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The Ultimate Road Trip Colorado Springs to Denver

Are you a hodophile? Do you love exploring the world, seeing different cultures, eating various foods, and understanding more people?

Then from Colorado Springs to Denver by car may be your dream. If not, please add it now because it is a must-visit place.

Denver Vs Colorado Springs

The City of Colorado Springs, a Home Rule Municipality, in the country heart of El Paso Country, Colorado, United States, had a population of 4,78,961 in the 2020 United States Census. In Colorado, Colorado Springs is the second-most populous and most expensive city and the 40th most populous city in the United States.

U.S. News and World Report stated the country as the most desirable place to live in the United States. General William Palmer, a Civil War General and a surveyor of the Kansas Pacific Railroad, founded the city in 1871.

Colorado Springs, located in the Pikes Peak Region, was named in honor of American explorer Zebulon Pike, who attempted to reach the summit of Pikes Peak with his group. Despite their best efforts, they couldn’t cross due to a lack of necessary materials and equipment.

With the discovery of gold in 1980, the place has become a place that supports 50,000 households. The country was dubbed “the city of millionaires” because of the gold rush. Fujiyoshida (Japan), Kaohsiung (Taiwan), Smolensk (Russia), Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan), Nuevo Casa Grandes (Mexico), Canterbury-Bankstown (Australia), Olympia (Greece) are Colorado’s sister cities.

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Denver, the capital of Colorado Springs, is situated at the South Platte River Valley on the western edge of High Plains and has a population of 7,15,522 at the 2020 United States Census.

The 5th most populous state capital and 19th most populous city in the United States is the principal city of Denver-Aurora-Lakewood. Pike Peaks Gold Rush in 1858 laid the foundation of Denver, which prevailed till 1861, and the city got the title “Denver” after the governor of Kansas Territory, James. W. Denver.

It also has the nickname “Mile High City” due to its official elevation of exactly one mile above sea level. Due to overwhelming surges, Denver was devastated by an immediate flood and fire in 1863. However, after all these tragedies, the people of Denver were reluctant to leave their homeland and settle somewhere else.

After all the catastrophes, the Denverites empowered themselves to make their community thrive. They formed the urge to build a city for themselves where their families could live. The citizens then mobilized to create a railroad for travelling to the neighbouring towns to sell and buy goods. Potenza, Italy, is its sister city.

Things to do in Colorado Springs

The place is famous for its big mountains, beautiful lakes, high mountains, mountain lakes, and mountain towns. So, Colorado Springs is a place for outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, biking, kayaking, climbing, and many more.

Rocky Mountain National Park, one of the mountains of Colorado Springs, is famous for its mountains, lakes, and trails. A holiday trip to Colorado Springs with families, friends, or even single, will never be a disappointment.

Into the Springs

Garden of the Gods-

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  1. Colorado Springs, CO, is located at 1805 North 30th Street.
  2. Gigantic and colorful rock formations
  3. It is famous for rock climbing, horseback riding, hiking, and mountain biking.
  4. Pink, white, and red sandstone are present.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo-

  1. Address- 4250 Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Road, Colorado Springs
  2. Founded in 1926, the zoo reserved for education, recreation, and conservation
  3. It is home to 180 species, 950 animals, and 30 endangered.

Pikes Peak-

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  1. Named after Zebulon Pike
  2. Considered as one of the most elevated in the Rocky Mountains
  3. The Pike National Forest is 12 miles from downtown Colorado Springs.
  4. Famous adventure-Trekking-Barr Trails
  5. Pikes Peak Toll Road or Pikes Peak Cog Railway is the medium of transport to reach the mountain.

Main Attractions

Broadmoor Hotel-

A casino that turned into based in 1891 on Cheyenne Lake turned right into a world-elegance lodge in 1918.

Air Force Academy-

The giant campus is situated at the base of the Rocky Mountains and seen from I-70, north of town. Daily from 9 to 5, you can take self-guided tours of the academy.

Olympic Training Center-

The campus is home to current Olympic athletes and offers accommodation, restaurants, and training facilities for 500 athletes and coaches. The 35-hectare complex is just minutes from downtown.

