10 Romantic Getaways In Arkansas (Fall In Love Again)

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romantic getaways in arkansas
By Brad Sims/Flickr. Copyright 2022.

Are you looking for romantic getaways in Arkansas? Don’t worry; couples of all ages can find their choice of location in this article.

Why Find Romantic Getaways In Arkansas?

At first glance, the city of Arkansas might miss your notice as a romantic location due to its extreme weather conditions. Still, if you want to spend some secluded and alone time with your significant other, this is the apt location.

With diverse people living in Arkansas, the city is apt for vacations with famous locations like Forts, Rivers, Mountains, Romantic hotels, and Hot springs.

With an area having romance itself as a name, the views are worth visiting with your partner – you can also plan memorable valentine’s romantic getaways in Arkansas.

If you don’t believe in the love-themed locations, check out the below-mentioned sites for yourself.

1) 10 Best Romantic Getaways In Arkansas

1.1) Hot Springs National Park

romantic getaways
By jb10okie/Flickr. Copyright 2022.

This beautiful destination has unique mountain views, ancient thermal springs, forest hikes, and incredible creeks just in the middle of the town. Within the park itself, you can do the following activities –

1) Hiking trails of 26 miles are available with eye-catching forest sceneries

2) Visit the Famous Bathhouse row (with nine historic bathhouses that have been in existence for 100 years – the perfect getaway for your romantic and history buff partner)

3) If you and your partner are a fan of birds, a popular activity of the park throughout the year is Birding.

4) With provisions for bikes, you can also go on biking trails in the permitted areas of Hot Springs national park.

5) To relax and reconnect with nature, you can go camping, fishing, and soak in hot springs.

Hot Springs might have caught your attention themselves. However, you can also find spa facilities and photograph your best moments. If your third wheel is a pet, even better, bring them along.

If you want to check out Hot springs national park during one of your romantic getaways in Arkansas, you can plan your visit here. Note that it might be partially closed due to Covid restrictions.

1.2) Downtown Eureka Springs

Located in the Historic Downtown District, Eureka springs attracts artists, those looking for adventures to entrepreneurs in the mood for vacation.

It fits under the category of romantic getaways in Arkansas with healing springs and Bed and Breakfast accommodations to relax.

Here are some of the places you can visit with your partner:

1.2.1) Blue Spring Heritage Center

This beautiful garden with flourishing woodlands, hillsides, sprawling meadows, and a lagoon near the Blue Spring is a fantastic place to relax with your partner.

Click here to know about its historical significance.

1.2.2) The Historic District Tram Tours

 This tram ride in downtown eureka springs starts from the Visitors Center, with two stops in Crescent Hotel and Grotto Spring. It brings to life the culture, history, and architecture of the place.

You could view the old homes, enjoy a garden stroll and have fun conversations with other couples. To know more about this place, click here.

1.2.3) Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge

pexels marta wave 5875935 scaled
Photo by Marta Wave from Pexels. Copyright 2020

For those couples, who love wildlife, this place in Eureka Springs is for you. It acts as a sanctuary for abandoned and neglected animals, especially tigers.

You can also witness other protected animals like lions, grizzly bears, and cougars. Click here to know more.

1.2.4) Crescent Hotel Ghost Tour

For all couples who love a good haunted weekend, this one in Eureka Springs is one of the most haunted buildings in America.

With a turbulent history, you can have ghost tours here or even wait for the ghost to come to visit; after all, eight ghosts might haunt the place.

There are also facilities like a swimming pool, hot tub, New Moon Spa and Salon, Sky Bar Gourmet Pizza, Gardens, and the City playground nearby.

Click here to know more about this place and its stories.

1.2.5) Ozark Mountain Ziplines 

Ziplines are available for individuals, couples, and families in the beautiful Ozark Mountains. The whole experience would be thrilling yet safe. 

The canopy tour would include short hikes, a sky bridge, and tree platforms. To know more, click here.

1.2.6) Arsenic And Old Lace Bed And Breakfast

This old lace bed and breakfast located in the beautiful Ozarks will give you and your partner a home-away home experience.

With assured privacy and all modern life amenities, the best part is you could visit all the places as mentioned earlier with a stay here.

If you are convinced to visit Eureka Springs, click here to choose your preferred stay.

Eureka Springs has plenty of other vacation opportunities for you to try out as a couple; know more here.

