Together

Sometimes the best way to spend quality time with friends is to cook dinner together. You can make delicious food together, and enjoy tasty beverages. And if you don’t know where to start, then search for some easy recipes on YouTube.

9. Learn a New Language with Your Friend

It’s no secret that hanging out with friends is fun. But it can also be a great way to explore new things and learn new skills. One way is to learn a new language together. While doing it, you can explore something new and spend time with your mate. It’s a win-win situation, isn’t it? So get on the language learning apps with your pals.

10. Play Outdoor Games with Your Mates!

A great way to spend your free time with your friends in a fun way is by playing some local outdoor games like musical chairs, hide and seek, Dodgeball, or Duck, Duck, and Goose. Through this, you can spend a few hours together and stay healthy.

11. Plan a Picnic with Your Buddies!

Three women having a picnic
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A picnic is the best way to relax and spend some quality time. Plan a simple picnic lunch in your own park with a blanket, some snacks, and music, or go to the nearest park, which includes food and activities, so everyone can spend the day laughing and playing games.

12. Read the Same Books Together

What better way to spend a lazy afternoon with your friends than reading and eating together? The book club is a great way to spend time with close friends, whether at home or on the go.

Check out the local library near you to see if they offer any programs for your book club that your group would enjoy!

And while we are talking about books, you can also give each other annotated books because… ‘Giving an annotated book to a bookworm is basically saying “I love you.”‘

13. Open Mic Nights with Your Pals

Grab your friends and go for an open mic night. There are different places around the city to do this – from small listening bars to huge venues. Currently, many coffee shops offer amazing open mic night events. Here you can have a few drinks, experience live music and meet new people.

14. Take Fun Quizzes with Friends

Some fun things to do with friends involve taking a few online personality quizzes. You may discover things you never guessed. To get started, search online for fun friendship quizzes. With this, you’ll have some interesting conversations and figure out something new about each other.

15. Go for A Free Concert

At times, the best way to socialize and have fun with friends is by enjoying free concerts. It can be at your college or at a coffee shop near you. The place is not important if you have fun and make memories.

16. Have a Get-Together with Friends

What better way to hang out with friends than having a good old-fashioned party? You can serve drinks and snacks, play games, chat, and even get in on some fun house activities to help you all bond.

17. Try Outdoor Workouts with Friends

Go on an outdoor workout, let your hair down and enjoy nature. Take it easy with friends, and refresh your body and mind from the day’s stress. It will be good for both physical and mental health.

18. Visit the Yard Sale Together

A yard sale is a great way to share your time. You can buy or sell clothes, books, and other items like games with yard sales. Yard sales also offer you and your friends the opportunity to spend quality time together and provide a better and more affordable pick-up for items you need. And that will eventually help you save money.

19. Plan a Movie Marathon Night with Friends

Friends sitting on couch and watching movie
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One of the great ways to chill is to host a movie marathon at your house and invite all your friends over because films are way better with friends. Make it a movie marathon party! Everyone can pick their favorite movie and then relax while watching it.

20. Stop by The Animal Shelter

You will be able to meet some furry friends and find your new best friend, so if you and your friend adore animals, then you can surely visit an animal shelter. There are so many different types of animals there; each has its own personality. It is a fun activity for a group of friends to do. You can also take the animals you meet on a walk and enjoy the outdoors. It will be a day full of joy and excitement.

21. Have a Cocktail Party with Friends

One of the fun things to do with friends in summer is to host a cocktail party. You can serve drinks to each other and do some fun activities. Have some great cocktails and chats with friends. The more relaxed they are, the better they will be able to enjoy themselves.

22. Visit Exhibitions or Art Gallery

If you and your friends love art, this can be a fun activity together. Go to art galleries and look at the paintings. It is exciting to see the hall full of art, and if there are any innovative people in your gang, you can give them creative tasks. Like, they can paint sketches of certain items in the gallery.

23. Play Board Games with Friends

One of the most traditional ways to have fun with your friends is by playing board games. With a new board game out every year, there is always something for everyone to enjoy.

24. Make A Dream Board

It is a combination of pictures, text, and other pieces that describe your dreams and ambitions. This is the finest way to keep you guys encouraged.

Look in newspapers or magazines for pictures and phrases that represent your plans and goals. Letting your imagination run wild can be fun by copying and pasting images from publications or the Internet into a dream board.

You can also create a digital vision board with the help of Canva and Pinterest.

25. Make a Time Capsule Together

A time capsule is a container that holds items from the present, such as photos, newspapers, letters, and more. It is usually hidden for your future self or somebody of your choice to unlock.

Ask your friends over and gather all the important things for each of you in a beautiful box. Everyone can also write letters for their future self and put them in the box. Bury it and decide to open it in a few years. This is one of the fantastic ideas to keep memories with friends.

26. Plan a Scavenger Hunt

From clues to trivia, scavenger hunts help you think outside the box and pull out your inner child.

You can plan an outdoor scavenger hunt. Picture your locale with the refreshing curiosity of a kid as you discover your next stop and overcome challenges.

27. Game Night with Buddies

What better way to hang out with your best friends than getting together and playing some games? There are plenty of multiplayer games you can play with your friends. You’ll create a lot of gaming memories on the couch!

28. Start Gardening with Friends

Two women gardening
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Starting a garden with friends can quickly lead to a feeling of closeness. You can start gardening with some basic and easy plants to grow, like tomatoes, aloe vera, and mint.

If you have a place to start an organic garden, then that’s amazing. Otherwise, you can always join a nearby local community garden, which will help you build a new skill.

