Things To Do in LA at Night: Top 12 Fun Activities

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things to do in la at night
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Tired of exploring the internet but can’t find fun things to do in LA at night, you are at the right post. Keep reading to know more about adventurous activities and things to do in LA at night.

Los Angeles is like a mixed bag with its moments of glory of a luxurious lifestyle, wild nightlife, suave destinations, and its moment of shame of not-so-affordable housing. The glitz and glamour of the city attract more than approximately 10million tourists per year.

The prodigious attention of LA worldwide is possible because of the rich nightlife and safe neighborhood. If you are new to LA as a student or a corporate worker, keep reading to know fun things to do in LA at night.

From ocean coastlines to mountains, from celebrities to paparazzi, from sitting at the beach to dancing away the night, Los Angeles is embarking on the modernization journey and is at the forefront of leading technologies.

If you are looking for unique and fun things to do in LA at night, you can find museums, bars, comedy clubs, classic seaside amusement parks, and vantage points to go star watching. But nothing usual is fun, right? Los Angeles has tons of hidden gems, bars, and places you can hop for a unique night adventure.

Art, Museums, and Nightclubs: What Can You Do in LA at Night?

LA is a city of diverse neighborhoods and heterogeneous culture with lots of bars, lounges, and restaurants within 5miles of driving, no matter what location you plan to visit. The stunning lifestyle of the rich and famous here inspires many, and that is the prime reason why many people rate LA as the best place to live in California.

What makes LA top the list of favorite places to visit and stay is the weather, economy, art background, and rich social life. If you are an art student, LA holds a cornucopia of opportunities for you. If you belong to the tech corporate sector or business, the economy flourishes in LA, giving you a good chance to earn big fat cash.

things to do in la at night
By Henning Witzel/ Unsplash/ Copyright 2022

Also, open-minded and progressive people living in LA make it a better place to live. People here often say that the left coast is where dreams are made up of, and it is true. People from different backgrounds visit LA to chase their dreams and passion, making it a culturally rich and diverse city.

Many actors and models reside in this splendid metropolitan city in the US because it is the hub of TV and media, making the celebrity home tour top the list of fun things to do in LA at night. Los Angeles attracts big hotshots and the biggest organizations, making the city architecture and fine dining experience exquisite.

If you want to know more about the nightly adventures of LA and things to do in LA at night, keep reading.

Top 20 Things to Do in Los Angeles at Night

LA is the number one choice of people worldwide for the tour, meetings, and conventions. Be it the scenic stretch of coastline or the iconic charisma of Hollywood; LA is unique in culture, lifestyle, and reputation. Being the entertainment capital of the World, LA has refined luxury hotels, premium museums, and theme park tour experiences with top-notch facilities.

But who goes to LA and does not wander the stress of the neighborhood at night? Do you want to beat the heat? Hang out someplace cooler? Or, do you need a unique date night idea? Don’t worry. Let’s dive right into the compiled list of amazing things to do in LA at night.

1. Night Clubs: Dance the Night Away on Warm Summer Nights

Los Angeles is already bustling with all-night-long, 24-hour open nightclubs. With unbeatable dance culture, from hip hop to jazz, and perfect ambiance combined with perfect weather, nightclubs are the first place where tourists visit to get a hint of the wild nightlife of LA.

One of the best things to do in LA at night is dance and wander around, and meet new people.

The eclectic atmosphere, good music, good people with a fine dining experience, and the best mocktails are what make Los Angeles nightclubs better than any other city in California. Some of the best nightclubs one can visit after a long tiring trek day, and historical monuments are listed below.

From intimate venues hosting cool parties to renowned dance clubs, from Hollywood to a mix of it all, the dance clubs in LA are a whole another experience!

1.1 Avalon Hollywood and Bardot

Feel like enjoying the luxurious style and dancing the night away with some great lighting and a good safe atmosphere? Bardot is the one spot party destination. It runs a live music showcase and lots of after-hours shows as well.

nick fewings 9P1pZy3gwxg unsplash
By Nick Fewings/ Unsplash/ Copyright 2022

1.2 Boardner’s

A renowned bar with premium drink options, good music, and that vintage vibe of being in a film dating back to the 1800s. It is the best place to mingle and talk to new people while enjoying the band’s performance and appetizers on the menu. If you were waiting for the best old-school LA bar, come across Boardner’s and enjoy the premium experience.

1.3 Gold Diggers

As cool as the name sounds, the atmosphere is nothing less. Earlier, gold diggers used to be a bikini bar. However, with modernization, it was revamped and converted into an amazing suave recording studio with a bar venue and a hotel. Now with DJ nights and live music performances ranging from American fun to junks of disco, this place is the heart of downtown Hollywood.

