Top 5 Best Nevada National Parks

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Reno is a major city
Visitors flock in from Reno, Nevada during ski season. Ken Lund / Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Nevada-the silver state

Nevada, situated in the western region of the United States, was first discovered by Spanish people. They called it Nevada (snowy) because the snow that covered the mountains was similar to that of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Spain.

It is the 32nd most populous, 7th most extensive, and 9th least densely populated state. The place is famous for its discovery of the Comstock Lode in 1859. The state is officially known as the “Silver State” as silver impacts its history and economy.

The state’s official motto is “All For Our Country.” also, its achievement during the Civil War as a statehood gave it the title “Battle Born State,” and the word ‘Battle Born’ is being addressed in their National Flag. Another nickname is “Sagebrush State.”

Unlike other states, Nevada is the only state where prostitution is legal. After legalizing gambling and marriage and divorce laws, the state became famous during the 20th century. Likewise, it is the fourth-biggest maker of gold in the world.

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It is also famous for the Alpine Lake in North America, which provides numerous things to do. During summer, it is open for hiking, biking, mountain climbing, and during winter, skiing and snowboarding.

The best vacationer’s fascination with Nevada is its National Parks, High Roller, the Mob Museum, the Neon Museum, Red Rock Canyon, Lion Habitat Ranch, and so on.

Prominent Factors of Nevada

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Nevada is home to one of the world’s longest underground rivers. The place also has several unique habitats, but the Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge has one of the most unusual of them all.

Desert Bighorn Sheep is the state animal, while Big Sagebrush is the state flower. The desert tortoise is the state reptile, Mountain Bluebird is the state bird, and Lahontan cutthroat trout is the state fish. When the Nature Conservancy bought it in 1983, it was considered a refuge.

Important plants seen in the state are Joshua trees, different varieties of wildflowers, mountain mahogany, while mountain forests include spruce, fir, and pine.

The commonly seen animals are rabbits, rodents, several types of deer, pronghorn, horned toads, and tortoise.

Bizarre factors of Nevada

  • Men with mustaches are not allowed to kiss women. Nevada Laws prohibit facial hair.
  • Lobsters- The crayfish grows into a tiny lobster and has a lobster flavor. Nevadians believe that introducing live crayfish into the state’s waters would threaten the native fish population.
  • Nevada law prohibits Nevadans from taking drugs, but there are exceptions too. Adults over 21 can consume less than 1 ounce of marijuana at home, but the Nevada Marijuana Card allows 2 ounces at home.
  • Feeding a pigeon will end you in jail for six months.
  • To drive a camel on the highways of Nevada is considered to be illegal.
  • Nevada’s government doesn’t collect state income tax.
  • The top wedding destination in the U.S because almost 300 couples get married every day.
  • Virginia is considered the most haunted place in the United States.

National Parks

Nevada is not only famous for Las Vegas and casinos, but it also has many dry regions and deserts. Aside from the seemingly endless plains, Nevada is home to many magnificent mountain ranges, including the beautiful Lake Tahoe in the west and the beautiful Lake Mead in the southeast.

But in this article, we will primarily talk about the Nevada National Parks. So, let’s get going?

Nevada National Park-Service Sites

1. Great Basin National Park

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  • Location: White Pine Country, Nevada
  • Established: 1986
  • Land area: 77,180 acres

Approximately 150 years ago, explorers discovered the Great Basin, filled with eccentricity and fallacy. Water does not reach the sea and remains in the great basins. A large number of basins generate plenty of water in Wheeler Peak.

Hence, a national park service site situated at the 13,063-summit of Wheeler Peak is the best place to enjoy this scenic beauty.

Nestled in are the ancient bristlecone pines, the oldest non-clonal organisms (a trunk’s age will be the same as the root’s age). Explore the Lehman Caves below ground and marvel at the stalactites and stalagmites that glitter and shine.

The Great Basin national park is where reality contrasts with imagination. The place might seem to be a dry and mountainous region, but it is full of liveliness and biodiversity.

In addition, there are no fees, and only a limited number of services are available because the property is in a remote area.

The park boasts several other stunning natural wonders waiting for visitors to discover. So, taking a trip to the Great Basin National Park would be one of the best decisions you make in your life.