Downtown Colorado Springs-

Take a walk downtown and admire the tallest buildings in the Pikes Peak area. There are lots of street art, murals, restaurants, and shops.

Things to do in Denver

Denver Colorado: Cool Things To Do // Destinations Explained

One of the best cities for outdoor adventure, Denver lies to the east of the Front Ranges of Rocky Mountain. The city is famous for its art, culture, food, etc. Denver is known to be the biggest party city in the U.S.

Not only outdoor adventure Denver has a list of indoor activities too. Billiards, bowling, bocce, arcades, escape rooms are on their list. It also has some famous museums like the Denver Art Museum and the Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Arts.

Among Denver’s attractions is hiking. It has some of the best hikes, which will help to calculate willpower, potential, and strength in you. If you are a keen hiker, once in your life, go hiking in Denver.

The best hikes in Denver are:

Matthew/Winter Park Hike:

  • This trail would take up a whole day, crossing over Red Rocks Trail and entering Cherry Gulch.

Hike in Red Rocks Park:

  • In addition to sandstone monoliths and hiking trails, it also has attractive rock formations.

Bear Creek State Park Hike:

  • Irrespective of hiking, other activities like horse riding, swimming, and camping are present here.

Mount Falcon Park Hike:

Mt Falcon Park - Castle and Tower Trail - East - Hikes close to Denver

  • Hiking through here would lead to historical places, offering incredible views. A lot of energy is needed to walk over this place as there are vertical inclines.

Distance and Path

One can choose many other options for the journey as currently there are no travel restrictions. There are multiple ways to begin this journey – flight, bus, or car.

By flight- from Colorado Springs Airport to Denver International Airport

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Airlines make the journey more relaxing than driving yourself. It comprises the time taken by car/bus.


The easiest way to travel will be by airplane. If you plan to book flights, be sure to use KAYAK‘s flight price forecast tool because they know, based on historical data, whether the airlines will change the price of the ticket within the next seven days.

It will be of great help. Getting from Colorado Springs Airport to Denver International Airport would cost $39 (the cheapest). Cheap flights are available. United Airlines and Southwest Airlines offer a non-stop flight.

It will take you an average of 49 minutes to your destination. Frontier Airlines also has the cheapest round-trip airlines.

United Airlines has the most flights along this route, that is, 204 flights. Also, 39 direct flights run between these two airports in a day, and in a week, almost 273 departures.

And, if you wish to book your one-way ticket from one airline and return trip from another, better choose Hacker Fare. It would help save money, time, and the traditional round-trip ticket. It would retaliate the ticket prices and the options.

Perfect day to fly

Flying between Colorado Springs and Denver can be expensive even distance is less than 100 miles. So book the cheapest flight. The happiest matter regarding this trip is no passport is required to fly from Colorado Springs Airport to Denver Intl.

So why are you waiting? Book the cheapest of all flights and fly. Monday is the cheapest day of the week to book a flight. Leave on Monday and get to your destination by Tuesday to avoid the weekend crowds. The most expensive of all is Thursday.

The cheapest month to travel would be August if you want off from your work. The month of June will be the height of summer and much more expensive. So better choose August.

Flying may seem faster than driving a car, but it takes the same amount of time as driving. Or else there should be some road or snow construction.

Or the flight you boarded should be a connecting flight. Also, if you can’t go, airlines like United Airlines, Air Canada, and Lufthansa offer an easygoing cancellation policy on their site due to Covid-19.

Bus service-Public Transportation

Public transportation at the lowest prices is available for those travelling from the airport to the city. There are direct bus routes available. If you’re staying in downtown Denver, it’s better to take a bus than a car, as parking fees are higher.

Bus from City to City

The meanest way to travel is by boarding the shuttle, Bustang. This economical, stress-free bus is very comfortable and easily accessible to everyone.

To avoid traffic while driving, Bustang would be a more suitable option and the time spent won’t be useless, because one can even do their work as it provides free Wi-Fi. Not only just free Wi-Fi, but this bus service also has other modern technologies involved.

