Best Time to Visit Colorado: 9 Amazing Things to Do

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Best Time to Visit Colorado
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Are you planning a holiday trip to Colorado? When is the best time to visit Colorado? The weather conditions in this state, located in the Mountain West region of the United States, vary, and it depends on when you want to travel before you plan your trip to visit Colorado.

Places are defined by their weather conditions, which play a crucial role in making them beautiful. Every season contributes its bit of glamor to places. Be it the stormy weather, the brutality of winter, the marvelous flowers of spring, or the warm hands of summer; the Colorado seasons have their charm, pleasant, sublime, and mysterious.

Best Time to Visit Colorado
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1. Why Is Colorado a Good Place to Visit?

A place is easier to visit if traveling is convenient and easy. The State of Colorado is accessible by air, road, and rail. They have the Rocky Mountains, Colorado Springs, the largest mountain famous for its flat top, Skiing activities that may be done at any time of year, and other exciting outdoor activities.

There is something for everyone to do irrespective of when they decide to visit Colorado, be it the warm weather months, summer months, spring, or other seasons. Go ahead, make a list of things you want to do and see in Colorado and plan your holidays accordingly.

Best Time to Visit Colorado
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The attractions in the state vary in their diversity and give visitors ample choices to decide on what exactly they want to experience while visiting the place. The four seasons, winter, spring, summer, and autumn, are distinctly outstanding. The thrilling activities and places to see here often make visitors overlook their travel month while planning their trip to Colorado.

Vacations are mandatory because you live in times when life is hectic, and the best way to relax and refresh is to go on a trip. Let us look at some of the fantastic things Colorado is famous for:

1.1. National Parks

Best Time to Visit Colorado
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Known for its four National Parks, Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Great Sand Dunes, Mesa Verde, and the Rocky Mountains, these are lovely getaway places for visitors looking for a break. The activities range from camping, hiking, biking, horseback riding, kayaking, star gazing, cross country skiing, and many others. Apart from this, the appealing landscape adds to the charm of these National Parks.

1.2. Ski Resorts

Aspen, Breckenridge, Beaver Creek, Telluride, Copper Mountain, Vail, Wolf Creek Ski Area, and other mountain resorts have suitable activities that cater to beginners and experienced skiers. Many of these resorts have high elevations, and it is better to begin skiing from lower elevations and then go high up so that it is not strenuous.

1.3. Colorado Food

You cannot leave the place without tasting some of the local cuisines. Delicious food is available in restaurants, and visitors have to taste the Rocky Mountain oysters, Colorado lamb, trout, Colorado pizza, bison meat, Rocky Ford cantaloupes, and Palisade peaches. Do not miss out on the Denver omelet and Chili Verde before leaving.

1.4. Waterbodies

Best Time to Visit Colorado
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The State has its share of streams, lakes, rivers, and hot springs that make water sports popular for visitors. The list is long, but some known water bodies are the Animas River in Durango, Bear Lake in the Rocky Mountains, Cache La Poudre River in Fort Collins, and Dillon Reservoir. Go rafting on the Arkansas River, the second-longest river, or appreciate the beauty of these water bodies by gazing at them.

1.5. Fourteeners

Locally termed the 14ers, Colorado has 58 mountain peaks above 14,000 feet. The tallest peak is Mount Elbert, and these fourteeners are majestic with their raw and rugged beauty. The hiking trails attract adventure lovers, and it is the best way to appreciate the splendor of the scenery and wildlife.

1.6. Colorado Breweries

Around 360 registered breweries in Colorado are also known as the State of Craft Beer. The most popular names are Avery, Great Divide, Left Hand, and Oskar Blues. The wide range of beer available here is marketed locally and internationally; a tour of the breweries will be exciting to many visitors keen to know more about brewing.

1.7. Colorado National Monument

The sheer size of the towering monoliths here will leave the visitors in awe. The Red Rock Canyon and the 23-mile Rim Rock Drive take you closer to the incredible landscape of the place. Plan your trip to the Colorado National Monument and experience the grandeur of the American West.

1.8. The Old West Towns

These Old West Towns give glimpses of how life was during those times. Though the mines are closing, these towns have preserved their history in bits and pieces. Cripple Creek, Central Town, Durango, and Leadville are some of the popular towns here.