Gardening with friends can bring joy, enthusiasm, and laughter to otherwise everyday tasks.

29. Sign up For an Art Class Together

Painting or drawing with friends is much more fun than it is at home alone. And it’s the finest way to calm down.

The major advantage of art lessons is that it’s a good excuse to escape from the world for an hour or two. Not looking at your phone and just spending time with your friend.

30. Throw A Costume Party!!

If you have a big group of friends and want to do something fun and different, then this is it!

Decide a party theme and tell your friends to dress up accordingly. Or all of you can pick your favorite actor/actress and portray them. After getting everyone together, clicking snaps and videos to post on social media is a must!

31. Play Outdoor Sports

Friends playing basketball
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Outdoor sports bring you closer to nature and when you start doing this activity with your friends, it also helps you bond with each other. This activity is good for your mental and physical health, both. Spending a few hours outdoors with friends will improve your mood and ease the tension from everyday life.

Based on the environment around you and what you have, you can play: Cricket, Baseball, Tennis, Football, badminton, Soccer, Frisbee, and hockey.

32. Prank Call People

It’s a little risky but a lot of fun!! On a boring day when you and your friends can’t find anything to do and are up for something crazy, this is a great idea! It would be annoying for the one who is receiving the call, but for you, it will be hilarious.

You can prank call your classmates, colleagues, or neighbors. But remember, prank calls should not be off-limits. It is supposed to be hilarious and harmless because the purpose is to have fun and not hurt anyone’s feelings. Here’s some hilarious prank call ideas! 

33. Play Charades and Have Some Fun

Charades is a classic and the most popular game to start your party night!! You’ve to stand in front of everyone and act out a book title, a famous person, or a movie title. Waving your hands and acting is very silly yet very funny.

34. Go to The Beach with Friends

Sometimes a day at the seaside with your friends is all you need. Grab a few friends, visit the beach, have some fun times, and chill.

There are so many activities and fun things you can do on the beach like burying each other in the sand, collecting seashells, watching the sunset with friends, having a beach supper, and not missing a chance to take cute and beautiful pictures at the shore.

35. Go for A Bike Ride Around the Town

Cheerful teens riding bicycles
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Cycling is a famous childhood pastime for all of us. That’s why they say, “some of the best friendships are made on two wheels.” You can do it to break out from the worries of everyday life, to keep up in shape, or both.

Even if you don’t have a bike, you can probably find a bike rental store in your city. This is a great idea for those who love spending time with friends outside and roaming around while having some chit-chat.

36. Create A Scrapbook Together

In today’s world where everything is digital, scrapbooking can still be fun! It is an innovative crafting activity to document sweet memories.

When you create a scrapbook with your BFF, you’ll be able to spend some alone time with them. You can add friendship bands, movie tickets, and some Polaroid pictures of you guys together. Give it a personalized touch by adding some glitter, stickers, and text decoration.

37. Start A YouTube Channel Together

A YouTube channel is an amazing way to do something productive and enjoyable with your best friend.

If you and your friend are foodies then you can start a food vlogging channel and if you travel a lot then start a travel vlogging channel.

There are many more ideas for starting a YouTube channel. You just have to be creative and you can always search for more ideas on Google. With good coordination, this will even help you achieve financial independence.

38. Have a Potluck Dinner at Your Place

Potluck dinner is all about eating and enjoying! Ask a few friends over and tell them to bring their favorite dish. Light some candles and take pleasure in a wonderful dinner. This is a fun and easy way to bring all friends together to share their favorite dishes.

39. Find Some Free Activities or Events

Most places have free events. Search for free activities in community centers or libraries around you and see what’s interesting going on. Visit the next cool event with friends in your town.

Keep track of community center bulletin boards for free food festivals, music festivals (Yes, they even offer a free music festival so don’t miss out on that!!) farmers’ markets, and other cultural events. 

40. Create Reels with Friends

Reels are now becoming part of our day-to-day life, and it’s a lot of fun. From dancing to viral songs to mimicking some funny dialogues with your pals, you’ll have a light time together.

You can make funny, catchy, short videos with friends, or dance to some trending songs. You can even remix reels with your friends online. These reels will always make you laugh whenever you watch them again.

41. Have Water Balloons Fights

The classic summer water balloon fight is an actual winner for having laughs with friends! Pair up in teams and see whose team has the most water balloons left at the end. Make sure you have enough water balloons though, or else it might be less fun than you all wished.

42. Go Stargazing

Watching the night sky is simple yet very satisfying. You can escape from technology, escape your daily stressful lifestyle, and enjoy some peaceful moments. It’s an ideal stress reliever. It is more fun when you share it with your friends! So go with your friends for a beautiful night under the stars.

43. Some Adventurous and Fun Things to Do with Friends

The list is never-ending when it comes to doing fun things with friends. If you and your friends are up for something exciting and adventurous, then you can try the escape room, hiking, fishing, river rafting, horseback riding, and camping (Make sure you keep all the essential camping gear and supplies.)

44. Create a Playlist with Your Buddy

Fun Things To Do With Friends Ladies enjoying music
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No doubt, music is part of our daily life! And we use a lot of our time listening to songs and creating playlists according to our moods. Creating playlists alone is fun, but sharing your music with friends is even better. You can enjoy each other’s favorite songs by creating playlists with your friends.

Final Note:

Doing the same things with friends can get slightly boring. So, add a little variety and pick some of these ideas to try out with your pals this weekend! Some of these activities will even help you to learn a new skill together. These fun activities will surely make you laugh, and you will also create memories for a lifetime. Spending good time with friends can positively impact almost every area of our lives, so try doing as many things as possible.

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