9 Fantastic Asheville Spas to Make You Feel Better

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“Resort chic” is a term used to describe the style of a hotel. A visit to Asheville spas will help you gain relaxation. Every Asheville spa provides luxurious treatments. Massage therapists in resort spas such as Sauna House provide a spa experience worth remembering. Book your Asheville wellness tours and private yoga classes now!

Asheville is a city in the Blue Ridge Mountains located in North Carolina (Western side). It is noted for its bustling cultural scene and old buildings, especially the Basilica of Saint Lawrence, which has a dome on top. The expansive 19th-century Biltmore mansion houses the Biltmore estate works by masters such as Renoir. Galleries and museums abound in the Downtown Art District, while artists’ studios are housed in disused manufacturing buildings in the River Arts District.

9 Best Asheville Spas To Be Explored

Why take cold showers when you have the best spas in Asheville!! Double cold showers and hot tea are nothing compared to a day in the Adelaide Spa in Asheville. This season, love your body and take care of it. Take a spa day off now! Read on to find everything about the best Asheville spas.

1. Asheville Salt Cave | Massage & Salt Spa Therapy

Have you been feeling a touch salty lately? In Asheville, there’s a place called Asheville Salt Cave that can help you. This winter, practice mindfulness, relaxation, and breathing in one of the best nature-inspired Asheville spas, the salt cave. The 84 healing elements and minerals in the profoundly therapeutic soaked air will enter your being, healing you from the inside out and helping you to revitalize and refresh.

It’s crucial to find the perfect position for your body and its demands when entering the cave. Choose a place where you can relax, whether it’s on the salt floor with pillows propped up or in a plush chair. Then sit back and unwind. The continual trickling sound of gently running water will assist you in this. They also provide massage services & massage treatments, helping in deep relaxation.

Two new salt caves, four water features, a private balcony for soaking up the sun, free parking, and don’t forget to get a massage are all available at the new facility in Asheville’s wellness neighborhood. Join the community cave session or book a private couples session for you and your sweetheart. You’ll feel lighter, more energized, and ready to take on the remainder of your day after this encounter.

Location: 16 N Liberty St, Asheville, NC 28801, United States

Contact number: +1 828-236-5999

2. Still Point Wellness Float & Massage Spa

Still, Point Wellness is the only float spa among all Asheville spas and is known for its excellent float experience. Salt Water Floating is a form of relaxation that allows you to entirely let go of gravity, allowing your muscles and bones to melt into a sensory deprivation realm. What does this imply for you? 1500 lbs. Epson salt supports your body in a deep state of relaxation.

If floating isn’t for you, Still Point offers a variety of additional romantic spa packages, including a relaxation room with an infrared sauna and minigun bed, cranial-sacral treatment, and somatic psychology. They adore the massage seminars, where you can learn how to treat one another well from the pros.

Location: 81 B Central Ave, Asheville, NC 28801, United States

Contact number: +18285819989

3. Spa at Biltmore Village

Looking for a unique way to commemorate an anniversary, celebrate a birthday, or strengthen your bond with your significant other? Look no further than The Spa at Biltmore Village, a lavishly romantic day spa that will rekindle your love for each other.

The Couples Rendezvous for Two at the Spa in Biltmore Village is a convenient way for couples to unwind and reconnect. Relax with a side-by-side romantic encounter in the couples massage suite, where you can both relax and unwind with a deep tissue massage. The Signature Biltmore Massage, Invigorating Scalp Massage, and Express Facial are all included in this package. Finish the lesson with some organic chocolate truffles and complimentary champagne from the area. You will find no such services in any other Asheville spas.

Location: 18 Brook St Ste 104, Asheville, NC 28803, United States

Contact number: +18282772639

4. Fresh Aire Spa

Weaverville is a beautiful tiny hamlet only a few minutes north of Asheville’s hustle and bustle. The downtown is small-town charming, the people are pretty kind, and the scenery may be a refreshing location to spend a day or weekend. Fresh Aire Spa & Salon in Weaverville is one of the most charming among tiny Asheville spas. The massages are on point, the ambiance is Zenful, and the atmosphere is calming for couples, best girlfriends, or alone.

Head north to Weaverville for a full day of coupling with massage and enjoying each other’s company the next time you and your sweetie need fresh air and a getaway from the day-to-day grind.

Location: 3A Florida Ave, Weaverville, NC 28787, United States

Contact number: +18282319996

5. Sachi Massage & Wellness

Sachi Massage and Wellness is dedicated to providing health and wellness at an affordable price. There is always a genuine welcome and heartfelt thanks for helping you explore a meaningful experience from the time you step inside Sachi.

Sachi Massage and Wellness is another worthy visit among Asheville spas. In their new Sachi Couples Room, where you are paired with your massage therapist can enjoy the Sachi signature Swedish massage. Sachi has a variety of getaway alternatives, including a couple’s massage with the sounds of serene waterfalls and soothing music and a relaxing, healing Himalayan Salt room.

Location: 210 Merrimon Ave, Asheville, NC 28801, United States

Contact number: +18285759166

6. Wake Foot Sanctuary

Wake Foot Sanctuary, located in the lovely, historic Grove Arcade building in downtown Asheville, invites you to be pampered. This sensual manner of connecting through simultaneous foot massages is not only exquisite for the two of you. Still, it is also a great way to connect through the enjoyment of relaxation, whether it’s a first date or to commemorate an anniversary.

Location This is another among Asheville spas that provide a Date Night package is one of their favorite ways to visit Wake Foot Sanctuary: 1 Page Ave #115, Asheville, NC 28801, United States

Contact number: +18285759799

7. Shoji Spa & Lodge Retreat

Shoji Japanese-inspired Spa & Lodge is one of Asheville’s most unusual and lovely retreats. Shoji exudes love and exudes romance with his calm and thrilling demeanor.

