8 Popular Christmas Market NYC

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Christmas Market NYC

Christmas Market NYC has a prominent place in the to-do list of the natives as well as the visitants. Read on to explore more!

Christmas Market NYC: Must-Visit Markets

Adaptation is always there in human nature, and because of the unexpected events that happened in the world, just like other usual processes, holiday marketing has also changed.

Holiday Markets NYC also had to switch partially to the virtual world and online trade.

New York is a year-round holiday destination; however, the peak seasons are summer and winter. Far-reaching holiday lovers bent to visit NYC in summer, as yet NYC witnesses domestic visitors more in winter.

Winter is a top holiday season in NYC though winter expresses its soundness from January to March. November and December are the best winter times to visit since it is a time of festivities.

Find the best Christmas Market NYC below!

1. Brooklyn Flea Holiday Market

Brooklyn Flea Market is a pre-eminent Christmas Market in NYC. Launched by Jonathan Butler and Eric Demby in 2008, the vend has become one of America’s best markets.

This Christmas market in NYC is for Curios, premium clothing, furniture, collectables, and enticing food. Dexterous jewellery and artificers’ crafts are the other alluring temptations.

No registration fee is needed to enter this holiday market and it is open to all age groups. Regardless of holidays, these markets are open every weekend.

Smorgasburg NYC

29 West 25th St. (btw. 5th + 6th Ave)

2. Grand Central Holiday Fair

Grand Central Terminal is the World-famous transportation axis in Midtown Manhattan, it was opened to the public on February 2, 1913. 

More than a transportation centre, it is a place for fine food, shopping, and the cultural bequest of a country. 

Over and above 400 types of cheese and meats, around 150 types of seafood, a variety of freshly baked bread, and more are in the grand central market to satisfy the foodaholics.

Christmas Market NYC

Grand Central Holiday Fair in Vanderbilt Hall is an ideal winter market for gifts and artefacts that reflect the ethnicity and legacy of the country.

It is undoubtedly the first indoor holiday market in the city.

Vanderbilt Hall is the main entrance of the Grand Terminal known for its glory and sophistication. Besides an exquisite indoor Christmas Market NYC, umpteen events are conducted every year here.

Watching Grand Terminal is somewhat like discovering a city, it features the different eras of New York City.

It uncovers the unknown aspects of the city’s past, rich culture, and history. The hours one spends there keep him engaged and insightful.

89 E 42nd St Grand Central Terminal, New York City, NY 10017-5503

3. Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park

Christmas Market NYC

Bryant Park is the winter wonderland of the city. It spotlights the city’s only free entry 17,000-square-foot outdoor ice skating rink.

Remember to reserve a time slot online before entering the ice rink.

Around 60 shopping and food booths are there to look over. As one of the quintessential holiday markets in NYC, it brings forward more than enough winter activities with friends and family. 

Radio Rewind, Curling Cafe, Ice Theatre, and Igloos are the appendages for the kiddies and adults alike. The park reserves space for art and culture and leave room for enjoying live music in the open air with a cosy blanket.

Bryan Park is a season-friendly park, flowers occasionally change as per season, though the magnetism of the park never dwindles.

Situated behind the New York Public Library in Midtown Manhattan, between 40th and 42nd Streets & Fifth and Sixth Avenues.

4. St John the Divine Cathedral Crafts
St John Cathedral NYC

Another exceptional Christmas Market in NYC is St. Johns Cathedral. The concoction of various techniques backshines in the Cathedral.

Its architecture is a blend of Roman, Norman, Spanish, French, Gothic, Byzantine, and English.

Tapestry plays a role in the journey of history; it is a piece of evidence like monuments or ancient sculptures.

Myriads visit here to explore 17th-century tapestries along with stained glass windows, memorial sculptures, and arts and crafts.

There is an Annual Crafts Fair at St John’s Cathedral in December. This fair features aesthetic potteries, enthralling clothes, decorative woodwork, classic, seasonless jewellery showcasing craftsmanship, and a night celebration.

Between Manhattan’s Upper West Side and Harlem neighbourhoods, closest to Times Square.

5. Central Park

Central Park is a mammoth place for open-air concerts and coliseum productions, it is the largest park in Manhattan.

The Park is known for its landscape blueprinting which never disappoints visitors and is one of the most beautiful parks in the city. 

central park
An unmissable Christmas Market in NYC, Central Park is the core spot of ice skating. One of the finest ice rinks in the world, Wolman Rink is here as well.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Zoo, Iceskating Rink, Small Lakes, Sports spots, Playgrounds, Open-air Theatre, Bicycle paths, and Footpaths are the Central Park auras for holidaymakers.

Located between the Upper West and Upper East Sides of Manhattan.

6. Columbus Circle Holiday Market

Columbus Circle Market NYC

Columbus Circle Christmas Market NYC is located at 59th street and Central Park West.

Union Square and Columbus Circle holiday markets have come from the same team. Columbus Circle holiday market means Fairs, gifts, and collectables from a handful of retailers.

Winter is always New York’s favourite time, and scattered museums and galleries, snow-capped gardens, and authentic displays of light during the Xmas season are worth watching.

Columbus Circle Market is the out-and-out place to enjoy the winter pickings.

59th street, Southwest entrance of Central Park

7. Union Square Holiday Market

Union Square Christmas market NYC furnishes holiday shopping at the heart of York city.

If you are in a hurry, Union Square Market is not a good holiday spot because it will take time to explore the market.

Though it is a year-round market of splendid food courts and pop-up stalls, the shopping market shows its high spirits in winter with its red and white striped tents, hot beverages, and snow carriers.

Union Square Holiday Market NYC

Free hot chocolate in the chilly December and writing positive messages on the tree made of flat woods decorated with lights while roaming and shopping, the market gives a splendid shopping experience.

This Christmas Market NYC is the first outdoor holiday market in NYC, a soup-to-nut shop where one can purchase anything and everything. 

Union Square Holiday Market University Pl & E 14th St New York, NY 10003

8. Grand Central Market

Since 1917 Grand Central Market has been receiving visitors, it explores the city’s culture, history, and evolution.

The 30,000-square-foot portico encircles a food megastore, retail marketplace, and the city’s nerve centre of collective events and programs.


Other Christmas Market NYC

1. Renegade Craft Fair 

Snapping up things from handicrafters’ galleries to experiencing free handmade fabrication, from music and dance to hitting food trucks, Renegade Crafts Fair gives pleasant encounters.
72 Noble Street, Brooklyn, NY. 

2. Fort Hamilton Holiday Market

This holiday Christmas market in Nyc gives eye-catching Tree Lighting, fun with Santa, and other merry activities at the military base.

The snowbound city with a plethora of fun activities and displays is a must-visit for sure.

101st Street & Fort Hamilton Parkway, Brooklyn, NY

3. Astoria Holiday Market

Astoria Holiday Market is located at the main hall of the city’s oldest and one of the largest beer gardens Bohemian Hall.

Spending time at holiday markets doesn’t simply mean picking up things here; instead, it is an exploration of toothsome, succulent good food. 

Thus every holiday market reserves its prime space for cuisines just like the market is an abode of sweet and savoury treats.

29-19 24th Avenue
Astoria, NY 11102

4. Artists and Fleas

This dynamic holiday market is from a creative community, they boast their international reputation among sellers and buyers alike.

490 Broadway New York 10012

5. Turnstyle Underground Market

This holiday market is the underground market of the city which reassures the contentment of both early birds and night owls.

Beneath 8th Avenue, between 57th and 58th Street.

Bottom Line

Now that you know all about the best Christmas Market NYC, it is time to unwind, shop, and have fun!

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