1.4 Station1640

The architecture and design of the club say it all: Cool, aesthetic, and vibey. Initially designed to replicate the feel of New York’s Subway, Station1640 bar is a hub for all the influencers chasing the pictures with aesthetic backgrounds. Apart from the design, the place offers amazing music, making it an internationally renowned bar.

1.5 LA’s Sunset Strip

The sunset strip of Hollywood Lane will offer hundreds of bars and rooftop restaurants with the best music and dance. With mainstream pop and R&B music with all-night dancing, LA’s sunset strip is the best place if you want to enjoy a wild Hollywood party and get a chance to meet all the party lovers.

2. Ghost Hunting LA: Haunted History and Truth of Gruesome Murders

No matter how crazy it sounds, it is true that Los Angeles holds a special place for the spookiest streets and ghost stories. All credit to unsolved mysteries, murders of renowned people, massacred Chinese immigrants, and history of bombs, the town is brimming with haunting places.

What could be one of the best things to do in LA at night than visit the haunting places, take a tour guide and call it an adventurous trip with your friends who don’t believe in ghosts? Some of the ghost tours you can sign up for are-

2.1 Queen Mary

Many people have reported ghost sightings with bizarre sounds and voices being heard in rooms, pools, and corridors of the haunted queen mary ship. Many tour guides believe that up to 150 ghosts reside on the ship. Moreover, many people also reported incidents like Lights being switched on and off repeatedly, footsteps heard when alone in the corridor, and the sound of someone breathing and scratching in a few rooms.

carla francisco htYlT26g0bk unsplash scaled
By Carla Francisco/ Unsplash/ Copyright 2022

2.2 Dearly Departed

One tragic spot of haunting, misery, and death is Dearly Departed. Being a city of La-La hand, Los Angeles has witnessed hundreds of gruesome murders, is home to multiple serial killers, and is where many infamous homicides took place. If you are up for some adventurous trip, Dearly Departed tour is approximately 60$ for one person.

2.3 Downtown LA Walking Tour

Most people visit LA for its spookiest tours and list it as one of the most adventurous things to do in LA at night. Call us crazy or whatever, the themed tour around downtown is definitely the scariest and spookiest one. It inflicts the reality behind the curtains, the neon lights, and the city’s exclusive star parties.

Unresolved mysteries, massacres of innocent people, tragic deaths, and famous murders took place at Pico House, which is why many people believe it is full of vengeful spirits. The rest is self-explanatory when you hop on that ride for LA downtown.

LA is home to restless spirits, from Pasadena’s Suicide Bridge and the comedy store to the infamous Cecil Hotel. It is almost like downtown is the favorite place for the ghosts out there. It is advised to always sign up for a guided night tour, especially if you are new to the city and searching the net for the best things to do in LA at night.

3. Los Angeles County Museum: Better than a Downtown Art Walk?

If you want to go on a fun ride or explore more casual things to do in LA at night, the gallery on Wilshire Boulevard stays open till 9 PM.

Affordable ticket pricing is one of the reasons why nearly one million people visit the Los Angeles County Museum every year. The pieces exhibited in the museum are quite antique, and some even date back to the times of Monet and Picasso. If you want to brush on some art history or take a stroll after dark, the largest art museum in the US is the best place.

Another museum worth looking at is the museum of neon art. The place exhibits an exquisite collection of unique pieces crafted from neon lights. So, if you are a fan of neon artworks, you know where to go.

4. Outdoor Cinemas or Universal City Walk: Toss a Coin and Pick

It doesn’t matter if you are a solo traveler or a couple seeking thrilling night tours in LA. An outdoor cinema attracts many tourists because you enjoy a sophisticated dinner while watching a movie by the sky and stars at night.

Street Food Cinema organizes outdoor cinema events with concerts, good music, classic movies, and an amazing crowd at different locations like Griffith Park, Veteran’s Memorial Park, and many more. Street Food Cinema, located in Exposition Park, serves multiple cuisines in food trucks worldwide, representing a mix of culture and diversity.

Do you sleep during most of the movie? Maybe the outdoor cinema is not an ideal night plan for you! If that’s the case, visit Universal City Walk.

Universal Studios Hollywood offers one a chance to go for a Universal city walk and enjoy shopping, fine dining, and fun activities on the shopping premises. Almost 30 cafes and seven nightclubs at Universal City Walk and live music from reputed bands in the central plaza make it a different experience for tourists and one of the unique things to do in LA at night.

