What Are The 5 Best Places For Girls’ Trips

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What are some of the best places for girls’ trips? It is essential to list the destinations and activities that can be done there to make your trip fun.

Best Places For Girls’ Trips

Here is a list of locations for the best girls’ weekend getaway. These girls’ trips destinations are perfect for all girls, whether they like outdoor adventures or are lovers of art galleries. Only a wholesome experience can make a trip the best girls’ trip you have had. Please go through this list of best places for girls’ trips before planning for your next girls’ trip to make it your best girls’ trip.

Best Places For Girls Getaway

When planning a getaway with your girls and looking for the best places for girls’ trips, you must plan well to use your time efficiently. You want to visit places with good food, beautiful architecture, and spectacular scenery.

Here are the five best places for a girls’ getaway for the best girls’ trip experience:

1. Las Vegas

Las Vegas, a vibrant city located in Nevada, is one of the best girls’ trips destinations. To get an ultimate girls’ trips experience and make it the best girls’ trip you have had, Las Vegas, also known as the sin city, is one of the most popular girls’ trips destinations. It is a place where you can gamble and enjoy fresh seafood at great restaurants that offer incredibly delicious food. It is also known as the hottest party spot in the entire world.

Things To Do In Las Vegas

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While planning a girls’ weekend and choosing places for best girls’ weekend getaways, it is essential that you can enjoy many experiences like easy access to luxury hotels that play live music. This is what makes Nevada Las Vegas an attractive girls’ trip destination.

This does not mean that this is one of the best places for girls’ trips only because it is a party. If you wish to do something sophisticated like wine tasting or boutique shopping in your quest to make your getaway the best girls’ weekend getaways, Vegas is the place for you.

2. Eastern Seaboard

The East coast of America or the Eastern Seaboard makes another perfect location for a girls’ getaway. San Jose, a city in San Francisco, is centrally located in the Santa Clara Valley. There are more than fourteen sandy beaches near San Jose. These beaches are located primarily within walking distance, making it feasible to take walking tours to all. One of the best places for a girls’ trip, this location will offer you spectacular scenery and an opportunity to get amazing photos.

If you and your girls are planning for a day trip and want to get the best girls’ trip adventure, you should decide to add San Francisco to the list of your girls’ trip destinations, and you must also visit the iconic golden gate bridge.

Golden Gate bridge
Photo by Julius Siver from Pixabay. Copyright 2017

3. San Diego

Do you want to see white sand beaches? You must visit San Diego if you’re going to see such beaches. The most popular white sand beach in the city is Coronado. If your plans for a girlfriends’ getaway include going to places where you can take a short walk and eat from food trucks, these beaches should be added to your walking tour.

San Diego
Photo by jmacdono from Pixabay. Copyright 2017

Places To Explore In San Diego

There are several museums, zoos, adventure parks in San Diego. One can enjoy many activities in these places like sightseeing, fireworks, and paragliding. If you want to take a historic tour and enjoy the beauty of architecture, you must visit this destination. However, this destination shall be visited if you plan a long trip. There are too many experiences awaiting this city to be experienced in a day or two.

4. Rhode Island

The smallest state in America, Rhode Island, is the perfect city to click gorgeous group photos. If you are a blogger or an Instagram influencer, this place becomes even more attractive. This is because of the beauty it will offer. The cathedrals, the museums, the galleries in Rhode Island are incredible. One of the fun things to do here is to visit the Snooker Sports Billiards Bar and Grill, as it has a swim-up bar.

What To Do In Rhode Island

Rhode Island is well-known for its jewelry, so this island is a must-visit destination where girls can go on a shopping spree. Another thing that makes this place so attractive is that since it is the smallest state in America, one can explore all of it sooner. So if you are a person who likes to visit places to get the most out of them, this city is the place for you.

5. Santa Fe

The capital of New Mexico should be part of your itinerary for the girls’ weekend getaway, as it is one of the best places for a girl’s trip. Vegas is not the only destination for going wild; Santa Fe is also a must-visit destination to enjoy. The girls can go gallery hopping, museum hopping, take cooking classes, and enjoy various food in this city.

Food To Try In Santa Fe

If you like trying new varieties of food, and you and your girls like to call yourself foodies, then the North American cuisine must be tried. What makes it one of the best places for girls’ trips is the fact that this city does not only offer you the best food, it also offers you delicious beverages.

Amazing Girls Trip Ideas

Here are some no-brainer trip ideas, including going horseback riding with your girls or taking a walking tour in the Napa Valley that offers wine tasting rooms. Some of the best ideas are visiting a fitness center, enjoying live music, going for a food tour, or going to a lazy river wonderland amusement park on the most charming island. Some of the best places for girls’ trip where you can execute these ideas is also listed.

1. Ideas For Nature Lovers

If the idea of exploring forests, mountains, rivers will make your girls’ weekend the best girls’ trip you have ever had, then Colorado is the place for you. Denver, also known as the mile-high city, is one of the must-visit girls’ trips destinations. It is called so because of its topography.

2. Ideas For Exploring Cultures

If you want to visit places with a rich culture, you and your girls can also add Japan and Spain to your bucket list. The architecture, the food, the people of these places are incredibly diverse. You can see fireworks in Japan, eat seafood, wear a kimono, and witness and grasp some aspects of technology.

