things to do in Naples Florida things to do in Naples Florida

Uncover 10 Adventurous Things to Do in Naples, Florida

Who wouldn’t like visiting a place where the weather is sunny with a relaxing atmosphere and the vibe is colorful, yet soothing air fills up the whole place? One can find so many places in the world that are vibrant and sunny to spend the vacation with their loved ones.

Beaches are a blessing gift to this world which have helped people to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere and get close to nature while enjoying the beautiful views it serves. So having a beach vacation and enjoying a natural life are some of the best things one can do to unwind the stress.

1. An Overview of Naples, Florida:

things to do in Naples Florida
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If one wants to enjoy a vacation that is filled with loads of beaches, a pretty sunset, a soothing atmosphere yet adventurous activities, and colorful vibes, then visiting the state of Florida and exploring any of the cities, the person can expect everything they ever need.

Naples is a city in the state of Florida and is located in southwest Florida near the Gulf Coast. It is known for its high-end shopping centers, worldwide arts and cultures of Naples are very famous, luxurious dining, and a lot of golf courses can be found in the city.

There are many things to do in Naples, Florida, from visiting the beaches to finding some hidden gems after treks, depending on everyone’s choices. Still, amidst everything, it is guaranteed that everyone is going to find joy on vacation to the fullest and get an experience of a lifetime.

Naples is filled with greenery and fresh, clear water. Naples attractions don’t only revolve around beaches; one can find many of the best things to do in Naples by visiting other natural gems existing today in the city.

Visiting Naples city and living among nature while having joyful surroundings is a vacation that can create a great memory for a lifespan with family and friends. Are you already excited to explore the city? Then, head to Bookmundi and plan your trip now, as they are offering several exciting Naples trips throughout the year,  operated by top-picked tour operators.

2. What is Naples Famous For?

The city of Naples is known for many things, and on top of the list are the beaches that surround the entire city in its fresh and cooling air. The white pearl sand covers the entire beach, and the gorgeous sunset is enough for a person to visit Naples and have a calming vacation there.

Apart from gorgeous beaches, one can find more than 700 restaurants in Naples alone, an engrossing ecosystem, all year-round outdoor activities, and the city itself offers some breathtaking natural looks, so for enjoying the views of nature, Naples is one of the best places.

Naples has a laid-back tropical lifestyle that creates an amazing atmosphere for people who want to slow down their time while enjoying every second of the moment. Naples has earned the top destination for retirement spots in the country, making it more liable for people to create their own homes in the city.

The city is located in southwest Florida, and one can find many avenues that are filled with plum trees that are lined up on both corners of the place, making the tourist feel the calmness and vibrant vibe of the city. The main attraction is Marco Island, which is a barrier island on the Gulf Coast and is interlinked through a bridge to the city of Naples.

The city vibe is very lively, with people wearing colorful clothes, eating at the food truck that is serving amazing Florida street foods, and live music filling up the entire streets of Naples, which attracts many tourists as the atmosphere is energetic.

10 Fascinating Things to Do in Naples:

The city atmosphere itself screams that it is filled with nature, and in every corner of the city, one is going to be surrounded by nature, which is a great excuse for people to get out of their busy lives and have a vacation in Naples city to unwind the stress and create beautiful memories.

1. Naples Depot Museum:

Florida’s Governor Rick Scott Riding the Rails at the Naples Train Museum

Apart from being known for the beaches, Naples city is also popular for its versatile museums that have been spread all over the city. The Collier County Museum includes the Naples Depot Museum, where one can visit and learn different things about the technology of the researchers of the old time and how they developed it.

The Naples Depot Museum is located at Fifth Avenue South, in downtown Naples, and is one of the best places to visit for some who want to know the history of Naples city with a variety of things it offers. The main genre of the Depot Museum is that it tells people how the old Naples Floridians used technology and how they developed to conquer transportation facilities.

One can find old-stationed railways and their features displayed that show how ancient Floridians used to travel with the help of that time technology and that village has turned into a glittering beautiful city in today’s time.

The Naples Depot Museum has things from Seminole dugout canoes and an antique swamp buggy to restored rail cars and many other exhibits of exciting things that attract people to have tours around the interesting place. It is free of charge, which is a bonus for the people.

You can also go for a family trip to the Naples Depot Museum; exploring the museum while learning something precious about Naples’s history is a learning experience of a lifetime.

2. Naples Historical Society:

Other things to do in Naples, Florida list, include the Naples Historical Society, which is known as a Central Voice of Naples History as it includes a tour of some of the oldest gems in the city, like touring the Historic Palm Cottage, which is the oldest house in Naples built in 1895 and till today it’s been preserved for the tourists to get closer to the city and its history.