1.3) Buffalo National River

buffalo national river
By jpellgen (@1179_jp)/Flickr. Copyright 2022.

America’s first-ever National River – established in 1972 – the purpose of the national park service that preserves the buffalo river would spark your interest: to conserve the free-flowing river and the surrounding valleys, wilderness, and landscapes of the Ozark Mountains.

Other than water activities, you can also go on hiking trails and horseback riding near the buffalo river. You can visit nearby caves and sea mammals, from river animals to land species.

The park has a rich cultural history which is celebrated with weekend activities.

If you plan to visit the buffalo national river year, it would be more special as it is its 50th anniversary. Try this during one of the romantic getaways in Arkansas; click here.

1.4) Lookout Point Lakeside Inn

The town of Hot Springs can be one of the prime romantic getaways in Arkansas with the sunlight of the Ouachita Mountains, the best modern amenities like the hot tub, and good hospitable service.

This can be a refreshing sanctuary for a couple’s getaway weekend. These are the activities one can engage in:

1) Water sports like kayaking, canoeing, and pedal boating.

2) Hiking Trails in the Hot Springs’ natural bounty

3) Other activities like ziplining, crystal hunting, fishing

4) A relaxing soak in the famous geological Hot Springs.

Once done with the soak, couples can nap in the hammock, visit a waterfall, or rest near a lake, taking in its scenic views.

A visit to the inn’s cruising facilities and top spas is also provided for those pampered couples. The place’s historical significance lies in the bathing rituals, still followed by some tourists.

The lookout point lakeside inn can be a fun and romantic getaway which you can plan for your next trip. Click here to get more information.

1.5) Cliff Cottage Inn

Are you and your partner a fan of Victorian Era Romance? Then this place is one of the best romantic getaways in Arkansas.

With beautiful buildings and a Victorian replica, this is one of the historic places for dreamy couples who can also experience the best modern conveniences during their romantic getaways in Arkansas.

The suits in this bed and breakfast inn contain the following features:

1) Jacuzzis and an outdoor private hot tub with views of the forest

2) Smart Tv and High-Speed Wi-Fi

3) For the coffee fans – coffeemakers equipped with a natural cream, cookies, hot chocolate, and coffee are available.

4) Fully equipped kitchen

5) One of the best amenities of weekend getaways is you can get complimentary wine or any other beverage of your choice.

Provisions are also given for a romance pack, weddings or renewals of vows, dinner, and other event reservations.

This Cliff cottage inn lists the city on the National Register of Historic places for its Victorian beauty. One of the must-visit romantic getaways in Arkansas, click here to plan your trip.

1.6) Captain Henderson House Bed And Breakfast

This is another bed and breakfast with Victorian Era Mansions, with spacious queen or king-size beds, Jacuzzis, Gourmet breakfast, and special dietary needs are accommodated, along with other modern conveniences.

Part of the campus of Henderson State University, you can experience the Southern architecture and style in this location.

With a rural setting, you can use this location for romantic getaways in Arkansas like elopement, honeymoon, weddings, or simple weekend escape.

Other activities to enjoy are Biking, Fishing, Golfing, Horseback Riding, and Massage Therapy. Some nearby locations that you can visit are the planetarium, Clark County Historical Museum, and Desoto Biking Trail.

Visit Captain Henderson House Bed – one of the National Historic places, which was also a museum and has one of the best interior wooden fretwork collections in the entire state.

1.7) Hilltop Manor Bed And Breakfast

The movie buzz couples are one of the romantic getaways in Arkansas meant for you. Built and crafted in 1910, this used to host many celebrities at its time.

Located in the Hot Springs National Park Forest, you can wander through the historic estate, walk through Magnolia groves, lounge on the front porch, and view the waterfall.

Packed with all the modern facilities, you can do the next outdoor adventures: Hiking, Biking, Boating, Kayaking, Fishing, Zip Lining, Roller Coaster Riding. To finish this, relax in the luxury suite and private two-person hot tub.

You can also visit nearby destinations like Lake Hamilton, Oaklawn Park, and Magic Springs Amusement Park during your romantic getaways in Arkansas if you have a driving facility. Click here to know the availability and bookings of Hilltop Manor Bed.

1.8) Capital Hotel, Romantic Getaways In Arkansas

This might be of the best romantic getaways in Arkansas to visit as it was rated under Best Hotels of U.S. and made the list of Southern Living’s recommendations for hotels.