It has USB outlets, and restrooms, accessible for handicaps, bike racks, and luggage bags. In addition, it is clean and comfortable, providing a very hygienic experience.

Also, as a passenger, always remember the current situation the world is facing. So use a face mask regularly. Keep a distance of 1 meter.

BUSTANG: A New Way to Commute to and from Denver

Bustang charges $30 for a ride and it departs from Denver Union Station, travelling through additional parts of Colorado, like Alamosa in the South and Grand Junction in the West.

Bustang connects Denver’s RTD Bus and Light Rail to Mountain Metropolitan Transit of Colorado Springs, making it the most convenient method for the public to travel between the two cities.

So book your bus ticket to the Downtown Terminal if you want to see Colorado Springs’s Downtown Area. The place is famous for the Pioneer Museum, and Arts on the Street.

Visit Tejon Park and Ride situated on Tejon Street, a popular Greyhound Bus station in Colorado Springs, as it has a stop there.

Bus from Airport to City – Denver Airport

Travelling from the airport to the city is always a tension. If you don’t have your automobile, you’ll be concerned about the rest of your journey.

As a result, there are alternatives at the Denver Airport to make your trip from the airport to the city more enjoyable. One such is the bus service. There are bus services provided at the Denver International Airport, which is helpful for the public.

Groome Transportation is one such option. It’s an intercity shuttle service that connects rural communities with large hub airports and vice versa. They serve over 100 cities and 13 airports with the highest level of security and dependability. They have a clean environment with responsible workers. They are sanitized and maintain hygiene.

Most transport companies charge higher ticket prices as you book closer to the travel date. So it is better to purchase your transport ticket as early as possible.

Less expensive than Groome would be the A-Line Train to reach Denver Union Station, which lies in the heart of Downtown Denver. There Bustang is available, but public transportation is less in Colorado Springs. So book Uber or Lyft to move around.

By Car

Well, to reach your destination quicker, choose to drive. Drive for 1 hour 8 minutes,110km from Colorado Springs to Denver, which will take about 490-950 rupees.

Prearrange a rental car at the Denver International Airport for around $30 or book online and go wherever you want to go. After planning your trip, check the roads, traffic conditions, and flight times before the journey begins. Interstate 25 would be the fastest route.

Also, construction and road expansion of I-25 is currently going on between Monument and Castle Rock, so be updated.

Colorado Rocky Mountain Scenic Driving Grand Junction to Denver I-70 Colorado 4K 60FPS

Denver to Colorado Springs, even though the drive would be straight and smooth, it is better to stop at a pitstop. About half an hour north of Colorado Springs and a half an hour south of Denver is Tomah, CO.

Be careful while driving. Not only is Denver busy during rush hours, but winter storms can occur out of nowhere, creating dangerous road conditions.

Even if you visit in the spring of March, April, and May, be aware of the fast-moving storms that can result in a combination of hail and snow. If you’re travelling these months, spend a little extra on rental to ensure you have enough vehicles, tires, and all-wheel drive.

Parallel Plains Route Highway 83

If you want to take a parallel road alongside the Great Plains, you can drive this way around the Monument before stepping into the I-25. But still, you have to face traffic conditions till you reach Denver.

Parallel Plains Route Highway US-85/CO 105

This route begins in Denver. South of downtown Denver is I-25 which departs to Santa Fe Dr/US-85 S. Following it, south is Sedalia, where the famous hamburgers are available. It would be a convenient place to have food if you feel hungry.

Mountain backup route – CO-67

Usually, everyone heads straight to the city through I-25, but if you take West and go, you would be driving on CO-65, enjoying more of the scenic beauty. There are mountains, wildlife, forest roadside. Then, instead of 1.5 hours, you will reach your destination in 2.5 hours.


If you are worried about your return trip to Colorado Springs, book Uber/Lyft. It won’t be much cheaper, because you have to convince the driver for a ride. The route towards your destination might be full of heavy traffic.

Colorado Springs and Denver have heavy traffic, which is difficult to overcome. So giving tips to the driver is one of the factors to be noticed. It is not as simple as flying.

Never regret taking a journey by car. The views and the beauty of nature will always be mesmerizing.

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