Shoji has put together some fantastic spa packages for couples unique among all Asheville spas. Read on to learn more!

  • Shikkan: Let go of your daily worries. The Shikkan is an excellent place to let go and immerse yourself in the present moment. Relax in your one-hour private salt hydrotherapy tub with Hot Apple Spice Sake service before heading to your Zen Swedish Massage, including a 70-minute Zen Swedish Massage with Ayurvedic essential oil and a 20-minute Neck & Facial Shiatsu massage.
  • Awasu: Bring your sacred hearts together. The journey begins with a one-hour salt hydrotherapy bath, followed by a bottle of Champagne and locally created gourmet chocolates. Then unwind with a 90-minute couples massage using Japanese Hinoki oil and either body brushing or Thai foot massage.
  • Nihon: With their Spa package, you can choose your favorite friend or loved one for a genuinely rejuvenating experience. This package includes a one-hour private salt hot tub soak for two in the woods, all amenities, plus a 60 or 90-minute classic Zen massage for two people.
  • Buddha’s Best: The Buddha’s Best Couple’s Package will help you relax and rejuvenate. You and your lover will thoroughly rest in a romantic private salt mineral pool in the woods for a magnificent full hour. Then, before a 90-minute Japanese massage, be treated side by side with 30 minutes of exfoliating dry skin brushing.

Location: 96 Avondale Heights Rd, Asheville, NC 28803, United States

Contact number: +18285370592

8. Massage on Wheels

Why leave when you can stay at home? Massage on Wheels is the most exclusive mobile spa among other Asheville spas that comes to you. With candles, aromatherapy, and a deep tissue couples massage, you may recreate the experience in your own home, hotel, or vacation rental. The spice of life is spontaneity! Massage on Wheels is ideal for a last-minute anniversary or birthday treat.

Location: 50 Merrimon Ave, Asheville, NC 28801, United States

Contact number: +18283677280

9. The Salt Spa Of Asheville & Himalayan Salt Cave Sanctuary

Couples massage is available at the Salt Spa of Asheville in their state-of-the-art Himalayan Salt Therapy Cave for an unforgettable salt therapy massage experience. You will find the most exquisite salt therapy here that no other Asheville spas can provide.

Location: 473 Hendersonville Rd, Asheville, NC 28803, United States

Contact number: +18285051838

Omni Grove Park Inn

The Grove Park Inn’s Spa is one of the most opulent Asheville spas. Consider iced peppermint towels, contrast pools, a eucalyptus steam room, an outdoor hot tub, a waterfall, indoor hot tubs, underwater music, an essential oils inhalation room, a sauna, and relaxation rooms with tea and snacks, among other things. Is it fantastic right? It might be pricy, but it’s well worth it if you spend the entire day there. Omni Grove Park Inn is worth noting that they only accept treatment reservations from people who aren’t staying at the hotel.

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Top 10 Spa Treatments For You

1. Mud Mask For The Entire Body

Asheville Spas, mud treatment
Photo by Sergios from depositphotos

Mud Mask is widely famous in Asheville spas and among its customers. Here’s the procedure for mud treatment. Warm the mud, apply it thickly, and wrap the body in plastic or foil for 20 to 30 minutes. A 60-minute treatment is required. Allow fifteen minutes between clients for cleaning and retail selling.

2. Body Wrap With Herbs

Herbal wrap, asheville spas
Photo by Roxolana_Style from depositphotos

Herbal pouches or oils are placed in a machine that heats and soaks linen or muslin sheets. After that, towels or rubber sheets cover the body, followed by a linen or muslin sheet. Additional blankets and sheets are draped over the body, then left to rest for 20 minutes. Wet clothes must be placed on the guests’ heads regularly. Because of the weight of the sheets, technicians can only do four to six wraps per day. Asheville spas are top-rated for their herbal treatment wraps

3. Body Wrap With Paraffin

Paraffin body wrap
Photo by sophyphotos from depositphotos

Paraffin wraps produce heat, which encourages the body to sweat, allowing moisture and previously applied nutrients to be absorbed into the body through the skin surface. It’s possible to use paraffin alone or with dirt or seaweed.

4. Full Body Massage

Full body massage, Asheville spas
Photo by AndreyPopov from depositphotos

Full body massages are the pioneer of any spa salon, and our most beloved Asheville spas provide the best services in full-body treatments. Full body massages range from the essential Swedish massage to sports massage. It also includes deep tissue massages, Shiatsu, aromatherapy, and reflexology massages. They are usually booked for half an hour or a full hour.

7. Water Therapy

Water Therapy
Photo by AntonioGuillemF from depositphotos

The treatment using water for professional purposes is known as hydrotherapy. Water has been used to treat various diseases since the times of the ancient Greeks.

8. Spot Treatment

Spot treatment
Photo by melis82 from depositphotos

Spot treatments are specified to a specific part of the body. Asheville spas include spa manicures and pedicures in their spot treatments like most other spa salons. Spot treatments also provide hand and foot treatments, scalp treatments, cellulite, anti-stress, and bust firming treatments, including back and facials.

9. Exfoliation

Exfoliation spa
Photo by macniak from depositphotos

Exfoliation involves rubbing, polishing, and scrubbing the skin. Some exfoliation spas use enzymes to help remove dead skin and dirt. Removing dead cells allows the skin to accept moisturizers and other skin treatments easily.

10. Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic massage
Photo by poznyakov from depositphotos

Ayurvedic Massage is known as Abhyangam in Sanskrit. The ayurvedic massage technique aims to stimulate the lymphatic system of the body. According to the Ayurvedic Classics, Abhayngam is a vital dincharya needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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