Why Visit Carson Hot Springs: The Best Weekend Getaway

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Give yourself some of your precious time by visiting Carson Hot Springs by ditching your daily life! Reconnect with yourself at this largest hot spring built in the 1900s. This Carson resort offers a pampering bathhouse, comfortable accommodation, and a calming atmosphere.

Find your soul deep inside yourself by staying near the natural beauty around this resort. Reawaken or refresh your senses, and give yourself some touching moments in the mineral water of this hot spring.

Carson Springs and Resort

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Carson Springs is located in Carson City, at Columbia River Gorge, Nevada. Carson Hot Springs is the largest spring in Eagle Valley. It emits around 60 gallons of water heated geothermally at 120 degrees Fahrenheit every minute. The water originates under around 6.6 miles of the earth’s surface.

Even the pools constructed at the site are filled using the spring’s water. Now at present, Carson Hot Springs is not only spring but a fabulous resort that offers a swimming pool, massage, private soaking areas that are available indoors, and a dining facility.

This largest hot spring was initially used by Native Americans (Washoe) in that area. At this beautiful hot spring, visitors can enjoy the marvelous beauty of nature, mineral water, and the natural water is rich in sulfur. When you stay in this resort, besides enjoying the hot spring, you can also enjoy the forestry views of the Columbia River Gorge.

Everyone should take a break from their schedules and see the natural beauty around this Carson’s hot spring. Although most of us are habitual of living in the pollution of cities, natural beauty gives us time to focus on ourselves, and the people around us basically; it gives us peace that helps us to remain close to ourselves.

There is a rural property in this spa that not only pampers the souls of visitors, but it helps to detach them from the problems and desires of daily life.

Most of the visitors revisit this place not only to take a break from daily life by staying in a room of a resort but to spend time with nature, where they can give some time to themselves, stay in tune, to relieve their stress by enjoying the mineral water of the hot spring.

1. History of Carson Springs

This hot spring in Nevada’s Eagle Valley is the largest hot spring. It was constructed over 150 years ago. At first, American Indians used it; later, those immigrants en route to California discovered it again in 1849.

When the “Comstock Lode Silver” discovery reached its peak, Nevada entered the nearby places. At that time, they discovered the whole of Carson City together with this hot spring.

After around 30 years of its discovery, that means by 1880, with dressing rooms, swimming pool, bathhouses, and diving board, a resort/hotel developed around this spring.

The most significant strike of silver was discovered only a few miles away this spring, which offers the support of the most known business people in the world. Patrons were transported to the hot spring from Carson City by buggy and horses at available rates every week.

After a few decades, around the 1900s, the name and ownership of this spring were changed and renamed to its present name, Carson Hot Springs. In appreciation to the owners of that time, Fred Dangberg and George Wingfield built a clubhouse that drew the attraction of big bands in the early 1940s.

After some time, Carson Brewing Company started bottling the soft drinks and mineral water of hot springs and sold them to guests and others who pass by the resort. A boxer named “Gentleman Jim” Corbett performed his training at Carson Hot Springs to prepare for his boxing match in 1867.

2. Why Visit Carson Hot Springs Spa Resort?

Carson hot springs golf resort shares its location with Sassafras Eclectic Food Joint. This food joint is responsible for operating one of the famous restaurants in Carson City. Carson Hot Springs Resort brewing company doesn’t bottle mineral water anymore.

Instead, they settled with Shoe Tree Brewing Company which serves beer, an award-winning garnering that gains national attention. Though it is well developed now, not much has changed on historical or traditional grounds. Visitors can now enjoy the nightlife, a delicious meal, original beers, and relaxing hot springs.

3. Properties of Natural Mineral Water

Carson Hot Springs
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The mineral water of hot springs is loaded with various minerals, together with sodium, potassium, calcium, chloride, sulfate, magnesium, chloride, Lithium, and silica. There are various benefits of this natural hot spring, like it provides nail protein strength to your hair and skin, helps to reduce the toxins that are present in your body, and relaxes your muscles.

The mineral water of the hot spring flows out at 121 degrees. To lower water temperature, techniques like evaporative cooling and air spray are used; the water is drained out from the pools and refilled every day. No Chemical or City water is added to the water, which makes it a mineral therapy pool, so you can enjoy a hot spring that is entirely natural.

Recently, the hot spring has constructed new pools and added various features to it. This thing makes this hot spring different from other spring resorts. They divide it into four different pools out of 4 are large swimming pools and the rest are smaller, or you can call them hot tubs, as they are comparatively hotter than the others. Still, all of them contain mineral water; you can also enjoy private spa rooms at this resort.

4. Best Time to Visit Carson Hot Springs

This beautiful resort is open from 8 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. This resort offers various facilities at affordable and reasonable prices, although seasonal passes vary. The pool capacity is limited to only 50 people and a limit of 2 hours for every visit. You don’t need to make reservations; they follow the first-come, first-serve policy.


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