The city of Naples came into existence 4000 years ago and is one of the oldest cities to exist in the world, so it gives rise to the ancient history and things that still exist today and are preserved in the form of museums and national parks by the government of Naples.

The Naples Historic Palm Cottage is a walking tour taken by tourists in which it shows the cottage of the old times and the things of the people that they used to survive in those days. For anyone interested in knowing the environment back then and the ancient antique pieces, visiting the Historic Palm Cottage is a great idea. It is located in the Naples Historic District.

Apart from giving tours of the Historic Palm Cottage, the Naples Historical Society also allows people to tour other Naples Historic Districts and conduct meaningful lectures, society events, and other educational programs. These are the basic idea of the society that helps people know Naples City better.

3. Naples Pier:

Sometimes vacation also involves just sitting back and enjoying the nature that revolves around us and in a city like Naples where everything screams relaxation and enjoyment, visiting its most famous pier, Naples Pier, whose talks are known worldwide, is definitely included as one of the best things to do in Naples Florida.

things to do in Naples Florida
By steffstar/Unlimphotos/Copyright

The Naples Pier is a fishing pier located on the Gulf of Mexico to the West Avenue South and is a famous location for people who love sightseeing as the end of the pier views are one of the most unreal things one can ever witness. It was built in 1888, and still today, tourists get the benefit of the beautiful views that the pier offers.

The historic Naples Pier is a long boardwalk made with woods and views that are to die for from the middle of the ocean. Third Street South is just two miles away from the Naples Pier, which is one of the classy places to shop and eat around.

On the Naples Pier, one can get the facilities of restrooms, a sunroof for shading, a beach mat, and many other beach supplies with sunshine covering the whole area, get to see dolphins with other wildlife, smell the seawater, watch the birds just a place where can unplug their stress and get closer to the nature.

It is mandatory to include something related to the beaches for the beach lover who gets to spend some time doing their favorite activities and relaxing with family and friends.

4. Naples Botanical Garden:

As Naples is known for its natural beauty and the vibrant colors that are spread with the help of natural resources in the city, it would be immoral not to include the gardens of Naples city as it helps to spread a colorful atmosphere around the city.

The Naples Botanical Gardens is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Naples city as it spreads its cooling air and natural flora all around the place. The Naples Botanical Garden is located at 4820 Bayshore Drive, Naples, FL, and has plenty of activities in the garden for tourists who want to get closer to the flora world.

The Naples Botanical Garden is a 170-acre place that features plants from tropical to sub-tropical regions and is a paradise for all the plant lovers out there as it teaches about plant life in very interesting ways.

The garden shows the people how to preserve and sustain the environment and plant life with local communities coming together and maintaining the garden. The interior of the garden is so beautiful that it invites people to come to visit the garden and spend time amidst nature.

Visiting the Naples Botanical Garden and learning new things about plant life while experiencing it in real life is a great vacation to spend with loved ones.

5. Naples Zoo:

For displaying more of Naples’s nature, the Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens is located at 1590 Goodlette-Frank Rd. The Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens is a 42-acre place and includes a historic botanical garden as well, which allows people to have a fun day trip to the zoo while enjoying so many activities provided by the zoo.

There are exhibits, events, and programs that take place as a learning experience for those who are interested in wildlife. Even educational programs take place in the zoo, where groups of students come for a day trip and go back to learn some of the important things about the wildlife world.

Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens shows people how to respect and value wildlife, and through various exhibits and activities, the learning experience becomes way more fun. As the zoo is a mixture of the garden as well amidst the tropical greenery, one can find joy in watching various wildlife and having amazing adventures.

Spending a day at the Naples Zoo and getting the wildlife experience is a great memory for a lifetime that one can gain as it also includes one of the best things to do in Naples.

6. Clam Pass Park:

One of the things that one should not miss while exploring the best things to do in Naples is the Clam Pass Park, which is known for providing the utmost beautiful views and a serene atmosphere to breathe in. It includes a park, beach, varieties of plants and wildlife and a boardwalk for spending some time relaxing and exploring nature.

The Clam Pass Park is located in one of the most populated areas of Collier County at 465 Seagate Dr, Naples, FL. It is 35 acres of coastal beach that preserves the natural habitat. The beach has a natural area that is covered with white sand, and one can find wild turtles roaming around.