2. Lake Mead National Recreation Area

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  • Location: Southeastern Nevada and Northwestern Arizona
  • Established: 1935
  • Land area: 1,495,806 acres

This recreation area consists of two Nevada national parks- Lake Mead and Lake Mohave filled with brilliant blue waters. Lake Mead, one of the biggest artificial lakes in the southeast of Nevada, is shared with Arizona and Colorado Springs until the border of Grand Canyon National Park.

Created after Hoover Dam in 1935, this place is closer to Lake Mohave. As it is the first national recreation area in the United States, visitors visit this place every year for hiking, boating, fishing, picnicking, and sightseeing.

Lake Mead also offers camping, water sports, and cycling trails. Entry fees are required.

3. Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument

  • Location: Clark County, Nevada
  • Founded: 2014
  • Land area: 91.66 km²

A National Park Service Site on the outskirts of Las Vegas, Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument, was originated in 2014. So it is still in progress but is open for hiking, yet no designated trails are ready.

Presently the place is considered a national monument, partly due to the coordinated efforts of local drives to protect the surrounding countryside. In complement to this, it is also an important archaeological site with some fossils.

4. Death Valley National Park

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  • Location: California and Nevada
  • Established: 1935
  • Area: 3,373,063 acres

With 3 million hectares of wilderness, the park is glorified as “the hottest, driest and lowest” in the desert. This part of Death Valley is accessible from Beatty, Nevada via Route 374, “The Gateway to Death Valley.”

The park is considered one of the most respected national parks between California and Nevada in the United States along the Sierra Nevada Mountains. With breathtaking beauty, snow-capped peaks, and different inhabitants, the park is accessible all year round, and winter is the most preferred season.

The Mojave Desert and Great Basin, one of the earliest landscapes in the United States, can be seen from here. The lowest point in North America, the Badwater Basin, is also present here.

It also holds a record for the highest measured temperatures verified on Earth. The entire landscape of Death Valley National Park has dunes, canyons with coatings of stones, badlands, valleys, and mountains.

The area is home to flora and fauna, adjusted to harsh environments. Before beginning the journey, analyze the Beatty Ranger Station and the present state of its roads.

Visitors will never get disappointed as the park conducts outdoor activities like hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking.

Despite its dreadful name, Death Valley survives a wide variety of lives. Located closer to the Mojave Deserts, it’s the perfect place to see the starry sky. There are some of the darkest night skies in the state.

The trails of national parks in Nevada

Monuments and historic trails are the other contributing factor to Nevada National Park. Some of the trails are:

Pony Express Historical Trail

Nevada National Park has a historic trail, Pony Express, that runs through eight states, including Nevada. It was a famous route used by high-speed jockeys to carry mail from Missouri to California.

The California National Historic Trail

This trail helped the largest migration in American history when farmers and miners migrated to California in the 1850s. It is over 5,000 miles long and covers parts of 10 states.

The Old Spanish Historical Trail

It starts in Santa Fe, NM, and ends in Los Angeles, California. There was a peak of traffic in the 1830s and late 1840s. When Mexican and American traders were working, mule trains from the east took the wool products, and mules and horses in California returned.

Fort Churchill State Historic Park

Located south of Silver Springs on the banks of the Carson River, it offers hiking and camping opportunities for visitors. Built in 1861 to protect Pioneer and Pony Express, Fort Churchill was used for ten years before being abandoned and devastated.

4. Lake Tahoe-Nevada State Park

Home to spectacular landscapes and nature, Lake Tahoe-Nevada State Park is Nevada’s most famous and scenic state park. Located on the shores of North America’s largest alpine lake, it presents many beautiful beaches and numerous outdoor activities.

Cave Rock is another highlight of the state park, but the winding hiking trails and mountain bike trails of the Carson Range offer spectacular views of the lake.

5. Cathedral Gorge State Park

The park’s canyons have been formed for millions of years and feature many colorful caves, pillars, and cathedral-like towers. You can magically explore countless breathtaking landscapes.

So, what do you think? Which Nevada National Park do you plan to visit? Do tell us, we would love to hear from you.

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