One of the best girls’ trips destinations is New Orleans if you want to witness a blend of various cultures in one place. New Orleans, located near Mexico, is an output of three cultures, and that reflects it beautifully in the cuisine it offers. New Orleans is also one of the most incredible girls’ trip destinations for a girls’ weekend getaway as voodoo was practiced there.

What Is Voodoo?

Voodoo as a religion is primarily practiced in the region of Haiti. The voodoo believers believe that it is not God who is associated with the rituals or practices, but spirits. The spirits are given sacrifices of animals. It is considered that voodoo is an amalgamation of Christianity and other traditional practices of Africa.

best places for girls trip
Photo by user 32212 from Pixabay. Copyright 2018

3. Ideas For Recreational Activities

After taking walks and enjoying the food, it is also necessary to rest. For this, you need to pamper yourself even more by going to a spa, a fitness center, getting your nails done, or going to a library. Many places will offer you discounts if you and your girls get a manicure together or get a hair spa done.

For spas, the must-visit places in the United States of America are the grand resorts like the Lake Austin Spa Resort or the lodge at Woodloch. These two are highly recommended as they offer a pool and a calm environment. The state-of-the-art infrastructure of these resorts will capture your attention and help you relax.

Girls Weekend Getaways

Here are some other places to add to your girlfriend getaway list located mainly in the United States of America that make great locations for a girls’ weekend. Some outfit ideas and photography ideas are also added to make your trip more efficient.

1. South Carolina

If you plan to make your trip extravagant and wish to stay in a boutique hotel or a grand hotel, South Carolina is your place. It is a place you and your girlfriends must visit together for an epic girls’ getaway and if you like outdoor adventure. Located some miles south of North Carolina, it also has a golf course.

South Carolina Architecture
Photo by Zaberfrau from Pixabay. Copyright 2018

The stay at a boutique hotel is usually expensive, but this city offers you that experience at relatively low prices. The experience of staying at a boutique hotel being pampered like a queen sounds like a perfect plan for a girls’ weekend. Stunning architecture is another attraction, and most of these attractions are located within walking distance of each other.

2. San Juan

If you and your girls are looking for fun things like hiking trails or exploring history, San Juan, the oldest city in the United States of America, will be an excellent fit for your girls’ trips. The scenic trails of San Juan will soothe your eyes, and the variety of cuisine available there will soothe your taste buds. If you want to enjoy all the amenities within walking distance of each other, San Juan is there for you.

Outfits You Can Try In San Juan

To get Instagram-perfect photos, your outfit must match the place you are visiting. It is suggested that orange-colored fits will go exceptionally well with the city’s colors. You and your girls can accessorize with hats or scarves as it is usually sunny in Puerto Rico. Dresses or shorts will look gorgeous.

3. Florida

Another city in the United States offers a bar scene and fantastic nightlife. Miami Beach is one of the must-visit girls’ trip destinations for the best girls’ trip. You can enjoy live music and horseback riding in Florida, especially on Miami beach. Other must-visit places for a day trip in Florida are West palm beach, Disney World, and Key West.

Miami Beach
Photo by Linda from Pixabay. Copyright 2015

What To Capture

There are many aesthetic places in Florida, and you must get clicked around these places for the memories. One can even find sea glass on the islands of Florida. Sanibel Island is one of the beautiful places that are camera friendly! St. Pete is another location that you must capture. The magical gardens in Florida are another hidden gem that will look gorgeous in photos.

4. Tennessee

Are you still looking for more girls’ trip ideas for the best girls’ trip? Add Tennessee to your girls’ trip destinations as it is one of the best places for girls’ trips. One of the must-visit places in Tennessee is Nashville, also known as the music city. You can go boutique shopping and make your girls’ weekend getaways even better. Some of the boutique shopping centers will even offer you afternoon tea!

Twin falls water
Photo by Chanh Nguyen from Pixabay. Copyright 2016

Nashville also has the best breweries. It has more than ten famous breweries that can be visited. One can also see a lot of suitable murals on the streets of Nashville, so if you and the girls like art, you must hit this destination as well. There are a lot of photo spots in the city. One can wear types of denim to match the vibe of Tennessee.

Approximate Budget For Nashville, Tennessee

To enjoy one of the best places for girls’ trips, you are likely to spend approximately 138 dollars a day exploring this city. This includes the fares, the food expenses, and the living expenses as well. This is, however, not the exact amount and will depend on the places you decide to visit. There are a variety of cafes of all budgets in Nashville.

5. Missouri

One of the must-visit girls’ trips destinations in Kansas City is Missouri. The country club plaza in Kansas City offers a rooftop pool and a rooftop bar where you can see great views. Other attractive girls’ trips destinations and the best places in Kansas include the National World War One Museum. There are a lot of food trucks near that museum.

Other Best Places For Girls Trip

Are you still looking for the best places for girls’ trips? Here are some other destinations that make the best places for girls’ trips. These best places for girls’ trips include Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Wyoming.

One of the best aspects that make these places the best places for girls’ trips is that these places are safe. The crime rate and population density in these recommended best places for girls’ trips are relatively low compared to the other states in the United States of America.

You and your girlfriends must try this list of best girls’ weekend getaways destinations and ideas. Kick some of these best places for girls’ trips off your bucket list soon! Whether you want to have the best girls’ trips experience by spending a lot or doing something unique and different, this list is for you.

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