1.9. Colorado Sheep Industry

Sheep raising and farming are the main occupations of the people residing in Western Colorado. Sheep raising is done for meat, dairy products, and wool, and they help enhance the region’s economy.

2. Colorado Seasons

Some places are attractive during the peak season, December – March, the shoulder seasons, June – September, and the low seasons, April – May, and October – November. Since the activities vary according to the season, there is no specific time to visit Colorado.

Like the State has multiple activities, it also has multiple climates that differ in different regions. If one region of the state is cold, there are other regions where warm weather prevails. Instead of traveling to Colorado in any specific month, visitors can choose from the different seasons and decide the best time to visit Colorado.

Best Time to Visit Colorado
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Colorado has a lot to offer discerning tourists: white water rafting, hiking in the national parks, mountain biking, dunes, snow-capped mountains, mining towns, mountain towns, and ski resorts. With the ruggedness of the Rocky Mountains National Park, the hiking trails and biking activities at the Colorado Springs, the unique San Juan Mountains, winter activities, and it is one of the most popular tourist destinations for visitors due to its many attractions.

3. The Best Time to Visit Colorado

Colorado is known for its diversity and charm. Though the unpredictable weather of the place can spoil sports at times, the Colorado weather is not that bad to hamper outdoor activities.

Be it any time of the year, Colorado will mesmerize visitors with its abundant natural beauty, and that is why there is no best time to visit Colorado. Plan your trip and visit the place according to your convenience and holiday breaks.

3.1. Peak Season

Best Time to Visit Colorado
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The peak tourist season is from December to March, and this is the ski season when the place is blanketed with snow. There is a steady drop in temperatures and the winter months see a rise in activities ranging from skiing, ice skating, snow tubing, snowshoeing, snowboarding, and other winter sports.

Another major winter attraction of Colorado is the Ice Caster. The archways and tunnels of this outdoor structure with no roof are lovely to walk through. With icicles hanging everywhere, it is an experience unparalleled in its elegance and exclusivity. You can walk through a couple of tunnels, go on the ice slide, and admire the ice sculptures. It is exhilarating, and it is an experience not to be missed if you are visiting Colorado in winter.

The place is breathtaking at night with the lights, and it is a photographer’s dream. Whether daytime or night, these Ice Castles are remarkably different from what you get to see during the winter months in other places, and yes, it is the best way to enjoy Colorado winter.

For visitors who like snow and like to indulge in winter sports, this season gives them ample opportunities to experience the winter chill of Colorado weather.

3.2. December – March – The Best Time to Visit Colorado

December to January are the months that herald winter, and this is the time when the ski season begins. Temperatures begin to plummet in late November, and the fall foliage slowly makes way for snow. You can see herds of backcountry skiers flocking to the resorts to enjoy the notion of snow. This is the best time to visit Colorado for those who enjoy winter chill and snow.

January is bitterly cold, and it is the coldest month when all you see is snow, snow, and the magic of snow. By January, the sun becomes an elusive visitor, and for all those who love the ethereal beauty of snow, this is the best time to visit Colorado.

The temperatures drop further by February, and the Rocky Mountains and other parks are white-washed with snow. Snowstorms are common during this time, and the thick blanket of snow makes it perfect for winter activities.

The barren trees and snow-carpeted landscape have a mysterious charm of their own, and that is why this is also the best time to visit Colorado.

3.3. Shoulder Seasons

June to September is the shoulder season, and this can also be said to be one of the peak seasons in Colorado. It is that time when the State Parks are bustling with many activities, and the weather is perfect for hiking, biking, and camping. It is vacation time for many, and there is a profusion of wildflowers, and the places are soaked in bright colors by mid-June. The landscape is scenically vibrant and colorful, making the shoulder season the best time to visit Colorado.

Best Time to Visit Colorado
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The mountain temperatures are perfect during this season, and a trip to the Rocky Mountains will be refreshing. Hikers, campers, trekkers, bikers, and all outdoor adventure lovers can drown in the tranquility, beauty, and silence of the Rolling Hills, National Park, and Mount Elbert, the highest peak in Colorado, lakes, streams, rivers, waterfalls, and the Colorado Plateau. Get your hiking boots ready and go for that perfect mountain getaway during the weekend.