The Capital Hotel, located in the state capital – little rock, offers front-row views of destinations like parks, museums, markets, and even the famous Little Rock Central High School.

Apart from this, you can relax amid incredible architecture, elegant Suites, the Best Dining room, and the modern luxuries of your choice. The old wood charm and southern hospitality create one of the best romantic getaways in Arkansas.

capital hotel
By Paul Sableman/Flickr. Copyright 2022.

Plan your stay at the Capital hotel – an excellent destination to visit during romantic getaways in Arkansas. Click here to know more.

1.9) The Palace Hotel And Bath House

Built-in 1901, this historic downtown district location resembles the architecture of a European Castle. So you and your partner can get the palace vibes if you stay here during your Romantic getaways in Arkansas.

You don’t even have to go to the dining room; you can order your Gourmet breakfast for a cozy morning – ranging from coffee, pastries, and juice.

The historic Bathhouse Spa would offer a soak and steam Turkish Bath, which used to cost less than a dollar in the past. Relax with your partner in the spring water of the Palace Hotel.

palace hotel and bath house
By Jody Halsted/Flickr. Copyright 2022.

You can also visit shops, galleries, and restaurants and view the beautiful architecture of Eureka Springs within walking distance from Palace Hotel. If you wish to spend one of your weekend getaways in Arkansas over here, visit this site.

1.10) Little Rock Trip

With historic attractions, museums, scenic parks, and romantic inns, this is a must-see spot during one of the Arkansas vacations

Here are the sites you can visit if you travel to the capital of Arkansas:

1.10.1) Metro Street Car

If you are traveling with your kid during one of your romantic getaways in Arkansas and want it to be a family holiday, then this vintage streetcar system is the perfect fit –

It runs up to 3.4 miles and connects Little Rock’s northern side (opposite the Arkansas River).

Not only can your kid enjoy the cars, but they also have replica vintage electric trolleys similar to the ones used in 1947. They also stop at certain tourist attractions on the way.

little rock
By NikonFDSLR/Flickr. Copyright 2022.

Take a trip in this and have quality family time.

1.10.2) Arkansas River Trail System

This 88-mile long loop system goes from the Clinton Presidential Bridge, Big Dam Bridge, and Little Rock. You would see many exciting locations like Big Rock Quarry and the Presidential Library and Museum.

An active trail used by many hikers, skaters, and joggers could also be your active and recreational spot.

1.10.3) Museum Of Discovery

At walking distance from the heart of Downtown Little Rock, this is the oldest Museum in the city and is a history and natural science facility.

Another family fun trip can be conducted here – not only will you get to see the old artifacts, but many live animals and insects are housed here.

The Museum hosts educational programs, science exhibits, and summer camps for kids. So, you can have your romantic getaway and let the kids enjoy these facilities.

1.10.4) Riverfront Park

Located on La Harpe Boulevard, Little Rock – this park is surrounded by historic sculptures, playgrounds, and natural trails.

The most popular features of this park include Little Rock Civil Marker, Clinton Presidential Park Bridge, and La Petit Roche Plaza.

Along with a playground area, amphitheater, wildlife education, and Sculpture Garden – the park can be enjoyed by your kids and significant other. Click here to know more.

1.10.5) Rock Town Distillery

This historically significant distillery – the first legal one in Arkansas after prohibition- is known for its artisan craft distillery using grains to create award-winning spirits from gin, vodka, and bourbon.

This is for all the 21 plus couples looking to have some famous age-old spirits and a tour of this location; you can also buy products from the gift shop.

Click here to know more.

1.10.6) Heifer Village

This friendly Village located in Little Rock conducts interactive exhibits and showcases the efforts to end poverty and hunger through many videos and galleries.

Meant for all age groups, from adults to kids, – a knowledge of global issues can be raised through educational programming and activities.

There is also the Heifer Urban Farm one can visit to look at the animal ambassadors like alpacas, chickens, sheep, and goats and tour the organic gardens.

For all the environment-friendly couples, this area is meant for you during your romantic getaways in Arkansas. Click here to know more.

pexels pixabay 162240 scaled
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels. Copyright 2017

1.10.7) The Root

Hosting locals from all over Arkansas, this original small café thrives on connectedness established among the residents living here.