5. Griffith Park in Hollywood: Visit the Observatory

The Griffith Observatory, located in Los Angeles, California, is an exquisite icon. From renowned astronomers to curious tourists, Griffith observatory is the best attraction in California to enjoy the cosmos through telescopes and other technological inventions.

One can even observe the famous Hollywood sign from here. This is one of the best things to do in LA at night. Take the hike to the top of the Griffith observatory. Enjoy the night sky and twilight stars at Griffith Park.

gerson repreza LCaidj0f8xc unsplash scaled
By Gearson-Repreza/ Unsplash/ Copyright 2022

Pro tip- Tired and Hungry after the hike at Griffith Observatory? Go to food trucks nearby for delicious food after a tiring hike.

6. Stroll on Walk of Fame: Tour the Sidewalk Along Hollywood Boulevard

The sidewalk of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine street is more of an entertainment museum. The Hollywood walk of fame consists of over 2500 stars on the sidewalk with the names of famous fictional characters and entertainers crafted on the stars.

From Jennifer Lopez to mickey mouse, one can enjoy the attractions and wonders of this internationally-recognized Hollywood icon. If you were surfing the net for unique things to do in LA at night, Hollywood Boulevard is the spot!

7. Hollywood Wax Museum: Madame Tussauds Late-Night Tour

If you are a fan of museums and celebrities, consider yourself lucky. The Madame Tussauds in Hollywood downtown showcases statues of multiple artists and stars. Get your pictures clicked and make your social media platform blow up!

The aesthetics around the madame Tussauds museum will not disappoint you. From fictional characters like iron man, spiderman, and ET to real celebrities like Beyonce, lady gaga, and Priyanka Chopra, the wax statues are just like real figures. The ticket to the museum is also affordable and priced at $30 a late night and exhibits over 100+ wax statues of famous celebrities.

8. Go for Indoor Skydiving: A Thrilling Tour

Too scared of real skydiving in the sun and the open outside? Exploring things to do in LA at night?

Indoor skydiving in Los Angeles is what you need to try for an ultimate experience. Without any risks and fear, one can sign up for indoor skydiving at multiple locations in Los Angeles, like IFLY at Universal Citywalk. If you are reading this post on weekends, consider yourself lucky! On Fridays and Saturdays, iFLY stays open till 9-10 pm.

9. Experience Delicious Meals from a Food Truck

If you are in a tight pocket position, buying delicious meal options from food trucks seems viable. Food trucks around Los Angeles serve the best meals at an affordable price. The food trucks serve cupcakes, sushi, doughnuts, and literally anything to satisfy your late-night cravings. Go for a stroll with your friends or a group night run, stop at any theme park, and enjoy the food from food trucks.

10. Santa Monica Beach and Pier: Best Night Tours

If you live in LA or plan a trip to Los Angeles, you must have heard of Santa Monica Pier. It is the best destination if you want to enjoy one spot entertainment place and turn all your k drama-based “Ferris wheel by the beach” dreams into reality. The exquisite scenery of Santa Monica Pier is perfect for a romantic stroll.

Wondering about unique things to do in LA at night? Hit the games department at Santa Pier, shoot up some balloons, go for a merry-go-round, enjoy the view of the night sky by the beach, share snacks with your loved ones and enjoy the different performances of the entertainers here!

It doesn’t matter if you want to sit and see kids running and enjoying the atmosphere or need a break from smoke and alcohol; Santa Monica Pier is the closest to pure bliss you can experience in LA.

The neon lights, breeze of fresh air coming from Santa Monica Beach, perfect ambiance, and amazing crowd make Santa Monica Pier one of the unique things to do in LA at night.

11. Visit the Very Famous: Staples Center

If you go out to Los Angeles at night, you will want to go somewhere you’ve never been before! Staples Center, home to multiple sports events, teams, and hundreds of other events, is one of the very famous tourist attractions in Los Angeles.

Not only is it the best place for people interested in sports, but also a place to maybe collide with famous artists like Justin Beiber.

12. Explore Legacies of Renowned Musicians at Grammy Museum

Are you bored of wild parties? Are you done with that wild dance culture? Want something more meaningful to look at? Well, the answer is Grammy Museum. One can explore musical history and records, albums, and much more. The place is known for sustaining the musical heritage by holding onto the legacy of all forms of music. It has a dedicated exhibit for Michael Jackson as well.

Conclusion: Beat the Heat in LA-LA Land, Here’s How

Now that you are well acquainted with fun things to do in LA at night, hop on the ride of having a wonderful time at Lala land. Enjoy music and drinks in Chinatown, go for a universal city walk, and buy late-night doughnuts! Happy travel!

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