3.4. June – September

June sees the reopening of National Parks, Estes Park, and the Rocky Mountain National Park. Visitors throng the places for adventure and thrills as the temperatures are perfect for the great outdoors. The State has its own culture and history that can be experienced along with the outdoor activities. 

Snow melts by July, and there is a lot of water gurgling and gushing in the rivers and streams. The average temperatures during this time are suitable, and kayaking, canoeing, and other adventure water sports happen in full swing during this month. The higher elevations of the Rocky Mountains experience afternoon thunderstorms on specific days during the late spring season and summer.

The weather is getting warm by now, and there are no more winter lows as it is summer and time to stay warm. There are a lot of festivals happening during August, which is good for visitors to know what makes Colorado the place it is. The art festivals, live music, special events, Brew fest, concerts, Fringe festivals, music festivals, and other festivals attract art and culture aficionados. For them, this is the best time to visit Colorado.

Best Time to Visit Colorado
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It is the end of summer, the onset of fall by late September, and cooler weather. The leaves start changing colors by mid-September, and there is a burst of colors by the time it is October.

September and early October are the best times to visit Colorado. The Great American Beer Festival happens at this time in downtown Denver. Held by the Brewer’s Association, this beer festival in Denver attracts many visitors and is the perfect way to end the summer months.

3.5. Low Season

The ‘Mud Season’ as it is known, falls in April and May and October and November. Though it is the low season, many things can be done during these months. The hotels are affordable, and visitors can book rooms at reasonable rates. There are good midweek deals, and the spring festivals and skiing attract many visitors.

UIt is in May that summer officially begins, and this is the time when visitors should visit Denver, Downtown Denver, and the surrounding areas. The temperatures are suitable and plan your trip to Medano Creek and the Great Sand Dunes this time. Estes Mountain Park is another area where many events happen during the summer months. Many visitors consider this time the best time to visit Colorado.

Resorts and hotels offer heavy discounts to visitors, and they will find this time peaceful to visit Colorado because they can avoid the crowds that throng the places here during the other seasons. Mud season is when resorts are cheaper, and the pace of life is slower. It is the perfect time to explore and experience the red rocks and cliffs of Mesa Verde.

This season gives a different meaning to the mud that dominates the trails, paths, and roads that have become messy after melted snow, afternoon thunderstorms, and rains. 

The low season also prevails during October and November, and this again is the best time to visit Colorado for many reasons. You can see the weather changing, feel it in the air, and slowly fall colors into the landscape.

There are many popular routes in Colorado to experience the fall colors. The first few weeks of October to mid-October are soaked in fall colors. Take scenic drives and scenic train rides to experience the beautiful hues where the harshness of summer is slowly making way for better temperatures.

Early fall always paints the State aesthetically in the best way possible. Drown in the beauty of the yellows, oranges, and reds and enjoy the season when average high temperatures are moderate, making it the best time to visit Colorado if you are planning one.

One of the most renowned haunted hotels in the state is the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. If you are visiting Colorado in October, you can think of having a hair-raising Halloween weekend here and feel spooky.

November brings in the last month of fall, and it marks the beginning of the ski season. The weather is fickle during this month. Colorado boasts of four National Parks and 41 State Parks, and for visitors planning to travel to Colorado during Veterans Day, entry is accessible on this day.

The Denver Arts Week at the Mile High City is another season’s attraction.

3.6. Sunshine Galore

The best time to visit Colorado varies from place to place in the State, and that gives it an edge for visitors to travel there because it is accessible to visitors all year round. The best bet, either way, would be to visit when it is summer because of the choices that can be made when it comes to adventure and excitement.

The best five cities in Colorado with excellent weather are Denver, Lamar, Pueblo, Grand Junction, and Greeley. These places have mild winters, and the average temperatures are relatively high during summer. Denver gets around 24 days of sunshine in a year, and because of its elevation, it gets the name Mile High City.

4. In The End

Best Time to Visit Colorado
By Adam Rinehart / Unsplash Copyright 2020

You should know there is no best time to visit Colorado; it is a place you can always visit. You realize the best time to visit Colorado is not restrictive to its climatic conditions. Colorado weather does not come in the way of visitors, and there is something for everyone who visits Colorado at any time of the year.

The variety of places you can visit and the activities that can be done are beyond anybody’s comprehension. You need to visit this State to know that. Be it winter, spring, summer, and autumn. Colorado never disappoints its visitors.

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