 This one is popular for its delicious food and exotic dishes, cooked perfectly among the local restaurants. They also have fresh drinks.

Many workshops, musical events, eating contests, and movie events are also hosted as fun activities.

It can be a perfect and cozy spot for you to visit with your partner. The sustainable policy they stand by to showcase local farmers and their products is what makes them famous; click here to know more.

1.10.8) Arkansas Arts Center

Containing drawings of famous artists like Rembrandt, Picasso, and Wyeth – this is an essential cultural center established in 1914.

Who said romance couldn’t start with a primary art education? This center features a museum school and research library for all age groups, and the lecture hall can also be rented for any unique and annual events. To relax, you can also visit the restaurant inside the facility.

1.10.9) The Bernice Garden

Located on South Main Street, this garden is open for public use and features sculptures designed by local artists. You can find mosaics and rock formations in the garden, with benches to relax in.

With various plants like annual flowers and herbs, lovely butterflies and dragonflies are seen, creating a beautiful flora and fauna.

You can also visit the farmers and vintage market. To rent out the locations for any special event or just for one of your weekend getaways in Arkansas, click here.

1.10.10) Pinnacle Mountain State Park

Towards the west of Little Rock, this State Park offers several recreational activities you can try out during your weekend getaways in Arkansas like:

1) Hike or ride in trails up to 15 miles along the Big and Little Maumelle Rivers

2) Go on Monument Trails, with mountain biking options many runners and hikers use.

3) Boating, pedaling, canoeing, and kayaking are some of the other facilities offered.

Click here to book your next trip here during your romantic getaways in Arkansas. 

2) Other Romantic Getaways In Arkansas

While the above-given locations are great to try out in one of your cozy and Romantic retreats in Arkansas, you can also visit these famous locations:

2.1) Crater Of Diamonds State Park

Who said you could only buy diamonds? This state park is one of the worlds where anyone can search for natural diamonds from the original volcanic source and keep any rocks, gemstones, and minerals found.

Talk about finding a treasure during your romantic getaways in Arkansas. Click here to know more about the Craters of Diamonds State Park.

2.2) The Burgundy Hotel

To witness local art forms with modern boutique shops, this fully furnishes hotel houses diverse art collections from native artists.

To dine here, you one of the best eateries in the place – Table 28. You get all the modern facilities from the bedroom, refrigerator, microwave, and even a coffee maker to make your morning coffee. Click here to know more.

2.3) Garvan Woodland Gardens

This botanical garden located at the University of Arkansas depicts the natural environment in the best way: with lush greenery, flora, and fauna, lapping waves on the wooded shoreline, and rocky inclines.

This acts as a place of research and learning, also meant for serenity with the aesthetic designs and natural landscapes. Click here to know more.

2.4) Wildflower Bed And Breakfast

The Folk Music Capital of the World, Mountain View, hosts several musical events you and your partner can attend while staying in this B&B.

With all the modern facilities like a flat-screen tv, Wi-Fi, and Private Bathrooms, staying here would make your romantic getaways in Arkansas better. Click here to know more about the Wildflower Bed and Breakfast.

2.5) Crystal Bridges Museum Of American Art

pexels una laurencic 20967 scaled
Photo by Una Laurencic/Pexels. Copyright 2015

This Museum is run by a public, non-profit charitable organization that fuses art with nature. You can see many art galleries, gathering halls, meeting and classroom spaces, yet be close to nature with the natural spring, ponds, and walking trails. Click here to know more.

2.6) Three Oaks Resort

You can stay here for one of your Romantic Getaways in Arkansas in comfortable and rustic stone cottages near Norfork Lake. For couples, romantic studio cabins are also available.

Couples can use the fully equipped kitchens, a charcoal grill, and picnic table outside, with the rest of the modern facilities. Click here to know more.

2.7) Carnal Hall Inn

Housing the First Women’s dormitory at the University of Arkansas, the Carnall Hall Inn, built-in 2003, is open to all the visitors coming to the town of Fayetteville.

The comfortable lodging has all the modern facilities, with a view of the Campus Lawn. If you wish to dine in at Ella’s Restaurant inside, you will also taste authentic Southern cooking.

Click here to book your stay during your romantic getaways in Arkansas. 

For more sites to visit during romantic getaways in Arkansas, click here.

This article might miss out on some incredible wineries of the place, but don’t worry, click here to look at your best options.    

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