There is a boardwalk of about a quarter mile for the nature lover who loves sightseeing in a tranquil nature-filled area. The beach is gorgeous and is a perfect place for a family vacation where one can relax and admire the beach or do some water activities like paddling in the calm water of Clam Pass Park.

If one wants to be surrounded by nature wonder, then visiting Clam Pass Park and experiencing one of the beautiful sights of nature with family is one of the best things to do in Naples.

7. Sun N Fun Lagoon:

One thing to know about the state of Florida and its cities is their humid temperatures and the sun’s hot flames down; what is a better place than a water park that not only provides water for cooling down but also various water sports that are include for people?

The Sun N Fun Lagoon is said to be a key destination for tourists as it provides people with an enjoyment-filled vacation in various forms. The water park includes four pools, a splash playground for children, a river, and many interactive water-filled activities.

Naples Florida Water Park

The Sun N Fun Lagoon is located at 15000 Livingston Road, Naples, and is filled with so much enjoyment in the form of water slides, a family waterfall, Sunny’s River, the cove, a tadpole pool, a Dolphin dive and lap pool.

The Sun N Fun Lagoon is said to be one of the best things to do in Naples because the location of the water park resides inside the North Collier Regional Park, which allows people to enjoy the views and atmosphere of South Florida.

Visiting the Sun N Fun Lagoon is one of the best fun-filled activities that surrounds one with only enjoyment and happiness, which is the main reason why one goes on a vacation, and the water park fills it up perfectly.

8. Naples Beach Brewery:

What is better than having a cold beer in the hot afternoon on the beach and in a city like Naples? Nothing right? Naples Beach Brewery is located at 4120 Enterprise Ave Suite 116, Naples, FL, and is one of the most famous places among locals as well as tourists for having a little snack with their most famous beer collection.

The Naples Beach Brewery is the 1st craft brewery in the area with 24 house brewery beers available with small vendors selling delicious tacos to pizza on the side, making the atmosphere more chill and lively for the people.

The interior of the place is made of wood, with friendly staff roaming around, giving a more serene feeling to the brewery, making it comfortable and relaxing for the people to enjoy their beer in the cooling atmosphere.

Naples Beach Brewery is a great place to visit with friends in the evening and have a moment together while listening to shore waves, people buzzing, and the beautiful atmosphere covering the entire place.

9. Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples:

Talking about things to do in Naples and not including the famous Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples would do an injustice to the list. There is always something that is made especially for children that is filled with colors and everything they need to have a fun vacation.

The Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples (CMON) is the first museum in Southwest Florida that is devoted to families and children by creating a safe space for them to learn and enjoy. It is a non-profit organization that came into existence in the year 2002 and is also known as a brain-building powerhouse.

The museum is a two-story building with almost 30000 square feet located at 15080 Livingston Rd, Naples, FL. The museum allows permanent and temporary interactive exhibits that include the Adopt-A-Pet Vet Clinic, which allows children to get an opportunity to know their interests; it also provides a tour of some of the famous environments of Florida and many more fun exhibits.

The Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples is one of the best things to do in Naples as it provides lots of amazing activities and is a powerhouse for children’s brain-building, which can help them in the future.

10. Wiggins Pass State Park:

The Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park is one of the most beautiful beaches to exist in the world, with the most pristine stretches in the world. It is located at 11135 Gulf Shore Dr, Naples, FL. Apart from being absorbed in the beautiful atmosphere of the beach by relaxing on the white sand, the Wiggins Pass State Park offers tourists one of the most divine water sports activities.

Area 4 Beach at Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park in Naples, FL

The beach offers adventurous activities like kayaking, paddle boarding, canoes, snorkeling, swimming, and many more fun activities. One can find many food stalls serving cool beverages and delicious food snacks, with beach chair rentals available for having a great picnic day.

The Wiggins Pass State Park is filled with diverse wildlife and beautiful mother nature that includes having a relaxing day watching and admiring the shorebirds, as hiking amidst nature is a great way to spend some quality time with family and friends.

The pavilion rentals are available for weddings, special occasions, and parties, with the breathtaking backgrounds being unpaid guests. The Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park is filled with ample amenities that attract people to visit the state park and enjoy the breathtaking views that surround the place.

Final Note:

Apart from being known for its beaches, the city of Naples is also one of the world heritage sites for its historic centers that have been spread all over the city. Visiting some of the best places in Naples includes calmness on one side and a learning experience, on the other hand, gives rise to people’s curiosity to visit Naples and explore its beautiful ancient gems.

Things to do in Naples list also depend on one’s preference, but it is said that the city of Naples has something for everyone to enjoy and have the blasting experience of a lifetime.

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